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OK, so I won't wear my watch when travelling to France. I'd still wear it in the US, because as a European I am allowed to dress like a gangster.
Hmm, RJ, what’s an SDF? I need to know, because I have a B&M automatic chronograph on a, you guessed it, brown croco strap.
Interesting that Caipirinha seems to be somewhat exotic in the US. In Germany is has become very fashionable a couple of years ago, and by now it’s pretty much a cocktail staple. It’s pretty popular with girls, so that might be good to know for dates. Right now I like a mixture of equal parts Bombay Sapphire and Rose’s lime juice, filled up with Tonic. For summer I am looking forward to the Mojito.
I’d get the beige plaid fixed. If it doesn’t work out to your satisfaction, you can keep it as a sportscoat, and still sell the other two suits.
I have about ten pairs. Not so sure about the exact number, and I have been throwing out a lot. I only wear four of those anymore, all of which I bought in past couple of months under the influence of SF. Oddly enough I have no craving for more right now. I'm just happy to have jeans that I really like wearing.
Quote: Originally Posted by le.gentleman So, are you German then - Fritz? At least, it is a very German name 1) Yes, I am. 2) It is, my real name's not Fritz though. When I started out in the fora I seemed to be the only German around, so I figured my internet persona should somehow play on that.
Teacher, thanks. In High-school I spent a year as an exchange student in Ohio. I've been reading / listening to / watching English language books and magazines / radio / movies ever since. And of course there are a couple of American websites that I like.
Quote: Originally Posted by Film_Noir_Buff You left out my arrogance and repartee. No, I honestly didn't find amusement in the repartee. In fact I actively disliked the inherent combativeness. I'm indifferent about the arrogance.
I think the FNB site is a total hoot. While I never liked FNB, I did find amusement in his conceitedness. At least if he kept it to two paragraphs or less, otherwise I would skip his posts. We should warn Janne though, that he who must not be named seems interested in his services.
Regarding option 1: While I don’t have any statistical data to back this up, my impression has been that summer is actually a relatively cheap time to visit London. There are less business travellers to compete with for accommodation and you seem to get good rates. Don’t know about air tickets from Canada though.
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