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This page has a couple of Formosa patch pocket examples...I assume these jackets are bespoke, so I don't know if we would get the exact same pocket shape, but should give an idea: http://www.sartoriaformosa.it/prodotti.php
^same deal with that one. Basically all the English merchants except H&S, we have to go through that agent.
Sounds right. Although for wearing unbuttoned, I think the Schneider-style 1.5 breasts looks even better than just 1.
Payment 50/50. I think we can just decide on the details here rather than do a poll. Happy to listen to all suggestions. Sounds like doing a barchetta breast pocket is going to be easier than doing 3 patch.
Nope - also waiting to hear about that from same agent. Sherry Tweed is no longer available, Brughiera definitely is.
They're all gonna be like that. Within this genre of ties, though, I think the recent Vanda example is pretty nice (Manton will definitely still hate it though).
Pretty sure there are patterns for odd sizes, but I'll have to check tomorrow.
Cordovan becomes textured pretty quickly.
Totally agree. I think I might have tried to convince you of this a while back, but too lazy/drunk to find the post right now.EDIT: nm, found it!http://www.styleforum.net/t/291745/edward-green-appreciation-pictures-info-and-where-to-buy/2265#post_6096362
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