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Ha...I wonder how many of the stores got it.Will you come out with an equestrian model and call it the Caligula?
Because he cut his own life short? Nero was actually kind of a dandy. Supposedly used to watch gladiatorial games through a large emerald he brought with him for this purpose.
I don't unfortunately. But its a pretty dark, lustrous blue. I'll try to get Gennaro to send me a picture.
3, like this:http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/caccioppoli-summer-glenplaid-single-breasted-sport-coat-8-9-oz-wool-silk-linen.html
Yea please do send me an email or PM, even if you've already expressed interest in the thread.
No prob. So far I've got:1) Hip patch pockets2) Barchetta breast pocket3) 3r24) Half-lined (suggest black or dark blue lining - any colorful lining might show through given how porous the fabric is)5) Spalla camicia6) Double vents7) Double pick stitching on the lapels8) Dark blue mother of pearl buttons (these look pretty cool and are a little bit special. If you don't like them you could of course get your tailor to put on a more common button instead)EDIT: as a...
This is also a crappy picture, but compared to the Mystique, the Caccioppoli hopsack is 1) darker 2) bluer 3) coarser weave
I tried to get a decent picture of these swatches together, but didn't really succeed. Here's the best I could do. Basically, the navy Drapers and the Caccioppoli swatch are exactly the same color...the other Drapers is a little bit brighter.
I think the last one was half-lined. In any case I would suggest half-lining (i.e., the front is lined and the shoulders, and the sleeves, but not the back below the shoulders). This is darker than the Mystique I think. Will post some comparison photos in a bit.
It'll be about 3 months from when we submit the order.I think that's what we did last time, and what I would recommend for this one too. If you're interested in joining the GMTO, send me a PM or email me at david at nomanwalksalone dot com. Do the same also if you're interested in the Drapers green and haven't let me know yet (I have four definites and a maybe, so we're not quite there yet).
New Posts  All Forums: