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@Murlsquirl does look suspiciously like Ridiculously Photogenic Guy...
Some brighter colors are good in fall/winter, but not bright blue. Think about the colors you see around in the fall/winter. Rust, violet, and whatnot.
Micro houndstooth is for suit IMHO. HB is too bright for fall/winter and too heavy for summer. Donegal is my favorite, but a little hard to trouser with. Navy/blue checks is pretty good, but blue seems a little bright in that photo. Might be a lot better IRL.
Are we still styling @Claghorn? Clags, what do you have that's not navy or blue? I know you've posted this before, but help me remember...seems like you could use some summer stuff. Do you have any non-blue linen? Also are you still getting stuff made for you or is that over now that you're not next to BnT anymore?
Nice, I have a jacket in that same fabric.
Dunno if it's part of this batch, but that Gucci ostrich leather thing is insane.
It should be something the recipient should appreciate, but IMHO the best gifts are ones that the recipient doesn't yet realize he would appreciate, and therefore would never buy for himself. Otherwise the gift is not much better than writing him a check.OP says her target enjoys being well dressed, and showing him that there is a more stylish way to carry stuff sounds to me like a great gift.
Kinda depends on which piece you're looking at...some of them are sized trimmer than others. But I would guess you're a 4 in most stuff.
Mistake...I did the same thing because I already have more beige sweaters than I can possibly keep track of, but this one looks really great.
It's really tacky to ask other people how much their stuff costs. It's even tackier to tell them they shouldn't be buying it because it's too expensive.
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