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Clover looks great, Frank. My mom actually liked that piece so much she got one for herself. Here she is wearing it while holding my nephew:
Just this morning I was like...I have way too much casual outerwear...and yet now it's not even happy hour and I'm already planning on buying the Eidos linen field jacket and another Schneider coat....
I think has a pretty subtle PoW pattern, which you can't see in this pic really, but I think it's the same one.
You'll have a lot of competition
You're an L, like baltimoron says. I wear VI in the Merino and XL in the SdC parka.
OK what's your addr...hey wait a second...I see what you did there.BTW if you stare at your avatar for long enough it looks like a guy with really thick chest hair jerking off.
Neil Watson from A and H Mag was wearing his at Pitti that way and I thought it looked great.
I think you can MTO one any time, as long as fabric is available. There might be some left of the fabric used for mine.
As long as it's over $1000 USD and has sufficient pedigree, you may be alright.
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