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1) no, not really ok, although there are much worse things you can do 2) just get your sleeves shortened.
Just wear a white PS. I would switch up the tie though. To something without any white in it. I'd probably start with knit ties.
Wearing mine right now. I'm only a few wears in on my longest tenured pair, but I've had no fall-down issues.
^not into that one at all. Very reblog-bait.
Fwiw per capita income in Milan about 3x that of Naples. Not that money is the only thing that can make somebody a better dresser...but it's also one of the things.
Wearing a Moonbeam jacket myself today.
I like mixing of formal and informal elements in some cases. I like soft-shouldered dinner jackets with peak lapels for instance. Also linen suits with peak lapels.
Sounds like more of a German thing.
I don't think this is true. That may be the original source for the Internet talk but I am pretty sure I remember Gennaro saying something about it the first time I met with him. And I doubt he has ever read LL or SF.
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