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The tie makes it just untenable to me. At least in my current mood.
Or maybe it's the fluffer going in for the pen0r grab? (seriously wtf?)
Only one posted so far that's OK IMHO.
Addresses on emails I get from undergrads make me laugh sometimes....
Drake's merino scarves v underrated IMHO: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/accessories/scarves/brown-rust-and-navy-plaid-extra-fine-merino-scarf.html
It's designed that way on purpose. Luciano Barbera does the same thing on occasion too though.
I think worn over a jacket, it looks pretty good, but hard to tell that well from the pics. Worn without the jacket it looks too big IMHO. Maybe take in the waist and hips a bit if you decide to keep.
Holy shit, it's possible to have sunglasses for more than 3 months without losing them?
How much does somebody have to bid to get the "Alpha as Fok" title?
Shoulders look really great though.
New Posts  All Forums: