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I had fantastic customer service a couple of weeks ago: I had dropped my Persols on a stone floor and cracked a lense. Totally my fault, and I made no pretension otherwise. Yet I got the replacement lenses for free. Took Persol quite a while to ship them, but I'm not going to complain about that. Thank you Persol, thank you Fielmann (which, for the non-Germans, is not really an upmarket kind of place, so their generosity was quite unexpected.)
I have bought two pairs this year, here in Germany: a pair of calf semibrogues for 289 € and a pair of Dainite soled boots for 330 €. I'm very happy with them so far.
Quote: What makes you think a loud shirt that's inappropriate by day will look cool unbottoned after hours? My answer to this is "different lighting conditions." I look better in stronger colours in artificial light than I wear during the day.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sator Being an academic and having a high-end shoe passion are incompatible. That and your methods suggest you will soon be lured over to the dark side Haha, true that. When people were hating on jose, I always kept thinking that with a Harvard Law degree and an unrepenting willingness to be annoying he'll go really far as a lawyer. Now that he's learning how to lie and deceive, there will be no stopping him.
Yes, I tried red polish on my black riding boots. It looked like they were somewhat dusty which is not the effect I hoped for. They get dusty all by themselves by being used. I wasn't willing to try this on proper dress shoes though. Might have had more luck with them.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty Where are the AEs you are talking about? Here: LOL. no wonder Todd at the Polo store doesn't like to take returns from Jose.
Voted. When I went in there, you had like eleven votes, whereas other participants had thousands. So I'm not sure you're getting a fair trial here. Good luck anyway.
I would suggest trying these jackets on before making any decision, because as someone posted above, I find Barbour jackets to be very oddly sized, with relatively wide bodies relative to shoulder width and sleeve length. As for income levels: my feeling was always that the quilted jackets were sort of a budget way to get a Barbour jacket, because they are cheaper than the wax jackets. Not that there is anything wrong with that of course. But I really see so many people...
That's Fawaz Gruosi. He is a jeweller, and de Grisogono is his company's name.
Quote: Originally Posted by mattjames You appear to be saying that 36-year-old Matt Damon is an older man and that he looks like a woman. I find that to be pretty odd. What I meant was, that I know an older woman who looks like a man. More precisely she looks like an older version of Matt Damon. Especially the mouth area is very similar. I hope I made myself a bit clearer now, but anyway, it's not really important.
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