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Re: vacationing in countries whose govts don't get along with the US, one of the best vacations I've ever had was in Cuba, about ten years ago. Some minor inconveniences, but the people, music and cigars were amazing. The mix of pre-revolution remains and nostalgia with current institutions is also extremely interesting. Unbelievable it's just a few dozen miles from Miami.
2 months from when we send in the order....right now we have 4 orders in on this one IIRC, but we would definitely like to have more than that to send it in.
I think it's uncontroversial that tailors/tailoring houses differ in the range of things they are willing to do for the client, or at the very least the amount of time and energy they will spend trying to talk the client out of something. Both Rubinacci and other Neapolitan tailors agree that Rubinacci is at the more permissive end of this scale relative to other Neapolitan tailors. It's possible that the Neapolitan tailors claiming this are trying to sound "great and...
Synth wearing the M cardi
I think Manton would consider the idea that I actually wear CBD blasphemy...but anyway, it's not ideal to wear that way, I wouldn't say. Both because it's pretty big and because it sheds some, so if you've got a navy or charcoal twill coat you're probably going to look like you've carried a cat to work.
I don't have direct experience with Gennaro or Rubinacci, although I have met Luca and Mariano and they were both very nice. So this post is not meant to make any claims about Rubinacci, but rather explain a bit more the attitude of Neapolitan tailors towards them, as I have talked to many Neapolitan tailors, and sometimes Rubinacci comes up. I certainly wouldn't deny that there is at least an element of jealousy over Rubinacci's success in their grumbling. But Rubinacci,...
Same swatches a few minutes later: The hemp mix has a very soft feel, like linen that has been washed a bunch of times and is well broken in.
Ok, here is some wrinkle testing I did on the swatches. For all of these, I just grabbed a handful and gave it a little squeeze.Linen, very wrinkly:Wool/hemp, sorta wrinkly:Fresco, no wrinkly:
I hope it's ok for affiliates to post ongoing GMTOs in this thread. If not, just lmk and I am happy to remove. I'm collecting orders for two GMTOs of Formosa sport coats through No Man Walks Alone:Moonbeam: [[SPOILER]] Hemp/Wool Mix: [[SPOILER]] We need a few more orders on each to make them happen. I am in on both. PM me if you're interested in joining.
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