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^Great museum, even though at least half the time I mistakenly call it the Ava Gardner museum (I'm from North Carolina, where Ava is the more famous Gardner)
You know what they say about a guy with a big zipper....
^one of my absolute favorite jacket cloths.
Double zipper on the trouser fly is an interesting concept.
North Carolina. North Carolina. I am from North Carolina. I can't stress this strongly enough.
This is a good idea, and I plan to implement it, but in order to keep myself honest I am going to wait until I've sold stuff to buy new stuff.
I don't own it, sadly. I have imposed an absolute and total embargo on outerwear for my wardrobe. After moving out of my apartment yesterday, my commitment not to augment my already cumbersome quantity of clothing has only strengthened.
Oh and I also have a pair of those Lescas.
That DDugoff corduroy is one of my favorite things in the store from this season
For my taste those PC peaks are too high.
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