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I think this qualifies?
The Camoshita dress shirts are less spread than the Ingleses. I know it still says "spread collar" in the description, but it's not nearly as much.
Inglese popovers work in both situations IMHO.There are a ton of shirts designed to be worn without jackets, untucked:http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/clothing/shirts.htmlBig John, Schneider, Camoshita, EOTOTO, ts(s)...a few have a BD collar, but not all.
Sans tie but with jacket? Or just on its own?
I actually really liked that tie. Looked nice with the rest of the stuff you had on.
When you get a massive delivery in a week you'll remember that it was you who bought them all.
Here are a coupleThis is the charcoal one obv.
Will definitely get you through a winter in Baltimore. Minnesota, you might want something heavier for the absolute beaten-horse dead of winter.
Yep, it's the herringbone. The picture maybe exaggerates the length a bit, since I've got the camera at my shoulder and am close to the mirror. It's a little shorter than knee length on me:
IIRC the navy Camoshita is in that range, the other Camoshita and the Eidos a little above.
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