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It's possible I mean CM lite, I'm not sure...If you want to experiment a lot and whatnot with different styles, then of course you'll need a larger set of items to choose from. But I think you can look pretty good with a pretty small wardrobe, both for tailored and street wear.
That's true too. But I think in CM there's the idea that you shouldn't be wearing the same suit every day or every other day. Both because suits will wear out more quickly than jeans and a leather jacket, but also because there is an undercurrent in CM of your clothes displaying your boogie membership, which means that you can afford more than two suits. Whereas I think it's more accepted to wear the same pair of jeans 4x/week indefinitely.
Of course it's always fun to buy new stuff, but I find for casual wear especially it's very easy to have just a few items. Like if you have 1 good pair of sneakers, 1 boot, one or two pairs of jeans, some tshirts, a nice jacket of some kind, and a couple of sweaters, you can wear that pretty much forever.
Channeling Noel Coward?
Also on a patterned coat like this one it will throw off have matching with the body and other sleeve
Sorry I missed it. I'm up in NYC for a few months, but hope to see you guys soon.
Should get extra points for using unofficial SF club tie
@Murlsquirl sorry to hear about the MRI poopiness. Get well soon.
I would probably want a little bit darker than that. But it would be another one like the fresco where each piece could work as separates. Something like this:
If you want to get in on the group order for a length that you'll have made up bespoke, I think that will count towards the 8 required minimum. @gdl203 will have to confirm though.
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