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Yes, you can post as many pics as you like
Today my OneCoat with Inis Meain and Sage de Cret:
Day 1 of a two week trip through Europe. Memory will be my OneCoat:
Many thanks to @GusW for organizing and the others who came out. I very much enjoyed meeting you all.
I am significantly more hungover than I would prefer, but looking forward to seeing you all soon.
I also talked to David for my article on Japan and Italy a few months back: http://www.styleforum.net/a/the-red-thread-connecting-italy-and-japan
They already sent me a copy and I've been in touch with David for an interview. Really looking forward to that one.
Also, while we are taking requests, anything you guys would like to see on the blog? People we should interview? Topics we should cover? Books we should review?
Moar Sage de Cret pants. Maybe a really dark brown in big herringbone if they have something like that this season? Both the pleated and the diamond weave models this season were great.
New Posts  All Forums: