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Dudes, heard back from Gennaro today - the gun club is available, but not until January. And I've only got one other guy that would be in on it besides DLJr. So let's put that one on hold for now (if we do it in Jan, still plenty of time to get it made up before summer starts) and keep rallying people for the inky blue, which is available. Will see if I can figure out what the final price would be.
@AJL The stripes on that suit are too close together for my taste, but it does look like it fits you well.These might be good IMHO: [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
I would say this is one approach, but not the only one. And also notice that it involves a lot of personal judgement: what data to start with, what hypotheses to form, and then finally what to allow as exceptions. Even the final cosmetic step of coming up with an explanation for why something is an exception where something else isn't may involve choosing from a number of options. The process you describe is about developing your eye, not, in my view, about discovering...
At long last, a @dieworkwear fit pic!
It is completely reasonable for one to believe this though
There are many photos of him and he's wearing a white square in most of them.
I don't really have any interest in arguing about what's "appropriate" or "good taste" or whatever....but it might be of interest to some that there is a long and almost concluded history of white-shirt-and-square-wearing with country clothes. Here's a DoW example: Another: It's possible you may have to be the kind of person who consistently wears ties on the weekend, and possibly the kind of person who spends those weekends in a country castle, to pull this look...
You said WHAT about my shirt and pocket square?!?!?
For @Murlsquirl...with Oliver Spencer trousers (still need to get these hemmed)
Lulz...that's actually a couch if it makes you feel better?Besides being awesome shoes, I have a sentimental attachment to them as they were the first thing I got from No Man.
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