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These are weird...unless you mean the list to be really ultraconservative business dress, in which case jeans and swim trunks of any sort are out.
Yep, from the novecento line. Expect to have it within a month or so (I ordered it a while ago, not sure when delivery should be expected for orders made during the trunk show).
Stopped by Leffot today to hang out with Signor Bestetti for a while. He was pretty amped up from the excitement of his first New York trunk show. Also had some beautiful samples on display:
Would be hilarious if Noodles won this challenge with a suit he already sold. Who's with me?
The kind of discussion @in stitches describes fits better into a blog format IMHO. In threads the tendency to derail and be snarky is strong and the incentive to write something more considered is weak.
I think the chest of the Polo is more structured, which doesn't allow it to drape as much. It looks a little more "stuffed" to me, if that makes sense.
FWIW I don't like the pinstripe suit very much. Color and pattern are fine; I don't think they make Noodles look old. And it fits well. Better than the Suit Supply, perhaps because it's more structured. I just don't like the silhouette of it very much. I basically agree with @kulata, except that I like suits that are special on all occasions. OTOH it could just be that the picture is shitty and blurry.
- skinny lapels - black (?) suit jacket worn with navy chinos (?) - odd waistcoat (looks like it must be from a suit also?) - belt is too informal - belt should not be worn with a waistcoat - waistcoat is too short - shirt collar not buttoned (?) - crap on your wrist besides watch (minor) - watch is too big to be worn with a suit jacket (somewhat minor i guess) - button down with a suit jacket (minor) also everything looks too tight, although it's hard to tell from this...
^Just warning you, prepare for everyone to hate this. If you want to wear this, just walk away from Styleforum now and live in peace.
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