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Quote: Originally Posted by Vaclav Do you like to put something on them? No. I like the undiluted taste of the sea.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vaclav Where are you from? I don't think I have seen these, at the Oyster Bar I attend. I prefer Bras d'Or, from someplace Canada. I'm from Bonn in Germany. Small city far from the sea, so not many oysters to chose from. The Irish oysters I ate in Düsseldorf. They were wild oysters, not from a farm. Standard oyster fare around here would be French farmed oyster. Those are easy to get and can be tasty as...
Quote: Originally Posted by Vaclav What kind were they? They were Clairs de fins. I actually like the Irish oysters better, but that was all they had.
Don't be sad, that's the price of living la vida loca. A life fully lived is easily worth a pair of shoes. I am in a good mood now, because you reminded me that I haven't eaten oysters yet this year. So I just did, with nice glass of Weissburgunder. Thanks for the inspiration.
OK, let's try to do a comparison on a cost per wearing basis for a $ 325 shirt. Let N be the number of wearings (or more precisely washings) you get out of the shirt with the "normal" $1,50 cleaning. Then the total cost over lifetime is: $325 + N * $1,5. The cost per wearing would be: ($325 + N * $1,5) / N = $325/N + $1,5. Do the same calculation for the handwashed shirt, with H being the number of wearings for that one, and you get: $325/H + $4. Now we set those to equal...
Matt, which pattern did the tailor use for your shirts? Did you give him shirts to copy or did he measure you? If he measured you, we should just have someone else take the measurements that he has taken and then he can make the pattern himself.
Look good to me, as far as I can tell from the pictures. I think I'll send you a shirt to copy if you go forward with your project.
This sounds seriously intriguing.... I hope your girls will accept European customers as well. Also, do you have any idea yet as to how much shipping might run? At the prices we are talking, it will probably a lot, percentage wise. EDIT: I hope being flooded with questions doesn't annoy and discourage you. This might just be a very worthwhile project for everyone involved (except for you, I guess, so thanks for the effort.)
Apparently I am the only one, but I quite like "žThe Dandy". This title is in keeping with the parallel with the Prince, and I think that's important. It makes for a nice anecdote that Manton can tell to Letterman and Oprah and whoever. Or at least it can be printed on the book jacket. It also gives book critics something to write. This title makes sense, and please don't forget that books like "The Rainmaker" and " The Client" etc have found gazillions of paying...
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