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Nope, sorry. Orders for that closed a few weeks ago and I don't think there are any extra. But 1) we have an Eidos SC that's pretty similar you might want to check out (not on the site yet) 2) there will certainly be more Formosa group MTOs in the future. If you love a fabric, post it and try to rally together a group 3) you can always do a single order MTO, it's just a little more expensive than if you join a group order.
Right now relaxing in my Sage de Cret pants. Can't believe all you other XLs are gonna have to get through the winter without these things.
1) independently of whether or not I like Braddock's fit, nothing about it says Cary Grant to me 2) the starting point for every point directed at you in this discourse was to make it less about what you would want to wear or look like.
^The V is also sold out in navy. The other styles/colors have sold pretty well too, and there aren't many of them. I took one of the brown tweed combo for myself. If you see one you want, don't wait on it as it might be gone soon.
I'll give you until the end of the day to order it, or else I will take it for myself
Ah, ok. Then the answer is very soon, but I don't have an exact date. But will not be long.
None left of that.
Sure, we will take pics when it arrives. Don't have any pics from the mill though.
Well alright...
Also WIWT, Niche linen coat:
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