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I thought in Berlin when the bar is empty that just means it's time to go to the club?
Absolutely. The weave is very open so as to make it cool wearing:http://nomanwalksalone.tumblr.com/post/86312632781/fresco-lovely-fresco-by-william-phips-minnisAnd it's certainly appropriate for weddings and job interviews.
Mostly pretty bad though...I mean, one of them is actually called The Gentleman Blogger.
+1, had the same exact experience. Would definitely be into a Buttero beige special project.
What about a deep red?http://vandafineclothing.com/store/accessories/475-single-carnation-lapel-pin.html
Wearing a white pocket square would definitely not be too much. Black lapel pin seems a little funereal to me, but it's not that noticeable anyway. To your other question, I don't think wingtips are right for the vibe you are going for. The shoes you linked would be fine. You might also consider velvet. Some ideas from Gaziano and Girling: http://www.gazianogirling.com/pages/house-evening-shoes
Maybe it got caught by a spam filter somehow? I don't know...but that's odd. Try titling the email "Question from Potential Customer" or something? I've definitely had them go a week or two without responding to my email before, but a month is unusual, especially if you've sent that many.
That's abnormal based on my experience...have you exchanged emails with them before? Are you sure you're using the right email? info at napolisumisura dot com is the best one to use.
Yep. I guess they call this a semi-hollow body? It has f-holes. While we all admire Jasper's awesome outfit, some more pics that show the guitar a little better: [[SPOILER]]
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