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I mean cardinal as opposed to ordinal. It makes sense to talk about one shoe being sleeker than another, but what does it mean for one shoe to be two points sleeker than another? I have no idea.
Well the cardinal numbers on the scales are kind of meaningless, so I don't even know how to argue about it. G&G Decos are sleeker than Arcas I would say.
If looking for summer, what about a beige/off-white sport coat? Either in linen or cotton.
By sleekness do you mean just shape of the last or overall styling of the shoe and how chic it is? Either way, I wouldn't say Arca is a 10. Really though, in either case, the Marlow is closer to a 2 than a 5. And I like that shoe.
AFAIK No Man is the only store carrying Lorenzo. Only other way to get it would be MTO.
Read in context, I think D is using "random" here in the sense of abstract objects without meaning beyond their shape and color. The view he is describing is not one that suggests picking items haphazardly, but picking them based on abstract principles based purely on the items as objects rather than things with cultural history. As if when @dieworkwear wears his "I HEART WHITE GIRLS" shirt he does so because of the way the bold stoicism of the "I" at the beginning...
I thought there were some of the off-white ones left but I don't see them on the site so maybe they just sold out. Honestly tho the GRPs are the best hats.
Tbh the navy is great, but there will definitely be other navys, both Eidos MTO, future Eidos stock, and Formosa MTO. And if you really really need a navy SC between now and when you get another one, you can always borrow a jacket from a navy suit. But if you really like that fabric on the checked Eidos, this might be your only chance to get it.
@Murlsquirl does look suspiciously like Ridiculously Photogenic Guy...
Some brighter colors are good in fall/winter, but not bright blue. Think about the colors you see around in the fall/winter. Rust, violet, and whatnot.
New Posts  All Forums: