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Was hoping you would get that. Looking forward to seeing how you style it.
I have 1 SC from the Moonbeam book: It's great stuff, the whole book is good.
I would consider sizing up on the Macs, especially if you plan to wear a jacket underneath. I am usually a 52, although sometimes a 54. I have the Monkton in 52 and it's a little bit tighter than ideal across the shoulders.
Personally I think this looks terrible. Collar may actually end up pointing behind you.
I like green ties, but not so much with navy suits. Here are a couple:
I'll do a 5 fold.
I may be able to stop in for one drink. Let me know where you guys decide to go.
The thing about the Camoshita is that it's pretty short. I'm 6'2" and I don't think I can wear it at all.
Continuing from Part 1: DI: What's your background and how did you get to where you are now? Where did your interest in design begin? AC: I did my senior year of high school in Rome. And that's when I really discovered art history. Then when I got to college, I double majored in art history and communications. I really thought I was going to study art history. I was at Villanova, which is a great school, but the art history department wasn't great, and the communications...
Greg I'm surprised you didn't also include this guaizine shot of you:http://instagram.com/p/qJdRuZsKfk/
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