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I think these will be my choices.
Usually if you bring it into their shop (as opposed to giving it to them on a traveling tour), minor alterations are free.
re-upping this crappy pic of the IM tunic for anyone considering that style. it's a great sweater, you should get it.
Hmm well you answer the second question and then I'll answer the first question.
Gotta keep building my tunic collection.
@jtorres94 agreed, that's a bit too long. Too bad; the rest looks nice on you.
I think it's actually this brown one?http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/clothing/knitwear/alpaca-silk-aran-cable-rollneck-sweater-turf-brown-grey-mix.html
When were you Counted?
I'd say the difference is at least a half an inch. But try and see, like you say.
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