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Looks like he was able to account for your low right side nicely, doesn't look like it's collapsing on the right chest at all. Was it that good with the lighter weight fabrics?
^that is a great DB shawl
Struggle Tux.
For a normal suit yes, but the kind of aqua-marine that comes across on my monitor would be a bit too light for a tuxedo with black silk facings and all.
Not quite yet, but that's why there are fittings...
That doesn't mean the rest of it isn't adventurous too I think it'll turn out nicely...the fabric is significantly darker than it seems in the photos. I'll probably mostly wear it to dinner parties at home in NC, and occasionally to cocktails or whatever in DC. Probably usually without a tie.
A few recent fittings...A somewhat adventurous shawl DB DJ...we're going to change the shape of the lapels to put some more belly in...also lengthening the jacket a bit, cleaning up the wrinkles, etc. [[SPOILER]] Some casual moleskin trousers, just a little work to do on these: [[SPOILER]] Dark blue linen peak lapel tuxedo, a little work to do including lengthening the front: [[SPOILER]]
The shape and height of the gorge reminds me of @RDiaz 's coats. Also the chest and shoulders seem sturdier than most Italian coats, even outside Naples.
Ah, that makes more sense. I didn't know he had tried out anyone in Spain.
That's a kind of weird and interesting suit that Fabio A is wearing. Anyone know any details on it? I'm guessing it's from somebody near Milan?
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