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Too short and just kind of not really shaped right for you IMHO. I'm not a tailor so I won't try to diagnose further than that, but from the photos, doesn't look like a very good fit.
I don't think Kiton is really the model to look at it. They don't really do bespoke. The K50 thing seems to me like mostly a marketing stunt and a way to get a few more tens of thousands of dollars out of Russian oligarchs. It's not a sustainable stand-alone business, and definitely not a focus of the company. Also I don't know how much money Kiton is really making.
Updated list for the flannel:
I certainly don't have better information than others ITT, but I think it's difficult to base estimates of profit on hearsay. There's definitely been a ton of consolidation - there used to be scores of tailoring operations in that neighborhood - and we know the overall number of suits produced is much lower, although it may finally have ticked back up in recent years. Even if some or many of the remaining firms are making decent money now, it's not unreasonable for them to...
To each his own I suppose. I like it quite a lot, but it's not a "classic menswear" kind of piece. Would look ridiculous over tailored clothing, where a trench would look better. I don't understand your point about linen.
Wearing mine today:
Parkway will probably do it. They even pick up and deliver back to you.
I'd go a little tighter than that, but that's the basic idea.
True to my word, I am surprised. Euro price stickiness is stronger than I thought I guess.
There are different factories and different levels of quality offered by each factory, so maybe it's hard to compare. But in terms of numbers, I would guess Italy is higher.It would surprise me if wages in Italy were generally higher than wages in UK.
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