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Tailoring credit just gets deducted from the price at checkout.
Totally agree. I am biased due to my allegiance both to No Man and to Naples, but I think Sig. Dirnelli looks better in Formosa than in any of his non-Neapolitan suits: [[SPOILER]] vs. (not exhaustive, I just pulled a few from the first few pages of his tumblr) [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Although this Zegna looks pretty good too: [[SPOILER]]
Many stylish and/or patriotic men use one by sticking it in their butthole.
If you're asking SF how to be normal in Murica, ur fucked.
+1. When an American or British firm does something like this (as has happened many times), no one calls the perpetrator a "sly Anglo-Saxon" or anything similar. They're just considered a bad egg. But if an Italian does it, it's because Italy is JUST like that Scarface movie. Or was it the Godfather.
Sounds like you have been duped by some Southern Italian shenanigan.
Thanks for finding that dopey post. Reminds me also that I am due for a re-read of some tutee posts.
What did you order and what do you want? Your best bet is probably to try and swap with somebody.
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