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Ah, that makes more sense. I didn't know he had tried out anyone in Spain.
That's a kind of weird and interesting suit that Fabio A is wearing. Anyone know any details on it? I'm guessing it's from somebody near Milan?
Thanks Erik and Erica for the pictures and hospitality at the trunk show. I especially enjoyed the honor of trying on a jacket that had been on Butler's shoulders.
If you feel like you have to choose someone to be the target of your scorn, that's your decision. My comment is that, beyond the value they provide in turning you against Pitti, they are also fun to be around.
They're like literally the nicest most engaging people at Pitti
Formosa shirts are 200e in Naples (full disclosure: I blog for a store that carries their suits and SCs)A couple of ppl have written favorably about 3M, which I think is maybe around 100e per shirt, but I've never had them make anything for me.Anyway long story short, yes you can have it done cheaper in Naples. I don't know anything about Caleffi, so I can't compare, but i would be surprised if it's much better than what you would find in Naples.
In Naples you could get shirts with a muslin fitting and plenty of handwork for 200e or less. Not sure that's possible in Rome, but I don't know the market there that well.
I will be there this time. Will we have a @Leaves sighting?
Goddammit this post is such a good troll
Are there any good names for menswear blogs? I thought about doing a post about this once but decided it would be too catty. But my blog's name is terrible. Derek doesn't like his. A Suitable Wardrobe is a groaner. Permanent Style is unimaginative. Put This On sounds like a show on E!. Voxsartoria (Freudian autocorrect was "cox sartoria") is unbelievably pretentious, and therefore too on-the-nose. And these are the blogs that I like. Is it impossible to have a menswear...
New Posts  All Forums: