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Or if you have an apt with some storage space in your building somewhere, do seasonal storage. Some dry cleaners will do this for you too.
S IMHO. I wear 52 in Rota and took an XL.
Welcome, good sir. Hope you enjoy your time with us.
I have way too many clothes so take this with a grain of salt, but to me this is in the "definitely not" category. It's true that you can wear them to all the same occasions - summer stuff that's not super formal - but the look is totally different and you accessorize them in different ways. Beige is neutral, tobacco is rich.
Here's the moonbeam in action (with calabrese tie) a couple of nights ago...sorry as always for crappy, low-lit pic
Oatmeal square is too dull IMHO. The white square from the last pic would be better.
Yes. Others (esp @gdl203) can confirm, but typical sizing advice on LBM is to go up one from your normal size.
@patliean1 looks great. Nice photography too.
there are some here:http://www.styleforum.net/a/on-the-road-styleforum-x-no-man-walks-alonee.g.
it me
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