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Looks like there may be a feeding frenzy over that Eidos DJ...
If there were a run done of that Fox light grayish-brown herringbone, I would get a length for a future bespoke order. Greg, you know the one I mean? It's on a separate card.
They are only available to Founders Cir- ***attacked by wolves***
Thanks for keeping all those juicy FC benefits on the down-low, Kyle
Maybe there's some fabric left for an MTO. It's not really that much more expensive.
That one came out really nice. If I didn't already have the inky hemp I would get it.
I wear them frequently.
I think there is some dupioni in the Caccioppoli Night and Day book, but I don't know anything about it.
Back at it again with the Formosa SC!
New Posts  All Forums: