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Statistical or economic significance?
Not locked into just these. But it's not really feasible to photograph all the possible swatches and ppl vote on that many options. If there's something in particular you want to try and rally ppl around, feel free. And of course you can always do an individual MTO.
Wearing the stonewall out tonight. In New York for just a few months and already I've got a goddamn black turtleneck.
Thanks - I think my link was what came up for me as someone having already voted in the poll.
I like the suit. I guess I should since I have one in what might be the same exact fabric. I'm not even bothered much by the knit tie, and I think the color works for you, although I wouldn't wear it myself. I think it's a little too much when repeated in the pocket square, even as a secondary color. The teal is a nice touch though.
Are you saying you'll pay for sex?
Have you tried just having the tailor lengthen the jacket? There should be fabric for it and I don't think the pattern is any different in L otherwise.
Also don't forget to vote on the next sport coat GMTOs.Summer fabrics: http://www.styleforum.net/t/433187/formosa-x-nmwa-gmto-operation-giacca-estiva-pollWinter: http://www.styleforum.net/t/432964/nmwa-x-formosa-gmto-sport-coat-operation-giacca-oct-2014Here are the current leaders among the summer fabrics:Winter leaders:
Another thing I've noticed is that ties with large patterns look much wider. So I've started in MTM ties orders getting bolder patterned ties in 8cm and solid ties in 9cm.
Maybe if you made your own sandwiches she would allow you some more autonomy over your tie purchases?
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