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Based on that picture, it looks like you could benefit from a higher shirt collar. But I don't know if that effect comes from the jacket somehow.
Not bad - just swapped the Panico and the A&S.
As far as I know, the organizers didn't give the tailors any direction. My guess is that they just told each tailor to make something they thought represented their house well.
A few more random pics: Isaia: The booth was Warhol-themed. Warhol had a fascination with Naples that I didn't know about. "Coral-Lino" - raw coral is quite textured, an effect which this linen tries to capture. I particularly liked the neutral colors. Reminded me of Armani back when it was good. Drakes: Luciano Barbera:
I don't get it
As I have written before, Pitti is a trade show, where people do actually conduct the business of buying and selling clothing. But there are lots of menswear trade shows, and Pitti gets the peacock's share of the attention, without a corresponding share of the orders. The main reason is that Pitti is the first trade show in a very long buying season for the US and Europe. It is the first time buyers can see a brand's new collection, and they usually can make their order...
That's what I was thinking too but I camped out there for a while and didn't see anything.
Can't see it that well here, but check out Sexton's own jacket from that night:Photo from this post on the invaluable Permanent Style blog.
You guys are very close but have just two jackets swapped. Think of the most famous jackets made by each tailor you should get to the right answers.
No one wants to play name-that-tailor?
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