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You shush your shush
Smiling is for jackasses and hyenas.
I have unlined black loafers for shower shoes.
Blue jacket isn't really "odd jacket". I could be wrong, but my impression is that the social connotation of black penny loafers is in the same direction of horsebit loafers, though not as strong.
Why not go full d-bag and get tassels? Or horsebit? I think if you're really after something sharper, then you might as well just wear black oxfords in those cases. Black loafers has that kind of club tie feel to me - it's something that is never really wrong, even when it doesn't look right.
So what's making you think about getting a pair again?
I will have to ask him some time.
Looks like the Rakish Man-approved tie?
I've got some high-waisted Neapolitan pants that I wear with braces, although my pants from NsM and Solito are lower rise. I don't have any pants from Formosa, and the default Formosa pants do have lower rise, but there are definitely tailors in Naples that do make pants that are cut high for braces.
New Posts  All Forums: