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Actually decided to keep most of them.
Offer is expired now, I barely got in under the wire. Both for the offer and spend deadline.BTW if anyone is trying to figure out a way to get up to a spend requirement on a credit card, I have one quick way to make some progress. PM me for details.
I just got through a 150k point intro offer for Amex Plat. That was a little harder to do
I like that they're less crowded and usually have free snacks and free wifi (although some airports have that anyway). There's huge variance in how useful they are though. Some are barely better than the gate seating, others are oases in the desert.
Yea, since you get TSAPre automatically with Global Entry, I don't know why you wouldn't just get GE. I guess if you didn't want the USG tracking your international travel so closely.
Amex Platinum lounge access got a little less juicy last year when United lounges pulled out of Priority Pass, which is the lounge access program Amex has. But it's starting to get better again as Amex builds their own lounges. Right now I think they're only in 5 airports and I haven't used any of them, but they're supposed to be nice. Citi has Priority Pass as well, but also gives you access to American Airlines lounges.Amex Platinum also gives you a $200 credit towards...
Global Entry/TSAPre is the tits. Also, a lot of premium credit cards - Amex Platinum and Citi Prestige, for instance - will get you into a bunch of airline lounges for free, which is a pretty good benefit to have. At least Amex Platinum, and maybe Citi Prestige too, also pay for your Global Entry application fee.
The Rome airport is particularly terrible in this regard, and in a couple of others. I will go out of my way not to have to fly out of that airport.
Thanks dudes. I don't think I mentioned it in the article, but the lining up thing is even worse in Europe, in my experience. Especially because 1) there's usually no boarding groups, so it's just one massive line 2) Going from gate to bus to plane is way more common in Europe, so front of the line is no guarantee of getting on the plane early 3) At least in Italy, "line" is only a very loose description of the line-like human amoeba that forms in front of the gate.
Here's mine #teamgreen
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