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lol...i'm an economist and even to me this assumption seems ridiculous
Nope, that's something different. Design is the same as the FW version, just fabrics would be different.
Awesome, thanks PSG.
Don't really have my eye on any in particular, would just like to find somewhere (in NYC if possible) that might have a couple to try out. Or failing that, some suggestions about what to look for. Basically I just think they sound cool after playing a friend's, but the couple of stores I visited didn't have any.
You're wrong.
Perhaps you've heard of a little song called GRACELAND?!?!?It's the guitar the Mississippi delta is shining like.
#19: http://ivorytowerstyle.com/post/78333205552/twenty-things-you-should-never-say-to-your-tailor
Any of you guys ever bought a National guitar before? They seem pretty tough to find.
How have there not already been joke's about EFV's (possibly innocent) referral to this as a "birthday suit"?
Some of you might be interested in this post: http://nomanwalksalone.tumblr.com/post/99579733321/the-most-womanly-woman-by-david-isle-though
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