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A single person's iron law of kids conversation: Once the parents get started on it, it's impossible to end it.
I'm kind of concerned about it too, but 1) my posture/drop isn't THAT bad, so hopefully correcting doesn't solve too many fit issues 2) I've been getting in better shape generally through exercising, so my body is changing anyway. 3) On the whole, I think if I can just cancel out the effects of aging I'll be doing pretty well on both fronts.
I have been working on it with a trainer for a few months now - but I didn't write much about remedies in my post because 1) I'm not a physical therapist and 2) it's difficult and takes a while. It's not like you just do some situps at night and everything works out.That said - yes, these (very common) problems can often be fixed if you work at them.
I probably could have tugged at it a bit and let it settle and it would have gotten more even. But I think this is a problem everyone with uneven shoulders (I.e. almost everyone) faces to some extent. Do you not usually see that happening on your suit jackets and SCs?
Millions of dollars.
Does not necessarily follow that it looks good with a SC.The shirt collar is nice. But I don't like the tie in general and it looks especially muddy next to the pants.
X-post from Noodles thread, modeling the Lorenzo cut from Eidos:
What's up with the collar shifted over to the right shoulder? Looks like the left arm should also be raised with a wagging finger coming out of the sleeve.
Here is a picture of me wearing the Lorenzo: I have a low right shoulder and a high right hip, so the right side of the jacket is a little lower and there's some bunching above my hip on the right side. And the sleeve pitch is off. But these problems are endemic to RTW for me, so hard to blame the cut for that. I think the quarters look nice.
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