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Just received my paracord bracelets made out of ecofriendly parachute cords yesterday and can't wait to take it up for skydiving later today. Crazy how you can fit a whole parachute in that little stainless steel buckle! Anyway, I'll be wearing one on each wrist just in case the first one doesn't work.
I've been through very little in my life but I do the same thing.
This solution might work for you:
Knew this would happen...the price I pay for giving you guys a chance to buy stuff in my size from the store.
I know the question was for Greg, but I have tried on this coat so I will put in my 2 cents.The coat is sized, I think, intentionally big to encourage people to wear it kind of oversized, kind of in the same spirit as the Duke's polo coat in this famous picture:If you want more of a standard fit, then size down one.But anyway there was never a 46 and the 48 has already sold.
For what you paid, not bad IMHO.
Whatever, pu**y.
Luke's lobster tho....
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