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Of course it's always fun to buy new stuff, but I find for casual wear especially it's very easy to have just a few items. Like if you have 1 good pair of sneakers, 1 boot, one or two pairs of jeans, some tshirts, a nice jacket of some kind, and a couple of sweaters, you can wear that pretty much forever.
Channeling Noel Coward?
Also on a patterned coat like this one it will throw off have matching with the body and other sleeve
Sorry I missed it. I'm up in NYC for a few months, but hope to see you guys soon.
Should get extra points for using unofficial SF club tie
@Murlsquirl sorry to hear about the MRI poopiness. Get well soon.
I would probably want a little bit darker than that. But it would be another one like the fresco where each piece could work as separates. Something like this:
If you want to get in on the group order for a length that you'll have made up bespoke, I think that will count towards the 8 required minimum. @gdl203 will have to confirm though.
Maybe this is crazy...but I think a dark green suit of fresco or rangoon would be pretty sweet.
I can't remember, but it's definitely possible.
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