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Under the standard econ model and income path it's optimal to borrow for consumption when young FWIW.
Just to be clear and so no one else gets confused, there's actually no linen in it...it's silk hemp and cashmere:
Sweet...we almost got a squad now?@BrokenThread@PCK1@justinkapur@venividivicibj@lawyerdadand possibly @mypants? Did I forget anyone?I may be in on this one as well...
Great example of a double-breasted suit not looking too fussy and formal.
A conservative is a liberal who wants an excuse to wear coat and tie.
Looking for more of a conservative business-type suit or a more casual California-type suit?
That's the No Man cut, so you'll only find it on NMWA. My pocket square...
that herringbone definitely qualifies IMHO
Strong men also cry
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