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Re: the line vs dots as well as dark thread, here's from a recent Attolini window: This one is a little too much for my personal taste
I've seen plenty of dark stitching on light-colored jackets. I don't mind it. The reverse is an abomination, obviously.
Just to illustrate what I mean, check out the unevenness right above the buttons here:And on the collar right above the notch here:People have different ideas about where the line between charming and sloppy lies, but to me those stitches wander onto the wrong side of the tracks. At least, that level of stitching is not very hard to do - I could do stitching about that clean.
I agree. I would say that pick-stitching on UC's jacket (which looks great in many other respects, not trying to hate) is a little sloppy. The stitches are pretty uneven.
Dudes - Ezra of Ezra Paul (@EzraPaul) has generously offered to host a DC meetup at his shop on July 14th. Address is 1608 17th Street NW. Ezra will provide some snacks and basics and I'll bring some spirit (both the kind that's always inside me and the kind that I will be putting inside me), but please also don't be shy about bringing any other liquid contributions. Hope to see many of you there. Please pass along the invite to as many people as...
Karl Lagerfeld’s exhibit of photographs in Florence reveals all the potential and all the limitations of the fashion photograph as art form. The best photographs carry tremendous but amorphous pathos, spreading roots around the vague hints at meaning provided by image and setting. The worst are too literal, demanding a specific story and trying to squeeze beauty from it - these become mediocre ads, and terrible art. You may know Karl Lagerfeld only by his imperious Goth...
I hope G won't mind me posting a photo I took of one on a mannequin in Naples. Dionisio really likes this fabric too.
In Naples it's traditional to have different buttons on the jackets and the pants, since it's "sartoriale" to have the pants and jacket made in different places rather than in one factory, and therefore the different trim shows that it's bespoke (at least this is what Dionisio from Formosa explained to me).
Looks like he was able to account for your low right side nicely, doesn't look like it's collapsing on the right chest at all. Was it that good with the lighter weight fabrics?
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