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Raffia is also very stretchy, although I think they might make it a little tighter because of that. I usually wear a size 11.5US and all my Taninos are 43. They usually start out a little bit uncomfortably tight and they break in nicely. The Raffia has been snug but totally comfortable since the first wear.
2k pounds will get you a jacket from pretty much any tailor in Naples except for Rubinacci. If you like the one in the picture, you might as well start at Formosa. I'm assuming you're in London, since you quote your budget in pounds. If a continuing relationship with the tailor is important to you, and you won't be returning to Naples, you might want to see Elia Caliendo and Gennaro Solito, both of whom travel to London. All three of those mentioned above are towards the...
Really? I don't think I've ever seen a TF jacket that cheap at retail, but I guess I don't look that often. I doubt a TF scarf would ever be that cheap either.
If any of you pointy heads are looking for something diverting to read, I recommend this highly: http://www.amazon.com/Dear-Committee-Members-A-novel/dp/0385538138
The hardest thing for me to get used to when I started teaching was signing my emails to them "Professor _______." Like I remember just sitting paralyzed in front of the keyboard, unable to refer to myself that way. I eventually just gave up. Now I usually sign my emails with my initials, occasionally just my first name. When teaching grad students, I always use just my first name.
That is Luciano Barbera's position:The ShirtI know I have said you can have too many clothes. But I take that back where shirts are concerned.http://sartoriallyinclined.blogspot.com/2011/03/luciano-barberas-style-tips.html
^tank and shorts fit is a great low contrast outfit tho
I thought those articles were great. Very happy that pB agreed to contribute.
Waughmp Waughmp
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