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Only his cutter travels. Just Dionisio, no Gennaro.
BD is from Vincenzo Prisco in Naples...product is nice but he's too inconsistent in delivery for me to recommend anyone go to him.
I might have time to do a quick comparison tomorrow.
Tamis Keefe vintage, enabled by @dieworkwear 's post from a couple months back.
Yep, will write up soon.
Just get a tailor to put in darts. It's a simple and cheap alteration.
Looks nice with charcoal flannel pants
My Formosa (same cloth as the GMTO):
I would put the Marlow in the same category as most Alden shoes. It appeals to the part of the MC crowd that leans a bit Ivy and the part of the SWD crowd that likes the more modern J Crew-esque collegiate hipster look.
I can't really explain why...maybe it has something to do with birdseye being a business suiting fabric, and tan being a rare color for suits. I have seen some wool and cotton gab tan suits that I've liked, but birdseye is somehow a bridge too far. I'm sure it could end up looking very nice to someone not as picky and overly analytical about this stuff, but to me it seems like an odd fabric.
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