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IIRC Mr. Kabbaz's participation on online fora has been the subject of some controversy
Can look ok when worn with a coat because it basically recreates the shape of a spread collar and usually you have to look pretty hard to see the unused buttons underneath the collar. Worn without a jacket, invariably looks like shit Imho.
Bottle green FTMFW
Could have those loyalty cards except give you 30 stamps every time you buy a coffee
That's up to you
Starbucks is the Jos. A Bank of coffee shops.
If you're Prince you can get whatever the f you want.
Whoops...fixed, thanks.
^that one's more true navy. Midnight blue is almost indistinguishable from black: (even this is on the lighter side of midnight)
Hey guys, here's the thread gauging interest for the Minnis 626 656: http://www.styleforum.net/t/503862/minnis-626-houndstooth-flannel-with-no-man-walks-alone
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