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I actually just had to check with Kyle to make sure that price on the scarves is correct..that's a really great price on some beautiful scarves IMHO.
Re: the DB odd jacket, I think a DB is strange enough that you don't have to think about versatility too much. Probably you've already got a navy SB jacket. If you're looking for something a bit different, try a medium or dark brown linen jacket. I think it looks really great with white trousers. Often white trousers are a bit see-through so you could see pockets or even shirt pattern through the fabric, but with a DB, you don't really have to worry about that. Of course...
@Despos Do you think the advantages come from having a cutter actually participating in the making of that specific jacket, or just a cutter who has experience doing the tailoring, particularly with that cloth?
Full on black tie? Rare. Probably twice a year, including NYE.But I wear my other DJs and casual tuxedos pretty often. Out to cocktails or a nice restaurant, or to watch movies with @RJman.As for how many, I have 6 jackets (not including my tuxedo) that I'd say could be classified as casual black tie. Only one would I ever wear during the day - a cream linen DB.
One issue with wool is that I think it will probably get a bit yellower over time, whereas the shantung would probably hold its color better. Maybe others with direct personal experience can correct or corroborate.
Those interested in an ivory shawl - do you guys want to do it shantung, wool, or linen?
I have way too many DJs already, but I am very glad to see enthusiasm for this and hope that it happens.
Just to reiterate that I don't view this blurring of the boundaries between styles as a bad thing, and because I don't want readers to think that I didn't like the other jackets there, here's what I wrote about this DB dinner jacket by Eithen Sweet of Thom Sweeney. I like the decision to do this relaxed, more casual dinner jacket with a spalla camicia. I asked for a spalla camicia on a recent DB dinner jacket I had made, and am happy with the result. But many older English...
As I said, I continue to enjoy the suit you made for me. I have noted in previous posts that it is different from other things that I own. I wrote in my original article here that the suit you were wearing had a distinctive silhouette.Your mistake is to think that this article is about you. It is not. It is about the Young Tailors Symposium, and how it compares to last year's symposium of older tailors.
Maybe pictures from last year would help to show exactly how widely those coats varied. These pictures are all from Simon's blog. Here's Sexton and Panico: Again, I concede that the jackets in this year's symposium are not identical. Even that they have identifying characteristics so that an attentive observer, or even me, could spend a couple of minutes with each jacket, then look at a new round of jackets by the same makers, and be able to guess who made each one...
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