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Luke's lobster tho....
Can confirm this on the Macs. I took my typical size on the one I have and it's fine as a spring/summer raincoat, but I think one size up might have been better.
And that they had to spend a week going back and forth over formatting with some useless university office.
As someone who has had the misfortune of reading several and actually writing one, why anyone would want to appropriate the term "dissertation" is beyond me.
Why care about versatility when you have 20+ ties already, much less 20+ brown ones?
What do you mean by a structured shoulder?
Honestly, if your main goal is just to look presentable for rich clients, then just stick to JAB or maybe Brooks Brothers if you want to upgrade a little bit. Get it tailored and you will look fine. To your questions: 1. Pleated, yes. 2. Cuffed or not, doesn't really matter. Some people say cuffs always with pleats, but no one is going to really care. 3. Don't know what you mean by checkered stripe. If you mean a glen check, it's a little risky for the conservative...
That's an interesting shirt...do you have a picture that captures the pattern any better?
Potentially useful post for sizing GRP
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