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Geller sand suede boots look awesome too
Damn...this might be my tunic collection soon...
Tie is raw silk, according to the maker, which is Marshall Anthony. Both the SC from yesterday and the suit today from Enrico Amato in Naples.
Day 2 (it's a suit, @dieworkwear fresco)
That taupe and charcoal is great. Same fabric as the Home scarf?
Day 1
If an outfit from a few days ago is permissible:
Hey dudes, sorry I have been slacking on this - been traveling a lot this summer. But our semester just started so I'll try to post the next 5 outfits I wear to class. In the meantime, here are a couple of summer "casual" black tie outfits:This is a shawl DB with satin facing; I wear it with lightweight wool black tuxedo pants:Here is my dark blue linen tuxedo, with grosgrain facing:
I actually just had to check with Kyle to make sure that price on the scarves is correct..that's a really great price on some beautiful scarves IMHO.
Re: the DB odd jacket, I think a DB is strange enough that you don't have to think about versatility too much. Probably you've already got a navy SB jacket. If you're looking for something a bit different, try a medium or dark brown linen jacket. I think it looks really great with white trousers. Often white trousers are a bit see-through so you could see pockets or even shirt pattern through the fabric, but with a DB, you don't really have to worry about that. Of course...
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