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I have a couple of friends who have gotten a suit from him and been very happy with it, but I have no pictures.
Kyle - how would you compare that slate color to the blue on the Crystal trousers from this season? Is slate much darker? Great pants.
Adjacent sweater is dope
Possibly but you have to wait for them to release their fall/winter swatches and pricing, which will probably not be for 2-3 months. I don't remember them offering fabrics that heavy before but I could be wrong.
^trainwreck IMHO
What is this mess about block stripes not being good with sport coats? They're maybe the best sport coat ties that aren't knits.
Yes...will be a part of upcoming roundup of tailors I've tried in Naples that will be in the StyFo Brief...just keeps getting pushed back in the schedule. I can try to answer any specific questions you have about Caliendo though.
I have such trousers from Musella Dembech in Milan, and Elia Caliendo and Raffaele Iorio in Naples, and I am happy with all of them.
You're looking for a custom tailor? If so, where?
I would call those patterns, not textures. I would say subtle glen check looks more like a suit than herringbone. Herringbone odd trousers are not at all uncommon.
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