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Was hoping somebody would get this started
omgz you got your tunic already? From the order of like 6 wks ago? Or was this from last year?
Houndstooth SC is dope. If I didn't already have another in a similar colorway, I would get that one.
After much debate I was able to get it down to two...but I also already have 4 Formosas...
Pretty strong Beetle Juice vibe in that last pic
It's not, really. Trying to stay very still so as not to overheat.
Ts(s) and Inis meain
I would stick with the 48 then. If anything, I think Formosa runs a little big, so if you're usually a 48, there's no reason to go to a 50 on Formosa. And your picture doesn't show any of the typical signs of a jacket being too tight - lapels bowing, x-shaped creases around the button, quarters splayed open, etc...
Hard to tell based on one pic from a weird angle, but it looks good to me - you've got some drape in the chest and the shoulders seem to fit well. Does it feel comfortable or does it feel tight?
On #2, yes, that's what Greg meant. You can order different jacket and trouser sizes. I'll let Greg follow up on #1 though.I might need to get a seersucker suit...
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