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Lulz. I think I may have 15 pieces of knitwear in the beige/oatmeal/camel area.
Those Vass are maybe a touch big - I think I could have taken a 44 instead. But yea I would guess you're a 41 or 41.5 in Vass.
I think that's right regarding you being a 39.5. 42.5 is the right size for me - I tried on a 43 as well, which is the size I take in the Buttero sneakers (and they are plenty snug), but ended up deciding to take a 42.5. 42 would be tight. Just to show you how big they run, I wear a 44.5 in Vass.
I have those boots...just wore them last night in fact. They fit quite big. I wear 10.5 in AS and Carmina, and a 42.5 in those boots.
Thanks...it's too long ago for me to remember what else I was wearing, but I'm guessing it was something like gray flannels and cordovan wingtips.
I don't want to claim to speak for history, but I consider any dotted, or really any neat unless the scale is really large, a business tie. The shantung dots is more casual, but it's still a tie for suits, especially in that stark color way. Wear that with a linen suit or a PoW fresco or something. I have knit ties with dots that aren't white that I wear with odd jackets (such as in the example below), but that's the only circumstance I can think of. I also don't...
OK, I will bite; I hope it's ok for members other than those nominated to post commentary - if not I am happy to delete this post.Gerry's fit above is interesting in that it is characteristic of a look that seems popular both on Tumblr and WAYWRN, but which the "old guard" would, I think, regard with disdain. Those of you who were around for Vox's "coherent combinations" treatise can probably guess the reason why. To the eye of someone accustomed to seeing in this...
Speaking of Molloy, cool video that PTO did on them: http://putthison.com/post/13112578469/donegal-tweed-at-molloy-sons-i-just-got-back They did the tweed for the Eidos herringbone Ulster coat as well.
Suggest doing a camel hair version too if possible.
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