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For some odd reason I like linen jackets with peak lapels, even if odd jackets and SB. Can't tell you why. Also, velvet jackets should be peak if not shawl.
You just want more options similar to Valstar or is there a specific reason you don't want to just get a Valstar?
I quite like single breasted peak lapeled suits. I have one similar to what you describe in fresco and enjoy it:Also Anthony Eden approves:I don't like hacking pockets though. And definitely not with ticket pockets.
What makes you think boots can't be formal?
Interesting to see it worn tucked...you always wear it like that or just this time to show off dat belt?
Raincoat is odd as a DB? That's....definitely not right. DB raincoat is iconic.
Hmm, possible, good catch. Still, doesn't seem like Holmes is the type to wear that sort of thing.
I agree w Ed on that coat. Overcoats should be DBs, the color isn't great for you, and the flapped patches look weird in this design. Also don't think the shoulders are flattering on you.
@dieworkwear The wheat-colored overcoat seems like an odd choice to me. Lighter colors on overcoats are precarious as it's a garment that attracts dirt. If you're going to have one, why not just have a camel hair polo? The wheat seems like a coat for someone who already has so many goddamn clothes that anything practical would just duplicate something he already has, but he wants to order something new anyway (I realize that this describes me and possibly many of you as...
I realize it's worn by a little girl, but I like this overcoat from the movie Hugo:
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