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Please to not post 2,000 words about how jawns and self-actualization are the same thing
Can somebody Photoshop Maslow's pyramid with jawns on top?
That whipcord is awesome. But it's hard to understand how and why until you see it made up. What about a navy windowpane?Or a donegal suit?
There hasn't been this much interest in an unopened box since Britney Spears was dating Justin Timberlake
^That's nice. But definitely more of a pronounced, coarser weave than those fabrics from the Delfino books.
I like Braddock's style a lot in general, but that one is not working for me.
OK guys, I'm elaborating a little more on my earlier proposal for a Formosa GMTO...the idea is to have a suit that better captures the essence of evening wear than a standard navy suit, but isn't a tuxedo. It doesn't have the silk facings and trouser braid, but it has peak lapels, jetted pockets, and is made in a fabric more elegant than typical business suiting - darker, and with a slight sheen. So you can wear it to all the events that call for "cocktail attire" or...
Where are we on the Drapers green GMTO? I think from this thread we have: @venividivicibj @PCK1 And then two others have expressed interest over email. Are there any others? We need to get to 8 total to do the GMTO.
Yes and they're awesome. Was just trying on the Geller officer coat while wearing them:
@lawyerdad nice one, I'm wearing those same pants today.
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