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Thanks for the enjoyable meetup, guys. Hope we can get together again before too long.
Look forward to seeing everyone this evening.
I'm guessing that the thread is actually brown but the silk is reflecting some light?
I prefer the roomier chest of the blue fresco. The tobacco is nice too, but it looks a little more trim and a little shorter to me.
Last time I checked, yes
I think I'm pointing out the obvious here but...there's not a different technique to doing lines vs dots. The dots are just small lines. So it's a continuum rather than a dichotomy.
Re: the line vs dots as well as dark thread, here's from a recent Attolini window: This one is a little too much for my personal taste
I've seen plenty of dark stitching on light-colored jackets. I don't mind it. The reverse is an abomination, obviously.
Just to illustrate what I mean, check out the unevenness right above the buttons here:And on the collar right above the notch here:People have different ideas about where the line between charming and sloppy lies, but to me those stitches wander onto the wrong side of the tracks. At least, that level of stitching is not very hard to do - I could do stitching about that clean.
I agree. I would say that pick-stitching on UC's jacket (which looks great in many other respects, not trying to hate) is a little sloppy. The stitches are pretty uneven.
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