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Really? I was going to say shoulders look small. Looks like a muscular dude in a slim cut jacket IMHO.
#1 all the way IMHO.
GRP, Buttero, Esemplare
Come at me bro
Notice also that the Formosa gorge is lower than the Attolini gorge, which gives the jacket more balance to me. The Attolini silhouette is more hourglass, while the Formosa is more like the top of a Corinthian column, trapezoid with longer side on top over rectangle.
I don't mean to be uncharitable or unfriendly. Articulation of why somebody likes something a certain way can be interesting and valuable. But I don't think this is an obligation that anybody has, as I understood your original post in this discussion to suggest:
You mean your shoemaker didn't give you an accompanying polish set, also recovered from the Metta Catharina?
Developing your own taste is a simple thing to suggest, but a complex thing to pursue, because it is ever-changing, and at least at some level, ineffable. "It looks too long on you" doesn't mean "if that were how my coat looked on me, then it would be too long," it means, at least if I say it, "I think you would look better in a shorter coat." But I take as primitive the judgement of the eye. Some eyes are more trained than others - and here I mean "trained" in all senses....
Birdseye, by contrast, is a hardy fabric that holds up very well. Mr. Field likes it as well: http://www.styleforum.net/t/308386/an-interview-with-william-p-field-ii-of-field-english-custom-tailors
Also, although I love flannel dearly, it's not the most durable fabric. It's recommended to let it rest two days between wears. So if your suit rotation is somewhat limited, it may not be the best choice.
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