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Ok, now the odd fall/winter stuff. The off-white moleskin pants have a nice line: The top block fits pretty well even though my hips are quite uneven. Here are the grey moleskin pants: The crease falls nicely, the front is flat, pockets lie flush. So, win. I think they look really great with this jacket: Again the pictures suffer a little bit from being taken from a low angle - the gorge is on the high side, but it's not as high as it seems here. But I think...
Did a second fitting for that one, but Mina wanted to check a couple of things on it before finishing - will do the final fitting this wknd in NYC and I will post pics after.
Was in Naples recently for final fittings on a few of these things - first the linen tux. I'm really happy with this one. The trousers fit great even without the suspenders with which they are meant to be worn:The waist is nice and high, and the fit is roomy and relaxed through the seat and thighs, which is how I think evening trousers should look. Maybe all trousers, but definitely evening trousers.The pictures of the full suit came out kind of dark so I increased the...
They sent me this square, which I think was the one I asked for. So the drawing was just for poops and laughs. True art.
+1. Team East London is strong this season.
Haven't washed one yet I don't think...but when I do, I'll probably do it by hand.
And, like Greg, I wear them layered in fall a bunch too.
I wear them up to 80 or so. DC summer that prob means only at night. But I wore them in spring a lot and on my recent trip to the West Coast. Here's me wearing one w my nephew: Pants are Schneider.
And I thought at 8 Tunics I was done...
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