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Awesome. Only just saw this and immediately ordered a travel bag. Thanks a lot.
Okay, thank you. Looking forward to the next installment then.
Sooooo..... how was your weekend?
How did you decide on getting five pairs? The fact that five is a prime number seems like asking for trouble down the line if at some point you decide to get a second home. You should buy six pairs, then you could divide them up evenly over two and even three places.
I have some small, albeit very positive, experience with Aspinal. A couple of weeks ago someone posted a link here on SF, so I checked it out, and found this: I had been wanting a leather bound A5-writing pad in such a colour for some time. Given the reasonable price, I thought my downside was limited, and I ordered it. Shipping was super-quick, one or two days from England to Germany. I'm very happy with the...
The advice to wear a suit is perhaps not useful, but at least harmless. But saying things like:"I always fly First, this must be a mixup in my organisation" to an airline employee who can see on his screen that the last time you boarded a flight was a 39$ special back in `98 is embarrassing. And anyone who can say: "please, I NEED this upgrade, or I am going to lose my job" deserves to be bumped off the flight and lose his entire head of hair.
I have been advised by a friend to not order things from the US. He had several (non-sartorial) items getting lost, whether at custom or elsewhere.
Ultrasuede is a man-made fibre.
I'd love to get two mil to spend a week in Tokyo, promoting a whisky brand.
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