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I think Kyle said until Mon Jan 5.
Great boot. Is that C&J?
I mean...kind of yes, but also a lot of no. If your aim with dressing is to be stylish but understated, these boots are most definitely not for you. However you defend them to the many comments of "whoa cool boots, those are fancy!" will not mitigate the dandified impression that they'll make on most people. That's not to discourage you from getting them, or even to say that they're not versatile in the sense of being compatible with a wide range of different outfits. But...
^those look really great, well done.
H&S is darker
I would guess 5. I'm always at least an XL (sometimes XXL) in Esemplare and I usually take 6 in SS. I haven't tried on those particular pieces though.
I like title, but brand is no longer headed by Signor minucci. Still make nice ties tho.
IME it depends on how they're woven. I have some pants that have some cashmere (I can't remember how much, but it's not as high as 30) with a tight weave that have held up really well. But I'd imagine most cashmere - particularly the really soft kind - is not too durable.Mohair mixes, again depending on how they're woven, can be really hard or really soft, although when they're soft it's in more of a fuzzy way than a plush way.
I am the Walrus?
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