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I think that's just the angle of the photo and the fact that I'm raising that arm to hold the phone/camera. Gorge seems normal to me.
That's like...your opinion, man.
Link to thread where people recommend $300 dress shirts to someone just starting their working life? I don't read those kinds of threads that often, but I can't ever remember seeing something like that, unless it was in the context of "if you spend this much more, these are the things that get better"
Yes, it's Steed. I think I asked for a little more shoulder extension on this one. I like the silhouette of it. I also got it, I think at Vox's suggestion, without front darts. This avoids the hall of mirrors effect on a patterned fabric.As far as the rounded shoulder goes, I think it's at least a little bit risky if you maintain the swelled chest. You're at risk of having a Superman bust and a Mr. Burns frame. But I'm sure you could get a sense of it at the fitting and,...
FWIW I'm 33 and like high-rise trousers. Frank's trousers don't even look that high to me.
@dieworkwear Wearing my Agnelli GC today...quick and crappy iPhone photo in case it helps you decide whether to make it up or not:
FWIW re: skinny tie wide lapel debate...famous LIFE cover of Ambassador Biddle (described as one of the best dressed men of his time, especially in George Frazier's famous essay):
Sounds nice, thanks for the explanation.
What's the Coops 1 look like? Image link on LL is dead.
I think I've seen you wearing that flannel, it looks great. I hope it goes up for a remake some time.
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