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This, plus the patterns are great. They're very sportcoat-y, in that they'll never be confused for suits. Which is good, since you wouldn't be able to make pants out of this fabric anyway. You could call it tweener I guess, but it's plenty heavy. You could wear it in the dead of winter in NYC with an overcoat. You could probably wear it most fall days without one.
All these would be good if dark enough IMHO. But the standard light grey wouldn't be a winner IMHO. Medium gray might be good.
Cream chinos like these might work for a low-contrast look: Hard to say without actually seeing them together though.
74 is handsome, but not that easy to wear. You'll need dark trousers
Agreed - Handgrade is very nice, but the pricing is way above Exclusive.
There is at least one place I know of that stocks AS Handgrade. But it might be the only one, and they have very little stock. They may have effectively just done a run of MTOs to carry in their store.
Fortunately someone else asked that same question in response to the OP and I still have the pic:
Was hoping you would get that. Looking forward to seeing how you style it.
I have 1 SC from the Moonbeam book: It's great stuff, the whole book is good.
I would consider sizing up on the Macs, especially if you plan to wear a jacket underneath. I am usually a 52, although sometimes a 54. I have the Monkton in 52 and it's a little bit tighter than ideal across the shoulders.
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