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Tagliatelle > tajarin IMHO
Still can't forgive them for Vittorio Emmanuele and Cavour
IME Bologna has the best food in Italy, although Naples is close. Depends on how much you like pizza and seafood.
I think they are EGs
I'm pretty sure it's three jackets and one trouser, not four each...I'm more sure about the three jackets part. The Kansas story checks out.
So on trend.
It continues.
Too tired right now to get on with a full journal entry, but at least let me defend myself against @Synthese's claim that my professed dislike of strip clubs is disingenuous. First of all, I think I've only been maybe five times in my life. If I actually liked them I'd probably go more often. Second, strip clubs were pretty much ruined forever for me one sordid evening in one of the grosser DC strip clubs. The on-stage performances were off-putting so I put myself on the...
As a reminder, don't forget to subscribe to the Styleforum pitti86 label if you want to get all the coverage from me and @Synthese. I began my first day of Pitti like a normal person, walking around Florence like the tens of thousands of other non-#menswear American tourists that come here every summer. Of course everyone will recognize the Duomo or the Uffizi, but I happened by this interesting installation outside some ancient building on a Florentine alley. Someone has...
I don't want to give away the interview, but he was a real pleasure to talk to.
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