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The drop down menu on ties is for quantity
the stretchy wool duffle is where it's at. whoever gets that will be very happy with it.
Hold off IMHO. Paisley on that small a scale on that big a garment will just look diseased.
@Mr. Six Jacket looks great on you. What about a knit tie in a dusty color, like these?
I don't size down personally. If anything I would size up.
I had to make do with my purplest tie and PS
After today's post, I am in the mood for purple:http://nomanwalksalone.tumblr.com/post/143446640546/style-icon-prince-by-david-isle-im-not-always
Whoops, yes, sorry, I meant towards the coat, as you say. Thank you for the correction. But the mappina is a separate thing.
Mappina refers to the shirring. Spalla camicia just means that the seam allowance at the armhole is pressed open, like on a shirt.
New Posts  All Forums: