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Tbh my favorite ones are these: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/tanino-high-sneaker-beige-canvas-and-natural-suede-cap-2500.html Still available for a lucky size 43.
Burgundy Butteros turned out really nice. I'm kind of stuck between liking them a lot and wondering if they're too similar to the cuoio, which I already have. I have a feeling I know which way it's going to turn out.
@justinkapur Those look seriously great. When I first saw the museum calf up close, I thought it was a bit overdone. But on the feet it looks outstanding IMHO.
Looks nice; I'll throw in the opening bid.
yes I think soeven more suit-ready then.I think it's good as both. The suit is obviously very dandified and few could wear it. But I think it looks good.
Same suit, much better tie choice (in the Artist, Rebel, Dandy exhibit):
(not my favorite way to accessorize that suit tho)
That pic of the Armoury guy is a great case study in how terrible cutaway collars look on anyone who's not a Ralph Lauren model.
@Cotton Dockers That cardigan looks great IMHO. Just promise you'll spoiler any pics of you wearing it with those cords.
I'm excited about this too. @Tirailleur1 has a great eye and I think adds something unique to the store. Also the interview he did with me was one of my favorites that I've done:http://www.styleforum.net/t/385502/interview-with-niyi-okuboyejo-tirailleur1-of-post-imperial
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