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I would strongly recommend wearing matching shoes. Also, in most settings, wearing all pants is not appropriate. Wear just one pair of pants, and clothe the rest of yourself with shirts, shoes, socks, etc., as needed.
I have basically nothing to add except that it's kind of ridiculous to get a morning suit and worry about looking too old school. You are wearing an obsolete, or at least obsolescent, garment. Of course you are going to look old school.
Last I checked was closer to $4k.
Poll ends tomorrow midnight GMT
Also the case if you actually liked fast food out of informed preference rather than ignorance.
1) and 3) often come as a package deal.
Recommendation #1: Never ever ever wear it with that shirt. Other than that, looks pretty good IMHO. Might take in the waist just a bit.
As someone who has interviewed Antonio, I have to say, not only is he a great designer and model, he's a great interview. Which is a big relief once you've spent a lot of Pitti going from booth to booth trying to find someone who can say anything insightful or informative about the product they're standing in front of.
If you mean for the Eidos field jackets, yes.
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