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Same as the one you saw last weekend I think, just diff colors.
Nice choices. I got that same zip and a linen stitch in 34.
A little inspiration for my fellow members of team green...my raincoat+scarf:
Usually that would be considered too informal a shoe for a wedding. Also blue shoes are themselves a little loud for a wedding, even if these are pretty dark.
FWIW I have a light reversible raincoat in that shade of green and find it quite versatile.
I haven't performed scientific tests or anything, so this is just guessing based on my own personal memory and experience: For me color doesn't matter much. Open weave of the fabric matters the most. Then weight and amount of canvas/horsehair etc. Then fit. Then lining.
How much time have you spent in hot weather in suits? There is no suit that is going to make you not feel hot. A couple of ounces difference in the fabric weight is not going to matter much. What will help more, at least in my experience, is the construction of the jacket and the fit (get a looser fit, this will allow you to get more ventilation. If you're expecting a summer weight suit to keep you from feeling the heat on a hot day then you're going to be disappointed.
Be ready with a quick trigger on your mouse if you plan to buy the charcoal from NMWA stock...sounds like they won't have many.
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