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If you're asking SF how to be normal in Murica, ur fucked.
+1. When an American or British firm does something like this (as has happened many times), no one calls the perpetrator a "sly Anglo-Saxon" or anything similar. They're just considered a bad egg. But if an Italian does it, it's because Italy is JUST like that Scarface movie. Or was it the Godfather.
Sounds like you have been duped by some Southern Italian shenanigan.
Thanks for finding that dopey post. Reminds me also that I am due for a re-read of some tutee posts.
What did you order and what do you want? Your best bet is probably to try and swap with somebody.
We gotta get a NMWA pickup game sometime. Stitchy balls, Greg can wrap up his ankles and ball, I will ball. Who else is in?
The finale of my conversation with Antonio. If you haven't already, read part 1 and part 2. David Isle: What do you think is unique about Eidos? Antonio Ciongoli: In the wholesale market, there's really nothing that's made like this and fits like this at this price. To be able to get garments made in Italy using the kind of fabrics we offer is, I think, amazing. That's the idea, is really trying to elevate what the entry point in luxury looks like. Sometimes what we're...
This, plus the patterns are great. They're very sportcoat-y, in that they'll never be confused for suits. Which is good, since you wouldn't be able to make pants out of this fabric anyway. You could call it tweener I guess, but it's plenty heavy. You could wear it in the dead of winter in NYC with an overcoat. You could probably wear it most fall days without one.
New Posts  All Forums: