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Credit card holders, being inanimate objects, never have logos. Some overly sympathetic writers will sometimes endow an object with pathos, but I view these types with much disdain.
This thread is so hard to keep track of...Is this about your first bespoke suit or losing your virginity?
1) no, not really ok, although there are much worse things you can do 2) just get your sleeves shortened.
Just wear a white PS. I would switch up the tie though. To something without any white in it. I'd probably start with knit ties.
Wearing mine right now. I'm only a few wears in on my longest tenured pair, but I've had no fall-down issues.
^not into that one at all. Very reblog-bait.
Fwiw per capita income in Milan about 3x that of Naples. Not that money is the only thing that can make somebody a better dresser...but it's also one of the things.
Wearing a Moonbeam jacket myself today.
I like mixing of formal and informal elements in some cases. I like soft-shouldered dinner jackets with peak lapels for instance. Also linen suits with peak lapels.
Sounds like more of a German thing.
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