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Thanks, it's Caccioppoli
Oh that jacket - I thought you meant the more recently pictured one, which is more like a sweater. Sleeves could be longer on that jacket, I agree. I like showing a good amount of cuff, but it's a bit exaggerated because that jacket has gotten a lot of wear over the past few days so the sleeves are kind of wrinkled.
Not sure if serious...
The reason is that everyone passes by that front entrance to the main pavilion. If you mean the people photographed are not allowed inside the building, that is not true. But they stay out front to get photographed because those are the highest-trafficked areas, and also where a lot of bloggers congregate. Also I imagine the light is better - light inside is difficult for photos.
Around 6 pm I left Pitti for a "Tailors Symposium", presented by Simon Crompton and The Rake. The event began with a discussion between the tailors (artfully described by Simon here, with pictures that are better than mine) at Stefano Bemer's atelier, and then segued into a lavish party at the Four Seasons hotel.Let me first say that this party was so wonderful that I am not in much of a critical mood regarding the symposium. I have been wined and dined into fawning...
It was raining when I started my walk to Day 2 at the Pitti Fortress. I passed a few corners where umbrella salesman had sprouted like mushrooms, selling flimsy umbrellas to dandies in the throes of desperate passion to protect their outfit from the elements. I skipped the umbrella and walked under as many awnings as possible. By the time I got to Pitti, the rain had stopped, and I passed by a lonely umbrella man, frowning over a pile of unsold umbrellas. Sorry,...
(I'm the one on the left)
Saving it for you
For most squatting you typically drop the trou first.
Those tone-on-tone blue patterns look kind of Nordstroms/Kiton to me, as you say. If you want something like that - a blue sport coat with a subtle pattern - I think a herringbone is much more tasteful.
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