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If you've never tried any unlined chukkas before, the new Heschungs are a good place to start. I've got a pair of unlined EG chukkas and they're crazy comfortable.
I don't have anything against the hurling but the tunic has a more summer and unfinished, raw look to me. I liked the boat neck version even more
I went with sea urchin, hawthorne, and straw this time around. That will bring me to 8 tunics, which I think is the right number to have in your wardrobe.
Document indigo-dyed raincoat that just went up looks pretty sweet
I'm not gdl, but my guess on this would be no.Here's a pic of mine to give you an idea.
I'd say XL. I'm usually 52 occasionally 50, even more occasionally 54, and I take an L in these.
Orders open to everyone.
Hawthorne and Straw look good IMHO
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