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^^ and I wouldn't dare telling you that in real life, but I bet you know that
Quote: Originally Posted by gsugsu ...because you voted for Moo. Oh right, thanks, forgot about that.... Sorry Moo, that's just my opinion. I sometimes vote for people, even if they don't know me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Aelam, Bill Smith, blofeld, bmulford, bobdobalina, BoomDiggs, bowtielover, C&A, cchen, ConcernedParent, Connemara, ericw, falsestart, farfisa23, Fritz, glowell222, Hany, HomerJ, Homme, illegalcheeser, Incman, Intelligent Design, jhao, jmacak, jsqfunk, kevlar, literasyme, Lovellum, mafoofan, mdg137, mishon, Mountains, Neo1824, Nico4207, origenesprit, P-K-L, philosophe, porcelain monkey, punctum temporis, quar, refinery,...
Congrats Foo, I was rooting for you.
Thank you Mafoofan, that makes sense to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 The pictures above should answer the question. OK, thanks. Looks are somewhat subjective, so given the unanimous hate I thought it might be something more esoteric, like subpar movement finish.
Why are the resident WIS so opposed to the Spitfire? Just curious.
I just received my bag and of course Rach is correct, it is Globe-Trotter Amberg collab. It's a nice bag, a bit larger than I expected, so I am thinking about getting a smaller one as well. To the poster who mentioned the lack of shoulder straps: the bag indeed doesn't have those, but there are hook on the side, where you could fasten some shoulder straps to the bag, if you happened to have some lying around/be able to source them somewhere.
double post
I ordered this one: It's only 135 € on the German Yoox site, so that's pretty good I guess. I also ordered a Filson from Crane's last Sunday, and I'm sure I'll like at least one of those two. Hopefully both, of course.
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