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(not my favorite way to accessorize that suit tho)
That pic of the Armoury guy is a great case study in how terrible cutaway collars look on anyone who's not a Ralph Lauren model.
@Cotton Dockers That cardigan looks great IMHO. Just promise you'll spoiler any pics of you wearing it with those cords.
I'm excited about this too. @Tirailleur1 has a great eye and I think adds something unique to the store. Also the interview he did with me was one of my favorites that I've done:http://www.styleforum.net/t/385502/interview-with-niyi-okuboyejo-tirailleur1-of-post-imperial
Wearing these rn...(with SdC pants)Also I'm 10.5UK in EG and 43 Buttero fit me fine after they break in. It might just be a matter of breaking the 44s in, as the ones I got felt a bit snug at the beginning too. OTOH, a lot of people like to wear sneakers loose anyway, so maybe you'd be happy with a 45. Especially with high tops so you don't really have to worry about heel slippage as much.
I feel like Friends > Seinfeld is a position you could only take for a #slatepitch
Definitely yes...I don't have any pics though
The hemp GMTO has gone out. The chalk stripe no.
I had that coat on for a bit today. Feels great, crisp and dry hand.
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