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@NickPollica Suit looks great. Is that the Ciro model?
Go try them on and see which one you like best.
Should be very easy for an alterations tailor to move for a couple of bucks, no?
#actually I think that's "Experience"
How can I thumb a thumb comment?
Maybe a little bit more volume, if it's a completely unlined tie? But even so, not much. There's basically no advantage except knowing that your tie is harder to make and consumes more silk. And being able to unfurl the back to look at the folds on the inside, if you're into that.
AFAIK it's pretty much always been an acceptable New England thing in social rather than business situations.
It'll depend on exactly how long your sport coat is, of course. I usually wear a 52L SC and I have a 52R field jacket. The hem of the SC will peek out sometimes if I wear the FJ over it. Personally it doesn't really bother me, but I wear the FJ mostly over sweaters and whatnot anyway.
It's because the more open quarters on the Lorenzo make the jacket look shorter.
New Posts  All Forums: