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Plain white linen would be better than either choice IMHO.
^shoulders/chest look pretty good in that pic tbh. If the neck is good and you wanted to size down in the body you might want to just do MTM. But looks good imho
Quoting again for how awesome this Formosa 3-piece is. I was at No Man HQ yesterday with a friend who is getting a Formosa DB suit made up in this fabric. It will be awesome.
The boots for a little different. I think I might have taken a different size in the side zips.
Usually pretty thin.
44 would definitely be too big for me, but everybody's feet are different and depends on how you like yer sneakers to fit too.
Either 43 or 44 depending on how tight you like your sneakers. If you don't mind a little bit of work breaking them in, 43 might be the way to go. I wear 10.5 UK in Rain and 43 is comfortable for me after breaking it in.
I don't think you can write it off if you get something of greater value than your contribution anyway
FWIW I wouldn't call a VI "oversized"...I am usually a 42/52 and wear a VI in that coat. It's comfortable but not swimming in it. I would even prefer a VII to a V, I think. V would be pretty trim.
Hey I know both those guys...
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