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Yea I wouldn't wear that scarf with a pea coat.
Consider yourself fortunate.
a. Or d, tie it around your neck four in hand. But also note that white silk scarves are usually black tie accessories. Use caution when wearing in other contexts.
For a dressier style boot, but still not monocle-level dressy, the snuff suede Alfred Sargents are really top notch.
Sounds like this event is in the evening. Therefore, white shirt.
More importantly, if this is an R jacket and you're having to change the sleeves that much, other parts of the jacket (hem length, buttoning point) probably don't fit you very well either.
This is really interesting. Where's it from?
It's light blue. Here's the fabric it's made from:
Cutting the grass constitutes "play" for you? Tough crowd! Anyway my question is mostly for people who DON'T wear a suit to work, either by choice or necessity. As someone interested in classic menswear, I like wearing a suit to work, but often don't at night or on the weekends because it's out of place. But even so, when dressing for a night out I follow the classic traditions for evening wear - white shirts, black shoes, evening fabrics like velvet, etc.. My question is...
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