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The second one is the only one I like at all.
It's just a showroom, don't think you can buy stuff there.
@gdl203 and No Man will have a very nice selection IMHO. I've seen the SC swatches and there is some great stuff there. But I won't give it away yet.
Here's Antonio wearing the Lorenzo:
Reminder for everyone
Yoga teachers and especially Pilates teachers seem to talk about spine flexibility and lengthening a lot, and creating space between your ribs and hips. I'm relatively new to both, so certainly not an expert, but it seems to be at least part of the goals of the exercises.
Re: spine compressing, isn't that part of what yoga is supposed to prevent?
Tailoring credit just gets deducted from the price at checkout.
Totally agree. I am biased due to my allegiance both to No Man and to Naples, but I think Sig. Dirnelli looks better in Formosa than in any of his non-Neapolitan suits: [[SPOILER]] vs. (not exhaustive, I just pulled a few from the first few pages of his tumblr) [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Although this Zegna looks pretty good too: [[SPOILER]]
Many stylish and/or patriotic men use one by sticking it in their butthole.
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