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I'll probably wear these with a sport coat pretty often. Usually lighter colors, similar to how @dieworkwear suggested using blue pants in a recent blog post
to all my Rota petrol bros
@NewYawker That looks really great, well done.
I agree - although the Chan coat looked pretty similar. I'll see if I can find a straight on shot. Also the BnTailor quarters aren't as open as on Liverano (although I've seen other BnTailor examples with more open quarters).To me that made it look like a Poole coat. But he said it was very Milanese. I don't know the other Milanese houses well enough to say, so I'll have to trust him.None at all.
I read that piece and posted a response of sorts here:http://nomanwalksalone.tumblr.com/post/147403345151/the-suit-that-cant-be-made-by-david-isle-akhil
It is by now clichè to mourn the death of the bespoke tailoring industry. At Simon Crompton’s tailors symposium last summer, we heard some of these platitudes from the assembled members of the elder generation. But it wasn’t because clients couldn’t be found. On the contrary, orders are surging. The industry is dying in a more literal sense - the great tailors are old, some even going to the extreme of perishing, and there are few young tailors to replace them. This...
Thanks for the enjoyable meetup, guys. Hope we can get together again before too long.
Look forward to seeing everyone this evening.
I'm guessing that the thread is actually brown but the silk is reflecting some light?
I prefer the roomier chest of the blue fresco. The tobacco is nice too, but it looks a little more trim and a little shorter to me.
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