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OK, I will bite; I hope it's ok for members other than those nominated to post commentary - if not I am happy to delete this post.Gerry's fit above is interesting in that it is characteristic of a look that seems popular both on Tumblr and WAYWRN, but which the "old guard" would, I think, regard with disdain. Those of you who were around for Vox's "coherent combinations" treatise can probably guess the reason why. To the eye of someone accustomed to seeing in this...
Speaking of Molloy, cool video that PTO did on them: http://putthison.com/post/13112578469/donegal-tweed-at-molloy-sons-i-just-got-back They did the tweed for the Eidos herringbone Ulster coat as well.
Suggest doing a camel hair version too if possible.
Wow you weren't kidding...that is a seriously hideous tie.
Both good choices, although that rust donegal is my favorite of the new Calabrese ties:
Also, the camel is the best color anyway IMHO.
Have you tried sizing up one and then taking in the waist? The waist alteration should be a pretty simple one.
I've been through very little in my life but I do the same thing.
This solution might work for you:
Knew this would happen...the price I pay for giving you guys a chance to buy stuff in my size from the store.
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