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No I think it's a sharkskin worsted. Antonio modeled it as a suit at Pitti IIRC.
pretty sure those are two different fabrics
You mean from the color cards? Pretty sure for the cards here (just using these because this model can be made in any of the three):http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/mto-crewneck-sweater-linen-or-cotton-cashmere-deposit.htmlit goes cotton/silk/cashmere, then donegal, then linen
Btw, the old Airy that I photographed last time is now sold out, but there's a new one to replace it (the less yellowy one in this picture is the new one): h/t to @dieworkwear
shitty pics but:http://www.styleforum.net/t/469255/friday-really-saturday-challenge-march-28th-50-shades-of-black-tie/15#post_7781459I don't think I would wear a long tie with it. Bow tie or open collar
Some options:1) The Drapers green we have discussed before [[SPOILER]] 2) Airy hopsack in beige for those that missed out on the Eidos beige hemp and wool SC that is out of stock in a few sizes [[SPOILER]] 3) Perfect summer GC: [[SPOILER]] 4) (Maybe my favorite idea) A summer evening suit. In a midnight blue fabric with some luster to it, wool with a little bit of silk or mohair mixed in. SB, peak lapel. Would have to look for some swatches, but there are plenty of good...
I think the count is currently at 5 for the green.
Just as I suspected. I think the lapels come out way nicer on that DB model than the Tipo DB model (not that those are bad, just more like what other people are making). Silhouette looks great too. I may have to MTO that dinner jacket you sampled if the fabric is available.P.S. the DJ I MTO'ed last season has ended up getting a pretty good amount of wear. Surprising how often you can use those things if you open your mind to it.
@NickPollica Suit looks great. Is that the Ciro model?
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