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5 is actually an old Attolini. The fabric is cashmere, maybe 16 oz or so - the group shot and last pic are represent the color best. The other pic is too yellow. I got the jacket off eBay about 5 years ago now. I wish I could find more of this fabric, since I love it and this jacket may not have the much more life left in it. The blue tweed is Steed, as is the brown herringbone. The green donegal is Ciro Zizolfi. The midnight velvet is Napolisumisura.
OK, here goes. I took the assignment to be the five jackets and ten ties that I would keep if I had to give away all others. If you ask me a week from now my answer would probably be different and if you ask me a year from now it almost certainly will be. But this is how I felt today. So here's a pic of five jackets: From L to R: Blue tweed; Green donegal; Brown herringbone; Midnight velvet; Light brown cashmere The midnight velvet is probably the one that's most...
She was all like Yaaaaaaaaaassssssssper!!
It'll be one of mine for sure - I'll put up my post this weekend (there's one other Steed pic that I'll prolly use too).
Related: I have never actually done this.
Alternatively: get a bunch of friends who are rich and/or iGents and host black tie parties at your place.
Looks good, T. I especially like the tailoring on the first two coats.
I dunno about drops but there was talk of Inglese and Rota preorders...
Dudes, Sorry for being late with my post. It's coming eventually, I promise. But since I have pics using two of the same fabrics that Six has jackets in, thought I would just post those now for a possibly interesting contrast. I'll choose different jackets for later 5 so there's more variety. Apologies as always for my lack of selfie skillz.
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