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I've seen him there before, but it's not like he's hopping around showing people suits.
I expected there would be a shift in the roster of exhibitors (exhibitionists?) from the Fall/Winter to the Spring/Summer version of Pitti. It turns out there really isn't. The reason, Greg told me later, is that you have to keep coming back every Pitti, regardless of the season, if you want to keep your booth. Miss one, and you go to the back of the line. It's like NFL teams forcing you to buy pre-season games as a part of your season tickets package. So companies like...
On my jacket? Not sure...I'd guess 4.5".
People in the south wear cowboy boots? I bet there are more cowboy boots in Brooklyn than in North Carolina.
DFW and east could be credibly called part of the south. But that leaves out a lot or Texas, and the state has its own cultural identity, as you say. Similarly Florida south of the panhandle is not the South.
I've derailed this thread enough recently so I won't go into a long explanation of why Texas isn't a part of the South. But almost every Texan and every Southerner I've ever talked to has agreed that it is not. It's only people not from either place that keep insisting that it is.
Yea but same thing probably happened to Luciano Barbera the first time he didn't button down his collar. And look at him now. I really think this zipper thing has some legs under it.
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