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Last call on this, guys - just a few more hours to get your order in before we finalize and send to Naples.
I'd say 48. I usually wear a 52 in both Formosa and Eidos, and I have a 52 Monkton. It's a tad trim in the shoulders - I think I could have gone up to 54.
Well, this is unexpected....thanks for the votes, I will try to get the new challenge up later today
I like the weave and material of the LE knits also, but 1) the one I have is longer than I would like, and 2) I don't like the selection of colors they usually have. Usually just primary colors that I'm not interested in.
Just before you upload the pic, within the link for the pic, change the "200" to "500" and "400" to "1000"
this guy:http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/natural-color-wool-cotton-blend-long-sleeve-609-bear-pelt-henley.html
Merz bear pelt + SdC checked trousers
Guys, don't forget that orders for this Formosa navy hopsack jacket are closing soon, probably end of the day tomorrow: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/pre-order-deposit-single-breasted-sport-coat-blue-caccioppoli-hopsack-fabric-9-10-oz-wool.html I'll send out another reminder before we close orders for good. This is your chance to make sure you get your size in a fantastic staple piece.
Also at least one more Eidos item.
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