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This is the star of the season IMHO. Color is really rich.
I think it's that in the picture with the PoW suit, you've got it cropped so that the lapels go almost to the picture frame, which makes them look wider. If you took a pic from farther away you would probably like it more. In any case, I think it looks good. 0.4" at the widest point, which means maybe 1/4" for the visible parts, is not going to make much difference.
^That's a great tie. And grey flannel is the ideal suit pairing for it IMHO. This tie is TYT, for instance, and is really fantastic in person: https://instagram.com/p/zAE54KDUx0/?taken-by=nomanwalksalone
Most slept on drop is Tie Your Tie. Lots of good stuff to come this season from them.
I like them better with cuffs. Let's fight.
I thought 100% mohair was too stiff and was prone to cracking? Or is that just an iGent myth?
In that case I think you can get it through Napolisumisura - contact them at info@napolisumisura.com. Put "Caccioppoli Cloth Inquiry" or something in the title so they know what you're asking about.
See you guys tonight.
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