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Covering the plate is a valid guideline, but it is predicated on some agreement what a plate should cost. So realistically, if you're getting married in a more expensive fashion than your bride's family usually does, don't expect them to up their gifts accordingly. I mean, look at it from their perspective: your fiancee's getting hitched to a rich (to them) guy from NY, who wants to throw her a "fairy-tale wedding". That's your choice, and no reason for them to go...
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad If this is being turned into a general grievance thread, then I'd to complain that "i" comes before "e" except after "c". Like in "grievance", for example. That can't seriously be a rule. How about "to seize"? Or "feisty"? Or "beige"? Or "weird"?
Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe What the hell is Beutelwurst..............???? I know Bratwurst..... Currywurst..... Bockwurst..... Weisswurst..... I had to look it up myself, I have never heard of it before. And if the picture and description is anything to go by, I can't say that I regret it....
Schönberger has become Creative Director at Joop. I think he is giving his own label a rest for now.
Thanks for the Welcome, shoe. Actually I have been here longer than you. It's just that I mostly just lurk.
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh Hmmm.... Hmm, didn't mean it THAT way. It's still true though, I suppose.
No. I wish I had a good reason for that name, but I don't. I registered under that handle over at AAAC, so when I migrated to SF I took it with me. I wish I was as passionate about something as you are about decadent shoes, then I could get a screen handle that actually means something
LK, I must say I am a bit disappointed by this. I thought you understood the importance of insouciance. Telling some medic to not cut your clothes seems rather petit bourgeois. When you go down, you must do so in style, and that includes sacrificing your vintage Huntsman, if needs be, without batting an eye. Even if you cry on the inside.
I have a Cliffjacke Sommer in brown. I love it, and have gotten several compliments on it. They are very popular and ubiquitous in German equestrian circles. Other than that, Wellensteyn is not that well-known in the general population, so I would agree with Berlin that they are underrated.
I have a couple of pairs, I like them a lot.
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