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Sure but if the client is determined to grab the wheel and turn it into oncoming traffic? I haven't used Caraceni either, and as far as I know I've never seen one in person. But based on pictures, I wouldn't call it a "slim fit" suit. Unless the OP means something different than what I think, there aren't many bespoke tailors that make suits in that style. Maybe Thom Sweeney or somebody like that?
I think they make them up in the same measurements but then garment wash the cotton ones, which shrinks them a bit. Dunno if that's any more explicable, but at least there's consistency at some point in the process.Didn't take a pic when I was trying on the Eidos trousers, sorry. I have a pic of myself in Rota but that's not going to help you.
Yea the 52 in Rota is kind of trim on me (in the cotton ones I would have to get a 54), and I could wear the Eidos 52, the 54 just looked better on the top block I thought.
Personally I went up one from my Rota size.
Usually 2-3 months. Formosa doesn't have its own swatch book like Eidos - but they'll make up any fabric they, you, or No Man can source. If you want to order something that hasn't already been in the no man store, easiest is just to go check out the fabric books at no man. But some fabric suppliers like Fox and Minnis have pictures of their stuff online.
Yea pretty sure that's these:http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/army-green-wool-linen-silk-sal-trousers-8-9-oz.html
Looks great. That suit goes from business to casual pretty nicely IMHO. I like it casual with that knit. But if you put on some real shoes and a woven or printed tie, it's a good work outfit for all but the most conservative offices.
I think Stitchy is still the only one ever to receive a thank you card written by me
I have a bicycle square from an earlier season and it's one of the ones I use most often. Personally I like it way more than paisley, even though that's a popular choice, especially for someone starting out a collection.
Actually they are all patterned EDIT: But those are good choices. I might choose navy paisley (usually wear paisley squares with tweed jackets, and navy is a good color for that), navy floral, copper elephants.
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