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It's not, really. Trying to stay very still so as not to overheat.
Ts(s) and Inis meain
I would stick with the 48 then. If anything, I think Formosa runs a little big, so if you're usually a 48, there's no reason to go to a 50 on Formosa. And your picture doesn't show any of the typical signs of a jacket being too tight - lapels bowing, x-shaped creases around the button, quarters splayed open, etc...
Hard to tell based on one pic from a weird angle, but it looks good to me - you've got some drape in the chest and the shoulders seem to fit well. Does it feel comfortable or does it feel tight?
On #2, yes, that's what Greg meant. You can order different jacket and trouser sizes. I'll let Greg follow up on #1 though.I might need to get a seersucker suit...
Colors on the pic must be off...it's definitely a white square, and the jacket is light blue, not light gray. It's 36676:http://www.harrisonsofedinburgh.com/collections/harrisons-of-edinburgh/moonbeamAnd yes, I didn't mean to say that white linen is the only acceptable choice, could have worn plenty of other things too.
Ive also recently gotten into hanks that have just the faintest hint of color. Vanda has some really nice ones.
I think white hank = formal is just an Internet thing. I still see older well dressed dudes wearing a white PS with just about anything. It's like a club tie, it goes even when it looks bad. I wore one today w an odd jacket:
Origins of people associating white linen only with formal outfits?
The exclusivity of white linen to more formal outfits is greatly exaggerated
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