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I think there is some dupioni in the Caccioppoli Night and Day book, but I don't know anything about it.
Back at it again with the Formosa SC!
I pre-ordered the linen/cotton blend Schneider pants and they are awesome. Might end up with the other ones as well before it's all said and done.
+1. Suggest sacrificing your pinky toe.
Just one data point, but I had a Barbanera pair a half-size too small and they loosened up pretty good.
I think you're now supposed to say "daaaaaamn daniel"
I only know "Blasi school" through @dieworkwear 's post and a couple other written sources - I have no first hand experience that I know of. But this jacket is less "round" overall than the typical Attolini-esque jacket. I wouldn't say that it's lean though. That may be a product of the camera angle and also the shoulders making the overall silhouette look more tapered. But actually it's looser around the waist than almost any other jacket I have from Naples. When I showed...
Correct. I did a big writeup of tailors in Naples, but it lies with @Synthese now
here's one:
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