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Luca knows what's up:
Loud SC is def better than a loud tie with normal other stuff. But still I think best way to wear a loud SC is balanced by other elements. Block stripe ties are good for this IMHO.
Right but this is the tension with those kinds of outfits. It says, "I saw this on the rack and really liked it! Look at how awesome it is even though I don't really know how to wear it and/or have the items necessary to wear it well! I will just 'feature' it today with my navy suit that will really make it 'pop'!"Sometimes you have to realize that even though you think something is crazy awesome looking, you just don't have the style or wardrobe to wear it (unless you...
I like Jon Moy's style for those write-ups actually. It's perfect for the one paragraph mentions of some specific piece. He writes differently in longer pieces.
Each reads like a transatlantic translation of the other.
^^ if your main objective is to avoid a miserable combination, don't start with a loud item.
It's not you, it's me. SF seems to have converged on the "if one thing loud, everything else solid navy" method of using loud items, I just don't like it.
Really not at all hard to find. I think there are at least 5 SF affiliates that sell them.
I continue to protest against this philosophy, but in vain, it seems.
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