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It often happens that older men start looking like women and vice versa. Matt Damon always reminds me of one of my elderly neighbours. Unfortunately I don't like her, so I try to avoid Matt Damon movies.
I have a Baldessarini "shaped fit" shirt that is indeed true to its name. It fits me similar to a Polo custom fit, just with better cloth/construction.
Quote: Originally Posted by mohwld Hmmm.... then I guess most of the senior executives at Fortune 500 companies are gay? Of course they are.
Thank you, Sator, and Nantucket Red as well. I got confused by post #28 in this thread, I though you were making a distinction between a 6x1 and a 4x1 with additional buttons. Jetzt hab ich es verstanden, vielen Dank!
double post
Sator, I don't understand the difference between a 6 x1 and a 4x1 with two additional non-functional buttons. Could you please clarify this?
Fatima Mildt definitely carries Kiton, I’m just not sure about their sales. Kiton’s out of my price range, so I never really checked. For you, it might be worth having a look at, though, especially since they are just around the corner from Franz Sauer which carries Brioni, Borrelli and Canali (among others), some other store that carries Attolini and the shoe store Herkenrath (Lobb, Green, Santoni etc.). So you can check out all the big-name Italians in one visit. The...
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan There is a really good men's store in Cologne that offers deals on Kiton shirts from time to time. Maybe you can treat your self to one on the next sale for special occasions. Might find some decent deals on slacks there as well. I'll try to get their name. Service was great and I bought several things from them. Fatima Mildt perhaps?
Given your physical proportions you might want to have a look at the Kuhn Maßkonfektion mtm service in Thomas-Mann-Strasse. I have a suit and a pair for trousers from them. I can’t honestly recommend getting a suit/jacket there, they look and feel rather cheap, but you might have a look at them for trousers. Haven’t been there in a while, but I’d estimate the cost to be around 100 Euros (depending on the cloth of course), and the guy who measured me did a good job in my...
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