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Creative destruction is Schumpeter. This is more like emulative destruction. It's not an exogenous creation that destroys the current standard. It's the fact of a new idea become standard that destroys it, which then warrants more creation.
So it's the fact that they're copying? So the dissatisfaction comes from the same place as the philippics against "homage" watches and the like? I can understand that.
This is an honest question because I sometimes notice myself feeling the same way...why would you hate to admit that Zara has some decent stuff? Would we rather that all the cool stuff come from brands that are inaccessible to the general public due either to its off-putting price or lack of publicity? Because that then justifies the inordinate amount of time, money, and energy we spend in acquiring jawnz? Because if you can buy cool shit at Zara for $50 then wtf are we...
I guess part of the designer directives may stem from the typical consumer being clueless and insecure, and therefore grateful for any aphorisms about dicta on how to wear the clothes, which the consumers can then use both for their own outfits and, even more satisfyingly, to berate others. But also if the designer says you have to wear something in a certain way, it might 1) generate more demand for the other things he sells, because apparently you have to have them or...
For this very reason I try to make my writing as conducive to bowel movements as possible.
[[SPOILER]] EDIT: After posting I realized how long and rambling this post is. I am spoilering so as not to bother the tl;dr crowd.
Why have you decided to wear suits etc in what by your own admission is a very casual environment? What have you been wearing up until now and why are you unsatisfied with it?
Personally I think the critiques are a little too picky. This isn't bad for a RTW suit. Relative to the median suit in a thread started by somebody asking for a critique, this one fits quite well. RTW suits often have issues with the sleeve pitch. That's nothing unusual. The button stance is a little high, but especially if you're tall, that will be an issue with most RTW suits. I'd favor a more relaxed shoulder expression if I were getting a casual suit, but that's just a...
That was a great piece.
Def not skinny. Unless you're the Incredible Hulk, I think arms should be fine.
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