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Maybe one of these?http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/flannel-gray-6-ply-cashmere-cable-knit-roll-neck-sweater.htmlhttp://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/light-grey-slim-fit-cashmere-roll-neck-sweater-2317.html
No, that would not look odd. Is just letting the groomsmen wear their own dark suits somehow not an option? http://www.styleforum.net/a/what-should-i-ask-my-groomsmen-to-wear
Every way of trying to aggregate preferences has problems. Arrow's Impossibility Thm is a b*tch.
Nice to meet you too - hope to stop by your office hours sometime soon.
@lawyerdad Which of the greys was your favorite?
Say it to my face
Unfortunately not - the price savings come from ordering a bunch of the same cloth at once, so doing half grey and half navy would end up significantly more expensive.But if we end up with more people wanting grey than navy of course we can do that.
Dark red would be good I think. Dark green I would like on grey but not as much on navy.Sticking with flat front might be easier for those who already know how the pants fit from the RTW Formosa suits.
I think so? In any case I think people know what we're talking about - the hip pockets that aren't patch and aren't flap. Basically, what the pockets look like when the flaps are tucked in.Let's try to rally for the wide Fox navy then. Flap pockets, barchetta breast pocket, double vents, notch lapel, navy lining, spalla cadente morbida (no spalla camicia). Vest no lapels, two pockets.For the trousers, you guys want pleats or no pleats? I would do two pleats for full...
Benvenuto alla squadra Moonbeam. I think we need 4 more now?
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