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I think "fantasia" refers to almost any pattern. Like big paisleys that we wouldn't call "neat".
Every Valentine's Day my best friend and I dress up like '80s rock stars and do a set of rock ballads, usually set to musak-style backing tracks. We call our duo MegaCupid. For this year's show I wore that jacket:
Actually I have no idea how to say "four in hand" knot in Italian. I mean, you could try "quattro in mano" but I dunno if that's right. Maybe @marcodalondra can help?
Sounds cool - don't want to derail the thread too much, but PM me if you want to discuss further.
This is surprising to you? One of the most famous professors in the behavioral economics field wears nothing but tie-dye t-shirts and shorts.
I'm 6'2" also and never had any issue with IM lengths
Happy Saturday, everyone. First post ITT I think...sorry for poor pic quality, my selfie game is weak.
Never dress like Donald Trump. Also, never work for Donald Trump.
wow harsh truth really makes you think. you brave man.
My favorites would probably be 1) casually with just a white linen shirt 2) with a beige SC like the Eidos one from this season 3) "summer gun club"-type jackets like the one Alan See has that everyone always posts.
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