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Alternatively: get a bunch of friends who are rich and/or iGents and host black tie parties at your place.
Looks good, T. I especially like the tailoring on the first two coats.
I dunno about drops but there was talk of Inglese and Rota preorders...
Dudes, Sorry for being late with my post. It's coming eventually, I promise. But since I have pics using two of the same fabrics that Six has jackets in, thought I would just post those now for a possibly interesting contrast. I'll choose different jackets for later 5 so there's more variety. Apologies as always for my lack of selfie skillz.
Manton was the original wholecut-hater AFAIK
No and no
This is what you want IMHOhttp://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/accessories/pocket-squares/white-irish-linen-pocket-square-fringed-edges.html
I got an email from the newsletter just today. Maybe check your spam? Might be a gradual rollout of the emails, so maybe you'll get one in the next couple of hours.
Are you signed up for the newsletter?
I think 38L is model size, so it would be surprising if they couldn't do it.
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