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Whoops, yes...fixed.
Btw anybody considering this coat: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/clothing/outerwear/long-duffle-coat-with-broad-lapels-and-collar-heavy-navy-wool.html I liked it so much that I just bought it from another retailer since No Man is sold out in my size after I stupidly let it get to the site without buying one first (said retailer started out with a price significantly higher than No Man's, and the price is still higher than No Man's price). Completely awesome...
It's not scratchy, but it's also definitely not as soft as cashmere. But I would wear it over a t-shirt without hesitation. It just doesn't have that plush feeling of cashmere.
Completely agree. He gives the rest of us hope that there's such a thing as writing on style and clothing that's worth reading. I would say that he basically invented the genre of menswear blogging that's informative and entertaining while still having a lot of personality. When you read one of his posts, you know who wrote it without having to look at the byline. I hope this style is increasingly imitated, but I doubt anyone will ever unseat RJdM as its greatest...
For me personally, I definitely would not line it. If I wanted the feeling of a lined gown, I'd have it made in silk rather than flannel.
The "Twelve and a Quarter Inch Dandy"?
It's a huge amount of work to run a blog and get a post up every day, much less an original and thoughtful one, as ASW posts often were. Will taught many of us a lot of valuable lessons about men's clothing and writing about men's clothing, as well as giving a platform to The Great One, Reginald Jerome de Mans. Getting the opportunity to write for A Suitable Wardrobe was definitely a highlight of my blogging career. I wish Will and ASW all the best for the future.
FWIW, I took a VI in the Merino coat but I remember for the Clover jacket (which is an awesome piece) I liked the look of a V better.
I'd say M. I'm a 52L in Formosa and an L fits me pretty well, although sometimes I get M or XL if I want an oversized fit or a tighter fit.
For me personally, the oatmeal because I am a sucker for off-white/light brown knitwear.
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