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^classic posts, always worth a link.
That may well be true, I don't know what fabric he uses.
This is not true. It's made by Zegna which is very different from being rebranded Zegna. Even a cursory look at both makes it obvious that they are not the same.
The code is always in gdl's signature. Right now it's SF10APR.
FWIW I am slightly smaller than Greg and took an XL on the hooded linen jacket and am very happy with it, but on the shirts I thought I would need an XXL as well.
In honor of the sale...a pic I took at the cherry blossoms a couple of days ago:
I did a post recently on the subject of superhero costumes that might interest you...sorry for the , putting it in spoiler. I will respond to the rest of your excellent post soon. [[SPOILER]]
I think it could go either way, but today you're more likely to see a jacket like that as a sportcoat. Pants recommendations for fall/winter jackets will get boring from me, because the answer is pretty much always the same - mid or light-grey flannel. You can wear some dressy chinos too though.
Congratulations on your success, which I'm sure is well-deserved, but in general self-employment pays less than paid employment:http://www.jstor.org/stable/10.1086/262131So it's a little more complicated than Step 1: Become Self-Employed Step 2: ??? Step 3: $$$$$$$$
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