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OK, if we've got 4, that's a solid start. Let me see if we can save on trousers by delaying and if so, how much.
If there is enough demand, we could get the fabric ordered within a couple of weeks, maybe have the suits by end of Jan/early Feb. Anyone else interested, besides VVB and @PCK1 ?
I think some could do 2, some 3. @gdl203 would have to confirm though. Doing the pants is another issue. If we waited to put the pants in with the spring/summer suits order, that might bring the final price down. But that might mean delivery when winter is already about over.
Formosa. We haven't done vests with them before, so I'm not sure exactly how the 3-pc would work in terms of pricing and minimums.
I bet for a GMTO we could probably get a reasonable price on it though.
Here are my thoughts about those details:http://ivorytowerstyle.com/post/60380710004/as-summer-comes-to-a-close-i-think-ahead-to-the
I like it too. Here are some pictures of a jacket Steed made for me: https://twitter.com/SteedTailors/status/527558498469818369
^thats a nice looking jacket, but I think it would be considered a shepherd's check not a GC check.
Are you thinking mid-grey, dark grey, or navy? Personally I think navy is the best one.
Speaking of which! Let's do this:1) Everyone has until next Friday COB to get their orders in on either the inky blue GMTO or the Moonbeam2) The inky blue is already definitely happening, but get your order in now to make sure that you will get your size, as we won't have many for the rack at all (like just 2 or 3 probably)3) The Moonbeam needs more orders to be a go. If we don't get the requisite numbers by next Friday COB, we will just have to refund any deposits that...
New Posts  All Forums: