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Just a couple of shirts and pants I think look cool
Yea once I figured out that I needed to click 'Shopping' on the RHS, it was pretty self-explanatory...I'm kind of slow, so it's very possible this is not a problem for anyone else. But I just saw the search bar at the top that didn't seem to help me, and then a bunch of ads below it, and nothing along the top toolbar that seemed to help, and just got discouraged.
Thanks, I figured it out eventually.It was pretty clear, I am just an impatient moron. The "What is a Shopping Service?" made it clear that I should be able to get them to send me something from Kapital, but then the From Japan section mostly talked about buying from yahoo auctions and it wasn't obvious how to do other stuff on their site.Thanks brah(but seriously, I sound like a bro? I didn't see that one coming, tbh. shows show self-unaware I am.)Thanks, will do.
Cool thanks, I know which things I want and in which size, just the whole checkout process is completely inscrutable.
What if I want to buy direct from the Kapital site? I don't see a way to do that using From Japan. I don't speak/read any Japanese so navigating the Kapital site pretty impossible.
Anybody doing proxy from Japan to US these days?
Those look great. Dovers, maybe perhaps more than any other shoe, seem to look great in about any leather/last combination I've ever seen them in.
same is true of ties tho
It comes from nowhere, like all of this stuff. You could have just 1 pocket square (a white linen one), over even zero and just never wear pocket squares. Similarly with ties, I think it's fully possible to have only 10 ties, even if you wear ties every day, and three or four pocket squares, and be very stylish. I've been luggage-limited for a month at a time with only three ties and three pocket squares and it wasn't really a problem. Of course at home, I have much much...
@gdl203 will have to give the definitive answer, but yea I think it's a SC. The book it's from is def a SC book.
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