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Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara blabla....were able to build a life for me that I am just realizing 99% of the globe will never experience. Opinions? No offense dude, but personally I'm quite happy not experiencing your life.
I find Nutella's taste deteriorates considerably over time. So, while it will not spoil by the use by date, it will not taste nearly as good as when it was fresh a year or so ago.
Quote: Originally Posted by william What is your usual US or UK size? I wear mostly UK 7.5. However, the three last pairs I bought were two UK 8s (Carmina derbys and CJ Drummond, 348 last, E width) and one UK 7 (Carmina pebble grain boots). At this point, both of those size 8 pairs are the best fitting shoes I own. The UK 7 boots are by no means too small though. If there's anything wrong with the fit, they are tad bit loose in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Sizing is strange. I wear 11.5 D (12 D US) in most brands, but 10.5 EE in Carmina. I have two pairs of Camina. One is a 7, the other one an 8 (no information about width on either). Both fit me very well, so yeah, be careful about sizing.
Hello Marcel, these are great videos. How long does it take you to make a pair of shoes? From the summary of video 1: Quote: The first steps of making a real handmade shoe (goodyear method) (more) Perhaps you're short-selling yourself a little. I thought the Goodyear welts were done with a machine and not by hand as your shoes are? Best regards
I have a pair of Levans, and as far as the cut is concerned, they are among my favourite jeans. Pure straightleg, which I thought I'd mention, because in the pic you posted they almost seem to flare a bit. Mine are a size 30, and I don't think I have any other garment in that size anymore (mostly 32). So before you order of Ebay, you should make sure they fit you. I have tried on other Diesels, and sizes don't seem to be consistent. has a store locator.
H&M are starting to offer online ordering here in Europe.
Eric, there is some nomenclature confusion, in that every shirtmaker can call his collars whatever he wants. I could sell shirts with collars called London, Paris and Tokyo if I wanted to. What is called a "cocktail cuff" by some is called "Bond cuff" by others. But please, accept the fact that the name "cutaway collar" has been in use for a very long time. That is not changed by the fact that JAB or whoever does not chose to use this word. It's out there, and everyone...
I think, given Arnold's physique, his jacket is actually pretty good. It may be a bit on the long side, but if it were shorter, it would upset the balance in other ways. I mean, who wants a jacket that is almost as wide as it is long? The trousers don't look that great, though. Perhaps they moved down a bit, as someone suggested.
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