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My favorite part is that the mannequin-neck that the shirt collar and wood tie block are displayed on is...also a block of wood. Not sure which is funnier, imagining a person with a neck made out of ties or imagining a person with a tie made out of neck.
I am teh confuse...you cannot do both of these things at once.
You hear the one about the doctor that did circumcisions for free?
I know, it's hard to believe...
I'll take one next time I'm at No Man HQ.
No Man has the DB.
How about we let everyone negotiate their own deals with whatever supreme being(s) they believe in?
I think I understand what you mean - but if it's something that happens only when you move your arms forward, it could be that extra material across your back (possibly using the back seam instead of the sides) could move forward to give you extra space around the armscye. Anyway, if there's a solution to be had, it will have to be a capable tailor that finds it. If he can figure out some way to do it through the back or side seams rather than messing with the armscye...
Without seeing it, and with the disclaimer that I am not a tailor, I'm guessing that this could be alleviated by letting out the side seams a little bit to give more space across the shoulder blades.
Not sure I fully understand the problem you're describing, but are you in New York? If so probably best to bring it by next time Dionisio (head tailor at Formosa) is in town and see what he says.
New Posts  All Forums: