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Actually the only other time I've been told I look like that guy was in Naples. First time I had ever heard of him.
Good question...IIRC it was H&S but I will ask Mina this wknd to be sure.
Here was my fabric choice last time I looked (GMTO went nowhere, oh well)
Shoes should be black I think. The standard black captoes are an easy choice. If you wanted something less typical, you could wear boots, or if you wanted to get crazier, some kind of more black tie-like shoe. Pumps are surely too much. Those embroidered slipper things are wrong for a number of reasons. But there are some other options that are sleek and elegant while still being casual and avoiding (perhaps) being louche. The G&G "Ronald" in black might be an...
My friend Léon Philippe rambles a bit in this post, but I think his final advice is good and the letter writer's situation seems similar to your own:
I've been jacking for years and still haven't made one jacket out of it.
Ok, now the odd fall/winter stuff. The off-white moleskin pants have a nice line: The top block fits pretty well even though my hips are quite uneven. Here are the grey moleskin pants: The crease falls nicely, the front is flat, pockets lie flush. So, win. I think they look really great with this jacket: Again the pictures suffer a little bit from being taken from a low angle - the gorge is on the high side, but it's not as high as it seems here. But I think...
Did a second fitting for that one, but Mina wanted to check a couple of things on it before finishing - will do the final fitting this wknd in NYC and I will post pics after.
Was in Naples recently for final fittings on a few of these things - first the linen tux. I'm really happy with this one. The trousers fit great even without the suspenders with which they are meant to be worn:The waist is nice and high, and the fit is roomy and relaxed through the seat and thighs, which is how I think evening trousers should look. Maybe all trousers, but definitely evening trousers.The pictures of the full suit came out kind of dark so I increased the...
They sent me this square, which I think was the one I asked for. So the drawing was just for poops and laughs. True art.
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