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Looking for more of a conservative business-type suit or a more casual California-type suit?
That's the No Man cut, so you'll only find it on NMWA. My pocket square...
that herringbone definitely qualifies IMHO
Strong men also cry
I have taken kind of an odd route...I have one dinner suit, which is pretty standard midnight blue, single breasted peak lapel...if you are only going to get one and wear it to black tie events, I would recommend something like that, in either shawl or peak. Shawl is easier to go wrong IMHO because there are many different shapes the shawl could take and some of them can be pretty ugly. Peak lapel is harder to make look bad.But then I have other "dinner clothes" that could...
Not really...asymmetric information problem is much more severe for cars.
Maybe 3x a year
Dr John in The Last Waltz:
Also the quote I use in the second paragraph is really about Van:
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