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Some of his ties are bad, but overall much better than the standard shiny solid IMHO. It works for him bc the OCBD and pattern tie go along with his whole forgetful and disheveled professor vibe. I don't think any of the Rs could pull off the same thing. Maybe Rand, he's got a little of the crazyhair thing going on.
request fit pics of SdC shirt jacket plox
Whew...just barely S-Caped the NR pre-order....
I'm just glad that the preorder deadline for NR has now passed and I no longer have to exert willpower to prevent myself from emailing Greg about the possibility of putting an S-Cape in the order
And/or maybe link to active preorder posts in your sig?
You haven't missed it yet...Greg just reopened it until noon.
We are teh neighbors
There may be some burning involved by the time all is said and done.
Maybe I'll get a pair and see what I see
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