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Final cost was $1611. Can definitely do another run as soon as we have 8 people ready to order. Assuming there's still fabric available of course.Yea, the sleeve length looks off on the bespoke in the frontal shot because the shirt sleeve got caught up somehow. You may be right about pulling on the jacket sleeve. Also the bespoke I've been wearing all morning (and all day yesterday), and sitting at my computer with arms out typing, whereas the RTW had just been hanging,...
Some thoughts:http://nomanwalksalone.tumblr.com/post/105536624051/the-difference-between-ready-to-wear-and-bespoke
I think the risk is too much muddiness between the pants and sweater. In the first pic the sweater just looks kind of washed out and gray on my screen, but with the actual green and brown melange of the sweater, I think it looks good.
I have 2.5m that is currently being made into a jacket for me. Can confirm that cloth is outstanding.
Agnelli tweed looks awesome. That's the one I'd most like to have a rerun of, I missed out on it the first time around.
I have done a couple of Inis MTOs that Greg raised an eyebrow at when I ordered them. I'm very happy with one and one is pretty good but I could have chosen better.
Pretty sure we can do an optional vest, yes. All vests would have to be styled the same way though (suggest single breasted, no lapels, 4 pkts).
Nope that's the perfect fall gunclub I have some definite ideas for future GMTOs but other than the chalkstripe, we want to get all the orders for the rack (for which I think there will be preorders) squared away before moving on to other projects.
Only his cutter travels. Just Dionisio, no Gennaro.
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