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Adjacent sweater is dope
Possibly but you have to wait for them to release their fall/winter swatches and pricing, which will probably not be for 2-3 months. I don't remember them offering fabrics that heavy before but I could be wrong.
^trainwreck IMHO
What is this mess about block stripes not being good with sport coats? They're maybe the best sport coat ties that aren't knits.
Yes...will be a part of upcoming roundup of tailors I've tried in Naples that will be in the StyFo Brief...just keeps getting pushed back in the schedule. I can try to answer any specific questions you have about Caliendo though.
I have such trousers from Musella Dembech in Milan, and Elia Caliendo and Raffaele Iorio in Naples, and I am happy with all of them.
You're looking for a custom tailor? If so, where?
I would call those patterns, not textures. I would say subtle glen check looks more like a suit than herringbone. Herringbone odd trousers are not at all uncommon.
Very nice - he made my most-worn summer trousers. I had mine made into trousers and a waistcoat by Steed, but received them at the beginning of the summer. Will have to wait a few months to wear them.
You shush your shush
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