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It'll look better tied four-in-hand IMHO.
Thanks, guys. I'm glad you enjoyed this interview almost as much as I did.
Mike Latti Fagina?
I assume this is directed at me? If you order something bespoke or MTM, the vest is no longer hard to get. I said RTW because I assumed that you would be suggesting something RTW, since the poster to whom you were responding had a RTW budget.
The main purpose of the thread is for people to express their opinions about what is appropriate to wear at weddings. If somebody comes in determined to rent tuxedos and all they want is a referral to the finest rental house in Montana or Indiana (your references, not mine) and some generous soul is willing and able to provide it, then fine. But I don't think that should stop us from stating what we think looks best and is most appropriate. In fact, here you are dictating...
Everyone needs to take a deep breath and count to pi. If there's any more calling people unreasonable, racist, and other ad hominem bullshit I will delete all the posts from post 1257 onwards.
I don't know why you make personal attacks against me every time I disagree with you. I don't recall having ever said anything insulting towards you, and if I did I apologize. Yet whenever you disagree with me about something you attribute my opinion to the elitism and patrician upbringing you assume I have, even though you've never met me and know nothing about my life. And now you sarcastically praise my modesty and call me unreasonable in the same post, for what reason...
I don't think I have ever recommended purchasing matching suits. The silk shirt idea was because there was a requirement of ivory. Anyway all the idiotic things I've ever posted still won't make your history of the tuxedo correct.
There is so much fail here...
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