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That last gun check we haven't done yet. There was a bunch of interest in the initial poll, but then when the fabric became available a couple of weeks ago, there wasn't as much excitement about it. The only ones from the initial photos that we've done are the inky blue and the brown and blue PoW. There will be at least a couple of SCs for the rack in each, but probably not many.
We're doing 30m each run...not sure if that's a general rule for anyone.
Of the off-white stuff, personally I like this Airy hopsack a lot.
I think we called it "oatmeal"..it's definitely not as white as ivory. Browner than cream.
It's a color that they don't offer as a part of their regularly stocked line. As far as I know, it's the same quality as the 370g weight flannels in their shop. Maybe a bit heavier since they list those as 13/14 oz?
Get yerself a length and send it to Ed . Or have Formosa make it up for you if you like the pents that come with your suit.
Dudes...we are considering a re-run of the Fox flannel we did last year...here's a pic of trousers made up in this cloth from Herrie clothing in Nashville: http://herrieclothing.tumblr.com/post/110940433023/bespoke-trousers-in-the-no-man-walks-alone-fox If you're interested, let me know by PM or email (david at nomanwalksalone dot com)
I've had a couple of people contact me recently (perhaps due to these emerging photos) asking about a rerun. If we can get enough interest, we are of course happy to do it. If you'd like to add your name to the list, either PM me here or email me at david at nomanwalksalone dot com.
What's with all the pointy chukkas floating around SF these days?
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