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Kent, thanks a lot. I don't think I have selvadge. But that's ok, didn't expect it when I bought anyway. And next time I'm in France I'll be looking for some APC (don't want to order without trying it on). I have to say, although I am not a denimhead at all, lurking in this part of SF really makes me want to have my own raw denim... the pair from yesterday is just a cheap fix so that I have something to wear until I get the real thing.
Hi guys, today I bought a pair of G-Star Ronic, straight cut, button-fly. At home I noticed that on each leg there is one seam that includes a red thread. The red thread is not part of the fabric, it's part of the, well, seam. Other than that it looks like the seams on my other denim, which I am sure are not selvadge. So, now I'm wondering: have I unwittingly bought selvadge denim?
Quote: Everytime I think of dandy I think of a plump fellow happily whistling away, doning a chalkstripe ganster suit and gaudy suspenders, WSJ in one hand, ice cream cone in the other. Don't ask. Yeah, funny how words can change their meaning in just a few months...
OK, next time I'm in the shop I'll ask them. I have seen this with another MTM company: they make fused suits, but for a relatively small extra charge (in relation to the 800 Euro level) they are willing to make floating canvas. Maybe Scabal is able to do the same. At this point I just don't know.
There is a shop in Cologne (Germany), where I bought a couple of MTM shirts (Emanuel Berg, if that means anything to anyone of you). They also offer MTM Scabal suits, and I do mean Scabal brand suits, not only ones made by Scabal fabric. I recently received a promotional letter for a trunk show, indicating prices of 700 Euros for cotton, 800 Euros for S 130 ( I think it was). While I was in the shop on shirt business, I had fingered one of the suits that they have for...
Quote: By the late 30s civilians wearing them were subject to merciless ridicule. Good to know. Last year I went to a black-tie optional event, and a member of my party wore a mess jacket. IIRC the colour was burgundy. The guy would have deserved to be mercilessly ridiculed for reasons unrelated to his outfit that I won't bore you with. In hindsight his dress matched his behaviour at the time, which was stupid bordering on the indecent.
Mess jacket is for soldier. or at least I think so. Could somebody please fill me in on WHO wears this, WHEN, and WHERE, under the condition of adherence to rules and without risking ridicule by hired help. Thanks.
Believe it or not, a couple of years ago I saw tan John Lobb Paris sandals. Basically they looked like elegant welted shoes with parts missing. A year or so later I could have gotten them on sale, at less than half price, 399 Deutsche Mark (200 Euros in todays money). For a nanosecond I was tempted, if only to get John Lobb's at such a cheap price. But as a matter of fact I would never ever have worn them, and to me they were more a curiosity than a beautiful shoe. Much...
OK, just posted on Andy's. Don't know what went wrong 20 minutes ago. Sorry to everyone else for interrupting SF.
HI Rob, Andy is down, so I'll copy my answer to your question in here. I''ll try to post at Andy as well, later, but who knows how long it will take. Hi Rob, the shop is Herkenrath. I googled it, because I didn't know the name of the street, and apparently they have two locations. The one that I know is Minoritenstrasse 11. If you are interested in suits, next to it is Franz Sauer, who carries Brioni and Canali, among others. Opposite of Herkenrath, there is a church. If...
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