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Wore my NsM shawl DB last night for NYE festivities. This jacket is tough to photograph well, but hopefully you get the idea. Happy New Year all!
Thanks for sharing these pics, you guys look great.
Glad to hear this. I welcome suggestions on what to cover with the blog year-round but since we are in selection mode for product as well, maybe now is a particularly good time. Any designers in particular you guys want to hear more on or from? Any production processes you guys want to know more about? Topics for instructional articles you'd like to see covered? Any particular articles that you liked or disliked?
Maybe they have a little bit of a house slipper feel, which helps them work as an evening shoe. But at the same time they've got a heel and laces, so I don't think anyone would actually confuse them for a slipper.
GMTO idea: black suede wholecuts. Unusual shoe that's difficult to find RTW but I find it extremely useful. Elegant option for evening wear when you want to be more casual and you can wear with navy SC and flannels too.
Great Christmas combo! @gdl203
Pretty sure this is correct.
There's always MTO...
^Great museum, even though at least half the time I mistakenly call it the Ava Gardner museum (I'm from North Carolina, where Ava is the more famous Gardner)
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