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Greg discussed this a few pages back; the sold out sizes remain so that it's easy to request a back-in-stock notification.
But the bad website can be fixed. I'm reminded of an exchange (perhaps apocryphal) between Churchill and Lady Astor...http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/my-dear-you-are-ugly-but-tomorrow-i-shall-be-sober-and-you-will-still-be-ugly-winston-churchill-tops-poll-of-historys-funniest-insults-8878622.html
My length of the inky blue GMTO on the Formosa cutting table:
You're in SoCal, right? I know places in both LA and SD that should be up to the job. Send me a PM.
For me personally, it wouldn't bother me in the slightest to have the buttons just sewn on. If it's good enough for the DoW, it's good enough for me. Most of my jackets have working buttonholes bc they're bespoke and they just come standard, but if it cost extra, I don't think I would do it.
If you're very confident in where the sleeves need to be hemmed to, I think you can get Formosa to do your holes for you (hush) on your next MTO.
If you want them done by hand in NYC, it's hard to find and crazy expensive iirc
In b4 pen0r joak
Really, in the US? You can actually write into a contract what prices are allowed, and courts will enforce that contract?
@Leaves My understanding is that in the US explicit "price maintenance" is considered price fixing and therefore illegal. However, producers often list a "suggested retail price" with the implicit understanding that deviations from the SRP will be punished, possibly even by closing the account. The SRP can serve other purposes too, but this is one of them.
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