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The grand finale of my interview with Luca Rubinacci. Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. David Isle: Even with all these collaborations, you want to remain an independent company and continue to do bespoke? Luca Rubinacci: Of course, always. Because we have tailors. The story of tailors disappearing is bullshit. If you pay, you will find guys. The thing is you have to pay, and you have to bet. Because they don't know how to sew, and there is no school. So you have to pay...
Not nice to make fun of Luca's shiny bald dome.
Yes, I am an economics professor. So yes, it's possible that I would know something about this. But this isn't the place to discuss the issue.I made my joak and you had your response, so let's just leave it at that. Discussion of the social value of the finance industry or the legitimacy of Kazak money belongs in CE, but I believe (perhaps naively) that a discussion of whether a tailor or anyone else has a moral obligation to screen clients, or if there are some clients...
I think the price for ordering in Kazakstan might be higher, but I'm not sure. Before everyone gets upset, price discriminating according to location is not at all uncommon for tailors.
It's really a shame that tailors don't demand that their clients be in honest, fair, productive industries like finance, and live in countries like America where poverty has been eradicated.
Have you considered doing a Bosch painting?
For some odd reason I like linen jackets with peak lapels, even if odd jackets and SB. Can't tell you why. Also, velvet jackets should be peak if not shawl.
You just want more options similar to Valstar or is there a specific reason you don't want to just get a Valstar?
I quite like single breasted peak lapeled suits. I have one similar to what you describe in fresco and enjoy it:Also Anthony Eden approves:I don't like hacking pockets though. And definitely not with ticket pockets.
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