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^thats a nice looking jacket, but I think it would be considered a shepherd's check not a GC check.
Are you thinking mid-grey, dark grey, or navy? Personally I think navy is the best one.
Speaking of which! Let's do this:1) Everyone has until next Friday COB to get their orders in on either the inky blue GMTO or the Moonbeam2) The inky blue is already definitely happening, but get your order in now to make sure that you will get your size, as we won't have many for the rack at all (like just 2 or 3 probably)3) The Moonbeam needs more orders to be a go. If we don't get the requisite numbers by next Friday COB, we will just have to refund any deposits that...
Dude..Alabama didn't official repeal its law banning black-white marriages until the year 2000. They did a referendum on it. 40% of people voted against repealing the law:http://ballotpedia.org/Alabama_Interracial_Marriage,_Amendment_2_(2000)
I will have to double check with Greg, but I think we still have a ways to go. All of you who voted for Moonbeam, are you in or out? Let's get this thing rolling.
This doesn't ring true to me. Of course now we're getting into the "who's more oppressed" bullshit that we all love to hate, but (just to name one example) I don't see many Catholics afraid of being fucked over, beaten, or killed by the police in situations where standard white dudes just get sympathetic treatment. Whereas for blacks this is a very real threat.
You mean the Valstar? Yes, longer than last year's.
I guess I just mean amateur porn style. FWIW I agree with you about the slicked down shoot being repellent, but it's not all that bothers me about the ad.
If it were shot YouPorn-style you'd be cool with it?
There's probably even a blog out there somewhere about how bending your hooker over the kitchen counter while she drinks coffee is the most gentlemanly way to fuck.
New Posts  All Forums: