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I would probably want a little bit darker than that. But it would be another one like the fresco where each piece could work as separates. Something like this:
If you want to get in on the group order for a length that you'll have made up bespoke, I think that will count towards the 8 required minimum. @gdl203 will have to confirm though.
Maybe this is crazy...but I think a dark green suit of fresco or rangoon would be pretty sweet.
I can't remember, but it's definitely possible.
You're probably a 42 in Buttero. Maybe even 41, depending on exactly how tight you want them to fit. I wear 43 in the Buttero sneakers, 44.5 in Vass F, 10.5 in Carmina, kind of between 10.5 and 11 on G&G.
Personally I like the Vanda examples better than that GG flower. The GG is a bit loofah for my taste. I have a couple and wear them occasionally. I think they are alright for anyone who doesn't take themselves too seriously.
This is pretty great too IMHO: From this @spacepope post: http://www.styleforum.net/t/394687/the-what-are-you-wearing-today-waywt-discussion-thread-part-ii/1485#post_7233570
I think I like the wide, flowing, leg look more than the skinny leg. For instance this Parker fit:
When I think of leather and chinos, I think of either the LP/Cucinelli style or older Brando/Dean in a bomber or something. The more current streetwear-y leather jackets look much better with jeans to me. Maybe they only look good with jeans, and a specific kind of jeans. Not really sure about that 5-zip with the chinos.
True, I was thinking mainly of black leather jackets (or midnight blue I guess). Although even a brown leather jacket that's more biker-inspired than military doesn't look that great with chinos IMHO.
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