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Valstar with Lunettes shades
Maybe call or email yoox? Just a thought.
Well I voted for noodles for reasons previously explained. But my followers have abandoned me. Sigh.
Obviously such men still exist, I just haven't heard them called metrosexual in a long time. Also I don't remember anyone calling themselves metrosexual. It was like "hipster" now, which noone self-applies.
No I remember it was still a thing when I was in college, and I graduated 2003. But it didn't mean wearing pinky rings, it meant you might like art, read a book now again, and refrain from crushing beer cans on your forehead.
I thought the whole metrosexual thing was over in like 2006?
What's the name for the pathology where you buy a bunch of stuff and never return any of it? That's what I have.
That looks really great, congratulations.
I did, but didn't take pictures, and the Ls are all packed up now.
I did cuff the sleeves a bit on the XL Inis (as you can see in the pics if you look close), so you'll probably have to roll the cuff all the way over.You can turn the collar up but it doesn't stay up quite as easily as the GRP. I took a 6 in the SS Merino coat but in the sweaters I've usually felt better in a 5.
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