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+1. Team East London is strong this season.
Haven't washed one yet I don't think...but when I do, I'll probably do it by hand.
And, like Greg, I wear them layered in fall a bunch too.
I wear them up to 80 or so. DC summer that prob means only at night. But I wore them in spring a lot and on my recent trip to the West Coast. Here's me wearing one w my nephew: Pants are Schneider.
And I thought at 8 Tunics I was done...
Recent book review by His Eminence the RJMan that might be of interest to this thread:
I'll probably wear these with a sport coat pretty often. Usually lighter colors, similar to how @dieworkwear suggested using blue pants in a recent blog post
to all my Rota petrol bros
@NewYawker That looks really great, well done.
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