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I don't want to give away the interview, but he was a real pleasure to talk to.
News from La Portegna is that they opened up a shop in London just a couple of weeks ago. Jose showed me some pics which looked great. Worth stopping in for anyone in the area.
I learn something new about banks every day...
Editors note: Don't miss anything. Please follow all of our Pitti uomo 86 Coverage, here. It is now 9 pm and I'm on a train headed to Florence. I woke up this morning in Naples at 4 am, but a mere lack of sleep is not going to stop me from downing a big delicious beer with @Synthese once I arrive. Ever since I first went to Pitti, people have been telling me how insufferably hot the summer iteration is. Maybe the rain will help. @gdl203 says he's bringing rain gear, but...
The fact that the Italian justice system is bonkers is pretty uncontroversial it seems. Anyone wanting to delve into it might be interested in the book 'The Monster of Florence' which I found very entertaining.
That's just talking about what Poole did on one jacket. I seem to remember some actual tests performed by Jeffrey himself, but perhaps I am imagining.
^seems like there are some posts with some tests and results that have how gone missing...oh well
Can somebody link the post jeffereyd did at some point testing the flexibility of hand stitches vs machine?
@mrjester That tie could be nice, but not with a navy suit IMHO. Belongs with beiges, browns, and other earth tones.
US, then Italy. In past years I rooted for Italy begrudgingly because, even though I love the country, the style of its soccer team was frustrating. Now they're more fun to watch. Also, go spurs.
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