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I think you misunderstand both black tie and exuberance.
Black tie is as exuberant as menswear gets.
In for a suit length.
Looks like we've got three suit orders so far between me, @DLJr and @PCK1
I'm more interested in this than ever, having now looked for this kind of linen for a bit and having found nothing. Any updates?
If anyone is wondering why wool solaro is associated with hotter weather even though it doesn't wear cool: http://nomanwalksalone.tumblr.com/post/87704194756/solaro-a-failed-experiment-gone-right-by-david
Looks like you had a great time, which is the more important part.
That's one wild-ass jacket. I kinda like it though. A bow tie and some more evening-specific shoes would make it look better though. Maybe some Belgian loafers.
Gus,Unfortunately when I went by, most of their staff was out running errands and the one guy left was busy talking to a buyer, and I was in a rush too. So I didn't get much time to ask questions or really look at the collection in detail. I do like the cut of their jackets, partly because it's a welcome change from all the other hyper-Neapolitan stuff at the show. The LB jackets are much more English to my eye. Here are a few more pics though:
I have a similar issue...I'm usually 42, but 17.5 neck.
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