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Also every post MUST be signed with some variation of "Cheers" "Best" or "Regards".Hind regards,David
Since this is the academic thread, I think every post should first go to @Academic2, who will then randomly choose three thread participants, who will (with or without reading the post, it doesn't matter) then demand that changes from the original writer, who will then resubmit his revised post to @Academic2, continuing this process until 1) everyone is satisfied 2) the author is dead, or 3) the author decides to put his post in another thread.
Anybody who says this went to Princeton.
You can sometimes find off-white tuxedo shirts in silk. Here's a (very pricey) one from Emma Willis: http://www.emmawillis.com/collection/ready-to-wear/shirts/silk-shirts/ivory-silk-shirt/products_id/1343/cPath/15_134_166 You might be able to get one at a better price from one of the online MTM shops. Having it in silk instead of cotton makes it a little more refined and therefore better for a tuxedo. Silk usually tends to wear pretty hot, but if your wedding isn't until...
I thought in Berlin when the bar is empty that just means it's time to go to the club?
Absolutely. The weave is very open so as to make it cool wearing:http://nomanwalksalone.tumblr.com/post/86312632781/fresco-lovely-fresco-by-william-phips-minnisAnd it's certainly appropriate for weddings and job interviews.
Mostly pretty bad though...I mean, one of them is actually called The Gentleman Blogger.
+1, had the same exact experience. Would definitely be into a Buttero beige special project.
What about a deep red?http://vandafineclothing.com/store/accessories/475-single-carnation-lapel-pin.html
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