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That is the second best mom fit ever in this thread
Only potential issue with letting out the waist is that you might see where the earlier stitches were. This depends mostly on the fabric, not the tailor. For instance, velvet will usually show alterations. But with this one it should be fine. And if it's not, it's an easily reversible alteration.
Some ideas from one of our blog posts a while back:http://nomanwalksalone.tumblr.com/post/84232352536/derby-day-by-alan-cornett-shine-those-julep-cups
It's ok those models are usually BS anywayz
Looks like there may be a feeding frenzy over that Eidos DJ...
If there were a run done of that Fox light grayish-brown herringbone, I would get a length for a future bespoke order. Greg, you know the one I mean? It's on a separate card.
They are only available to Founders Cir- ***attacked by wolves***
Thanks for keeping all those juicy FC benefits on the down-low, Kyle
Maybe there's some fabric left for an MTO. It's not really that much more expensive.
That one came out really nice. If I didn't already have the inky hemp I would get it.
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