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Document indigo-dyed raincoat that just went up looks pretty sweet
I'm not gdl, but my guess on this would be no.Here's a pic of mine to give you an idea.
I'd say XL. I'm usually 52 occasionally 50, even more occasionally 54, and I take an L in these.
Orders open to everyone.
Hawthorne and Straw look good IMHO
Yea but other colors available through the MTO link Greg posted
Y'all should get on those tunics. My favorite summer knitwear.
My mom, obv
That is the second best mom fit ever in this thread
Only potential issue with letting out the waist is that you might see where the earlier stitches were. This depends mostly on the fabric, not the tailor. For instance, velvet will usually show alterations. But with this one it should be fine. And if it's not, it's an easily reversible alteration.
New Posts  All Forums: