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Developing your own taste is a simple thing to suggest, but a complex thing to pursue, because it is ever-changing, and at least at some level, ineffable. "It looks too long on you" doesn't mean "if that were how my coat looked on me, then it would be too long," it means, at least if I say it, "I think you would look better in a shorter coat." But I take as primitive the judgement of the eye. Some eyes are more trained than others - and here I mean "trained" in all senses....
Birdseye, by contrast, is a hardy fabric that holds up very well. Mr. Field likes it as well: http://www.styleforum.net/t/308386/an-interview-with-william-p-field-ii-of-field-english-custom-tailors
Also, although I love flannel dearly, it's not the most durable fabric. It's recommended to let it rest two days between wears. So if your suit rotation is somewhat limited, it may not be the best choice.
I'm not saying another subject wouldn't be better. I'm just saying in most undergrad classes in the US today, you basically have to write an essay in crayon with backwards "e"s to get a bad grade on it. In any case the class is probably on rhetoric not logic or shoes.
Based on what I know about grading in undergrad classes, you would have to be worse than just unconvincing to fail, or even get a bad grade for that matter. Anyway, we can't write your talk for you. But I don't think it's true that you save money by buying nice shoes. You could lead with something equally silly but less falsifiable like women caring about shoes or something: http://www.ivy-style.com/tread-lightly-new-survey-on-what-women-think-of-your-shoes.html
Can we please not inflict this on people? There is one factor that matters, and it's how it looks to you. There is no value in reverse-engineering some rationale about how the best length is between the thumb knuckle unless the skirt is closed in which case it's 1.5" below the fork of the pants because this is what maximizes the square of the height of your two bisected parts or whatever.There is no articulation needed other than "this looks and feels good." The most...
Yep, just not on the site yet:http://nomanwalksalone.tumblr.com/post/99654530761/sartoria-formosa-suit-in-a-re-edition-of-legendary
Yes, a littleYesRip off both sleeves entirely, thereby eliminating the asymmetry. Keep them in a safe place until you can visit your tailor to address the issue.
Only if you care about how they look. If you don't care how aged CG leather looks, then I disagree
Even better! My point is, I'm not sure what exactly the strategy is that would minimize your lifetime expenditures on footwear, but I am confident it does not involve ever purchasing any shoe for over $100.That said, there are other goals than just minimizing expenditures. But stop kidding yourself that you're saving money by buying expensive shoes.
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