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lulz...that's what I was afraid of. I will try to take a pic later for clarification.
Not sure if serious since you can't really see them in the pic...anyway, they are suede Belgians in a kind of purplish brown type color.
Thanks - the cloth is Caccioppoli, tailor is a relatively unknown guy in Naples...whom I will also discuss when I get to doing my article on the various tailors in Naples I know.
Wait until you see it in navy like Greg's though. It definitely works for business IMHO.
Dammit...I had convinced myself that I have way too many summer SCs to get another one, but the suit potential has me interested again...
Try this place: http://www.chittleboroughandmorgan.co.uk
You can just email Greg and kyle: customer@nomanwalksalone.com
You could do that MTO with Eidos or Formosa but I don't think the euro code would apply
Whelp your budget doesn't cover the things you urgently need, so I guess you are SOL.
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