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Eh...let me offer a little more insight into what the Isaia stand was like...(more pics and thoughts on this to come) [[SPOILER]]
It took time and the social distance of the Internet to admit it
It's true, the week I spent in Italy before Pitti was really hard on that waistcoat :-/
@Leaves way in the back is like....idgaf
Yea lighting at Bemer was fashionably dim. Pitti is usually overly bright.
I've been called worse.
What are lemmings thinking when they take that last step into oblivion? An experience I had last night might have yielded some insight on this matter, although the answer, like all truths that reside only in the brain of another living thing, is fundamentally unknowable. After a long day at the fortezza, I went to a sort of roundtable discussion of top shoemakers organized by Simon Crompton of Permanent Style and hosted by Stefano Bemer (the company, which has survived...
I think yesterday he was wearing one of the patchwork jackets, but in a different colorway.
Hey doods...here's my Day 1 journal: http://www.styleforum.net/t/449472/pitti-uomo-87-lets-pitti
Nothing stays fresh forever. Even twinkies go bad in some distant future between nuclear holocaust and world peace. Pitti Uomo is now entering its mid-forties. Men of that age have comb-overs to feign perpetual youth. Pitti has "themes." The theme never has anything to do with the show itself. I doubt if many of the exhibitors could even tell you what this season's theme is. It's "Walkabout Pitti," a probably-unintentional appropriation of the ritual journey of Australian...
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