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As I said, I continue to enjoy the suit you made for me. I have noted in previous posts that it is different from other things that I own. I wrote in my original article here that the suit you were wearing had a distinctive silhouette.Your mistake is to think that this article is about you. It is not. It is about the Young Tailors Symposium, and how it compares to last year's symposium of older tailors.
Maybe pictures from last year would help to show exactly how widely those coats varied. These pictures are all from Simon's blog. Here's Sexton and Panico: Again, I concede that the jackets in this year's symposium are not identical. Even that they have identifying characteristics so that an attentive observer, or even me, could spend a couple of minutes with each jacket, then look at a new round of jackets by the same makers, and be able to guess who made each one...
Hi Gianfrancesco,I didn't mean to say that the coats are all alike, but instead that they are more similar than previous generations of tailors, specifically the older tailors represented in Simon's previous tailors symposium. I tried to make that comparison clear in my article, but perhaps I didn't make it clear enough. I'm sure there are many differences in the techniques used by these younger tailors. I, and I'm sure many other readers of this thread, would be happy to...
The person who measures you is pretty much never the person who does handwork. Many of the cutters in London barely know how to sew.
Wore my linen tux out last night for dinner on the waterfront in DC and it felt great (Kennedy Center in the background). [[SPOILER]]
Is there a long shirt this season?
I tried on the beige Thinner jacket at No Man HQ today and really dug it.
Budapest! I was just there. Beautiful city. Congratulations on your matrimonial bliss, you look great.
Actually the only other time I've been told I look like that guy was in Naples. First time I had ever heard of him.
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