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I own both. So does Greg. So does Kyle. Dunno if that answers your question.
Pretty sure it's the one Antonio sampled at Pitti last summer (next to last photo):
I own neither but I've tried both on. They're quite different, so it really depends on what you want. The Formosa is more classic in every way - more versatile fabric, being gray, a more conservative cut. The Eidos suit is less versatile since brown is less formal. Depending on what kind of wedding it is, brown might not be the best choice. But the Eidos suit has a lot of style - the 3pc option is nice, the open quarters are an arresting feature, and the fabric is one you...
I've coveted Greg's camel Merino ever since I first saw it. The issue is that since first seeing it I've gotten something somewhat similar. The moleskin looks really sweet though. I've been thinking about some moleskin outerwear ever since seeing this top ghostface pic, which I think is moleskin:
I'd pick 2: I got a coat made in the same fabric and I think I did ask for two but something got lost in translation and I ended up with 4. Oh well.
1 working buttonhole is a common way to finish sleeves in Naples, but more often for summer jackets than fall/winter. But still, you see it on fall/winter jackets as well. Personally I think 4 sleeve buttons is overkill for a SC anyway. 1, 2, or 3. Glad you like the coat though.
I like the tense atmosphere in this thread right now leading up to the pre-order's like a bunch of lions trying to make small talk before the herd of antelope shows up.
That looks great, ryden. Glad the size worked out.
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