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If an outfit from a few days ago is permissible:
Hey dudes, sorry I have been slacking on this - been traveling a lot this summer. But our semester just started so I'll try to post the next 5 outfits I wear to class. In the meantime, here are a couple of summer "casual" black tie outfits:This is a shawl DB with satin facing; I wear it with lightweight wool black tuxedo pants:Here is my dark blue linen tuxedo, with grosgrain facing:
I actually just had to check with Kyle to make sure that price on the scarves is correct..that's a really great price on some beautiful scarves IMHO.
Re: the DB odd jacket, I think a DB is strange enough that you don't have to think about versatility too much. Probably you've already got a navy SB jacket. If you're looking for something a bit different, try a medium or dark brown linen jacket. I think it looks really great with white trousers. Often white trousers are a bit see-through so you could see pockets or even shirt pattern through the fabric, but with a DB, you don't really have to worry about that. Of course...
@Despos Do you think the advantages come from having a cutter actually participating in the making of that specific jacket, or just a cutter who has experience doing the tailoring, particularly with that cloth?
Full on black tie? Rare. Probably twice a year, including NYE.But I wear my other DJs and casual tuxedos pretty often. Out to cocktails or a nice restaurant, or to watch movies with @RJman.As for how many, I have 6 jackets (not including my tuxedo) that I'd say could be classified as casual black tie. Only one would I ever wear during the day - a cream linen DB.
One issue with wool is that I think it will probably get a bit yellower over time, whereas the shantung would probably hold its color better. Maybe others with direct personal experience can correct or corroborate.
Those interested in an ivory shawl - do you guys want to do it shantung, wool, or linen?
I have way too many DJs already, but I am very glad to see enthusiasm for this and hope that it happens.
Just to reiterate that I don't view this blurring of the boundaries between styles as a bad thing, and because I don't want readers to think that I didn't like the other jackets there, here's what I wrote about this DB dinner jacket by Eithen Sweet of Thom Sweeney. I like the decision to do this relaxed, more casual dinner jacket with a spalla camicia. I asked for a spalla camicia on a recent DB dinner jacket I had made, and am happy with the result. But many older English...
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