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I accidentally thumbed this comment, but anyway sounds like a riot. In any case my post was just a joak but I agree with Derek that you apparently have no idea what an ad hominem attack is.
If I started calling you showgal, would that be an ad homonym attack?
My blog post was mostly about the conversation that followed, of whether we should care at all about where a brand is "from." That's a separate question from where Eidos is from, or whether we should care how it markets itself. Dirnelli's comment was not just that Eidos isn't a purely Italian brand, it was that it IS an American brand.
Yes but my whole point is that country of origin doesn't have that much to do with quality anymore (FWIW, Eidos is also much less expensive than Isaia - I think for the money, you get a very nice product). Regardless of whether an Eidos jacket is made to the same specs as Isaia's top line, the manufacture is equally Italian.
In my mind, whether you should penalize a brand for marketing you think is disingenuous is a separate argument. On whether Eidos plays up the Italian connection...they do their photo shoots in Naples. But their models are definitely not stereotypically Italian looking. One of the things I like about Antonio's presentations is that he has models of all different ethnicities. And there are many explicit design references in the collections that range outside of Naples - the...
I guess my more subtle point is, I can see caring about a brand's heritage and all that - which is the point I'm trying to make in that paragraph. But trying to assign each brand to a country, and then say, OK, all you Italian brands over here are alike, and - hey, Eidos! Get over there with the American brands! Ok, now you guys are for the "Buy American" crowd - is hopelessly reductionist.
I guess? It is made in Italy - I don't know what else "create" would mean that is separate from "designed." I mean...it really makes a big difference to you whether Antonio lives in Italy or New York? I just don't understand the urge to assign one nationality to each brand, or to care about which nationality it is.
It is, in fact, owned by Isaia.
It may matter for their sales. Why should it matter to you?
Sadly there is no third option of "Why do we have to pick one and why does it matter"
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