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Quote: He's just being a capitalist and trying to make a profit. How do you think he got his "offspring" in the first place? I don't know. I was going to make a quip about having her produced in Italy, but that would be too nasty
OK Alex, I admit it. Actually this is very funny. What is not funny at all is Chuck selling his offspring to gypsies. That is outrageous and I will report this to proper authorities. Once j hears that Chuck sells daughters without putting them in the buyin/selling section first, a banning will be sure to follow.
Quote: Quote: I might be a little slow, but this was a jest, right? No. I was absolutely serious. But, alas, midnight has passed. Perhaps next year. This is cruel. And not funny. And also ..... cruel.
I just wanted to add: if Chicago Zegna is like Düsseldorf Zegna, you shouldn't have any problem getting this rectified. When I ordered my first pair of trousers, I was a walk-in, they didn't know me. Yet they wanted no down-payment, not even a signature on an order-form. They only asked for a phone number to call when the trousers were ready. A single garment means nothing to them. What they want is a repeat customer. It is worth some effort to them to get your pattern...
I have two Zegna MTM trousers, and they also have size tags. However, since the differences from the RTW sizing model that I requested could not have done by an alterations tailor, I am also very sure that they haven't given me altered RTW. The difference between my trousers and RTW is beyond my abilities to put into words, sorry. It has something to do with the fact that the RTW trousers didn't fall in a straight line on the back side.
I also voted for the first one. Lisapop makes an important point, though, IMO. Very cool drawings, Jon. I wish I could find a way to put my occasional "sartorial visions" to paper (or screen), but I am not talented for that sort of thing.
Quote: Quote: Originally Posted by Fritz,Mar. 21 2005,10:31 NO , it is not. We know. We have crackpots and jackasses over here too. Okay, I suspected as much. I just wanted to make sure.
Quote: Is this what passes for insightful discourse in Europe? NO , it is not.
Prompted by a recent discussion on AAAC, I also have a question: Is it more difficult/expensive to make a shirt with a higher armhole? Thank you.
I think I read on Ask Andy about the CB factory, which is a bit outside of London. If I recall correctly, you can go there, and they will make MTM for a good price. Maybe someone on this forum has tried this, and can weigh in? Otherwise try to do a search in the Archives.
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