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Sounds like more of a German thing.
I don't think this is true. That may be the original source for the Internet talk but I am pretty sure I remember Gennaro saying something about it the first time I met with him. And I doubt he has ever read LL or SF.
Fwiw I think all those pics of me are terrible but I stand by everything I wrote in that post
What about five against one? #funfgegeneins
Here's the thing...that cloth is going to look a little dandyish and costumey. Your counterpoint when wearing this suit is not that is doesn't look THAT dandyish or costumey. Your counterpoint is that it's fucking awesome and you don't give a fuck what movie character you're dressed as. And for that to work, it should be fucking awesome. I.e., it should have peak lapels. That's just my view though.
My view is, yes, peak makes it more dandified and retro. But already that cloth is dandy and retro enough that the notch is not going to make it just a normal looking suit. And the peak looks fantastic imho.
How to fashunz: How does fashion relate to what you do? JADEN: Willow just dropped a song (“Cares”), let me quote the lyrics: “I do not care what people say.” We both don’t really care. I like to wear things that I make, but I throw it on as though I was throwing on anything. It looks cool, sometimes. WILLOW: I like to go to places with my high-fashion things where there are a lot of cameras. So I can just go there and be like, “Yep, yep, I’m looking so sick.” But in my...
Yes to all that, although there was some disagreement over width and color. Also notch vs peak.
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