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If you're Prince you can get whatever the f you want.
Whoops...fixed, thanks.
^that one's more true navy. Midnight blue is almost indistinguishable from black: (even this is on the lighter side of midnight)
Hey guys, here's the thread gauging interest for the Minnis 626 656: http://www.styleforum.net/t/503862/minnis-626-houndstooth-flannel-with-no-man-walks-alone
Last fall, No Man revived a well-loved but long-gone classic, the Minnis 656 houndstooth flannel:If there is enough interest, we will do another run. So if you regret passing on this cloth the first go-round, or if you are only discovering this cloth now and want to get your hands on some, now is the time to raise your hand and be counted. Reply in this thread, PM me, or email me at david@nomanwalksalone.com and let me know how many meters (in increments of half-meters)...
^Personally I would prefer something a shade or two darker and with black facings. It looks like the one you posted might be just a jacket rather than a suit. I can't tell for sure, but it looks like the trousers might be black. If you're thinking of doing this, look into other fabrics like velvet if the wedding is in fall/winter or shantung if it's in the summer. Be aware that traditionally these kinds of jackets would be worn in a more informal setting - like smoking...
Do you make it do the bidding of all the other shirts?
I think I have that same Kamakura shirt. I wear it pretty often, so I guess ymmv.
It wouldn't be less padding compared to, for instance, most jackets from Naples. To my eye it's pretty classic Savile Row style. In between Edward Sexton and A&S, many of the famous SR houses look pretty similar. The Field coats I have seen look like what might come out of Poole or Gieves.
I have a couple of friends who have gotten a suit from him and been very happy with it, but I have no pictures.
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