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The Drakes ones are nice:http://www.drakes.com/online-shop/knitwear?color_filter=208&composition_filter=277&limit=allThere are only a couple in there I don't like. But there are probably cheaper ones out there that are good too. Maybe @gdl203 has some ideas
Well, the nice thing about black is that you can wear it with either a charcoal or a navy suit. Some dudes are reluctant to venture into brown and tan. And tan shows dirt more easily. Not saying that black is necessarily the best choice, just that there are reasons to get it, especially if you're only going to have one coat, and it's by no means been frowned upon historically.Too bad. Beard + rugged fair isle sweater = MONSTER WIN.
^Now that's a great Fair Isle sweater.
I report, you decide.
Looks like a cable knit snuggie.
Looking forward to meeting the new pB.
I'm not that into that one...Fair Isle should be all over and in many earthy colors:
Meh, I wouldn't say a black topcoat is "horrible". I would bet Savile Row makes many of them a year. Ratio of black topcoats to navy topcoats is much higher than ratio of, say, black suits to navy suits.
We will pour one out for you, Stitchy. We certainly will have plenty to pour. Hope you guys like drinking.
^Bringing those books so that anyone interested can have a look in person at the Formosa GMTO sport coat projects before the ordering window closes:http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/pre-order-deposit-single-breasted-sport-coat-harrisons-moonbeam-brown-fabric-with-navy-check-wool-angora.html [[SPOILER]] http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/pre-order-deposit-single-breasted-sport-coat-delfino-1936-inky-blue-hemp-wool-fabric-9-oz.html [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: