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Buttoning point is in the same spot, it's just the length from the button to the hem that is increased.
If you mean the left shoulder, I think it's all wrinkled just because he's holding the phone up. Right doesn't look too bad IMHO.
From that shot it looks a little short IMHO, but depends on if you're planning on wearing with jeans-style trousers like that or a more classic cut.
Still some left if you've changed your mind. PM me for the order link.
As a check on myself, I have decided to wait until stuff goes online to at least give everyone a chance at buying something before I buy it for myself. Although in some cases it's very difficult.
This just means you have great taste. The next things I have my eye on are the Valstars, but they haven't dropped yet.
First, congrats on the weight loss. Second, yes, that's probably how it works in this case. It's certainly the case that it's been assembled in China. It may be that the fabric was milled in China and then "finished" in Italy or something. Sometimes these labels don't really mean as much as might seem on their face.
You had the sleeves shortened, right? My guess is he just took the sleeve up and then took off the bottom button to maintain the distance between last button and the sleeve hem. He (or anybody else for that matter) should be able to easily reattach above the remaining three if you want to keep 4 buttons. Personally I like three more anyway, but it's up to you. Some people like to do four for suits and three for SCs. I prefer three for suits and either one or two for SCs....
This is the one I mean.
I've heard people say before that thinner ties are somehow not as warm...honestly I've never found this to be the case at all. I think it's just a carryover of a preference for less constructed clothing. On the other hand, Marinella, which is the most famous tie maker in Naples, makes pretty beefy ties.Anyway, Noodles, in your list of ties that you posted, there were a bunch of nice ones, but I thought the first Vanda on the list with the polka dots was the standout.
New Posts  All Forums: