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In an attempt to be funny on the Internet, I was wrong on the Internet.
Rly? This is the third Google hit for "similarity relation":http://titan.inf-cr.uclm.es/www/pjulian/SwSystems/bousi/node4.htmlFrom some paper in 1971, apparently cited a couple hundred times:http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1711311
I will see your overly wordy exposition and raise you an exceptionally pedantic objection:Similarity relations are by definition transitive. What you want is a distance metric.
More seriously...I do think that people pick up clothing cues. Costume design for film and stage is all about managing those cues. People get paid good money to get it right. I interviewed one of these people for the No Man blog (sorry for the self-promotion, but seems relevant) and asked her this exact question:Of course, it's in her interest to claim that her job is important. But producers probably wouldn't care much about this stuff if audiences couldn't tell the...
Did you ghost-write Orwell's translation of Ecclesiastes?
For real? I think they're unfuckuppable factor is pretty high. They're basically the only patterned shirt like that, and all the others are way harder. Tattersall and gingham I like only occasionally, PoW and graph check shirts almost never. Then there's pindot, paisley, and other p-words that require more cool than I have managed to accumulate.
His leg is slightly bent, and the hem is still grazing the top of his shoe. If he were standing in perfectly straight robopose, his trousers would probably have a very slight break. This is a broadly accepted length both now and throughout the history of tailored clothing.
Looks pretty good to me.
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