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Hey guys, just a reminder for all of you in the DC area to send me a PM if you want to get together. There's already a good crew signed up, but the more the merrier.
The ticket pocket was for train tickets, not theater tickets.
Sometimes when nobody seems to understand something the same way you do, it's a good idea to think about whether you're the one who has misunderstood. Antonio has been remarkably patient and honest with you and this thread. How many other brands are going to post that much info about their production and corporate structure on an Internet forum? I think that transparency is valuable. Whether a brand is "truly Italian," whatever that means to you, is not.
I keep card case in coat pocket FWIW
DC Dudes, Since Greg will be coming to DC for the Formosa trunk show on September 17th, we thought it would be a good time to gather interested parties for a No Man meetup. You don't have to be a Formosa customer to be invited - it's just an opportunity for us all to hang out and talk jawnz. Or other stuff. PM me if you're interested in joining us. Once I have a sense of our group size, I'll figure out a location and PM you guys the details. -David
There's one ts(s) piece in particular that I can't wait for after seeing it at Pitti...
If Derek got half the commissions SF thought he got he would might be rich enough to afford more of the shit he writes about.
Whether you should encourage that dependency by picking nits over superficial classifications seems like a separate question.
I accidentally thumbed this comment, but anyway sounds like a riot. In any case my post was just a joak but I agree with Derek that you apparently have no idea what an ad hominem attack is.
If I started calling you showgal, would that be an ad homonym attack?
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