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(I don't like all of these, but just to give you an idea of what I'm talking about): https://www.samhober.com/formal-wedding-stripe-silk-ties/ https://www.samhober.com/formal-wedding-silk-ties/
This is very standard advice for this thread so it may be kind of boring...but what about just having them wear black and white and/or silver "wedding ties"?
As to your other question, I do think it's nice not to have them all in the same suit. Are you thinking of having them wear different styles of suit in the same cloth, or different cloth as well? I would recommend letting them choose whatever they want with no more restriction than it be a grey suit. Let them wear a suit they already have if they want.
The fascinators thing kind of makes me want to shoot myself but whatever...as to the color scheme, I'd really encourage rethinking it. Even if somebody doesn't associate it with Nazi Germany, the reason Nazis choose those colors is that they're aggressive and dangerous. When those colors appear together in nature, they signal danger, like on black widows. Also black is more of an evening color, even for women (the "little black dress" is for cocktail parties and whatnot,...
Also...I don't know if there's time to rethink your colors, but some people have strong negative associations with that particular color scheme: [[SPOILER]]
Is there actually such a thing as a "fascinator" or is that a typo?
Faucet of life is a pretty good description of how I think of alcohol.
Thanks - although I did read this too fast originally and thought that "f" was a "t"
It's just a jacket:
Here's a TYT x NMWA tie in the wild...
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