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I like to have the peak fairly low, even though this preference is not shared by the two Neapolitan tailors I've used most often. Here's the No Man article I wrote on SBPL: I still like all the examples in that article, especially the ones in the body of the article. Anyway, I'm probably going to get another SBPL suit made in Naples in a couple of months - this time in army...
Brown is for farmosa?
I'm similar size to you but a couple inches shorter and I take an L in Inis Meain. I haven't tried on that particular piece though. ?
POW + stripe shirt + neat tie is a classic combo.
Dishes washed by hand are much better anyway. More traditional, more attention to detail, missed spots are just charm.
Beato te.
There are a lot of good ones in there. I think I may be biased by the awesomeness of this raglan sleeve coat
Jan 17, according to order page
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