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I liked this piece a lot
I'm usually 42L, a couple inches shorter than you. I decided to take a 5. Sleeves are definitely plenty long - I usually cuff them. Somewhere in the depths of this thread I put up pictures of myself wearing 5 and 6. 6 is still OK, I just prefer the trimmer look of the 5.
Sounds like an L to me. I'm about an inch taller and 15 lbs heavier than you, usually wear 42, and I took an XL.I'm sure there will be some soon - both from those who were in on the MTO and store photos - I think there are some that will be going on the rack.
Did not take any pics, but I think they turned out very very nice.
I got to preview a small slice of the S/S stuff today. I don't want to give too much away, but Formosa, Valstar, and Sage de Cret fans will be very happy IMHO.
For me they don't run that small, just short. I am usually 52, but sometimes 54. IIRC 52 jacket worked fine in the body, was just way short. For me I'd say 31.5" BOC is usually ideal, so 40R might work well for you.
That's gonna be a tough one. My shoulders are a little smaller than yours and my chest a lot smaller (I think 41") and the 52 was pretty trim on me.
FWIW, I take a 52L in both Eidos and Formosa, just on the Formosa it's a bit more drape-y and on the Eidos a bit more slim. So if the Formosa is a relaxed, but still good, fit on you in 54, you might want to try 54 in Eidos instead. Also if you're on the longer side of regular in Formosa, you might want to try an L in Eidos.
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