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Yyyassssssss. I was hoping you specifically would say this. Also cord HJ is awesome.
+1 also kinda nails the Dude connection
I see what you did there
I've seen that jacket in three stages - the swatch when Greg chose it, the made up jacket at Formosa, and then being worn. The swatch looked great, but it has looked better and better at each stage.
@DeSense That jacket is fantastic
Great pics, @mossrockss. I like all your styling choices.
I know there are at least some Eidos overcoats from earlier seasons from other stores that were not fully canvassed. But I'm pretty sure all the ones ever offered by No Man have been canvassed.
Camoshita easy pants. Not pictured: Begg scarf IM toggle SS moleskin coat
That was in the Paone thread
Yes NY is the place Mina visits most. She's there for a few days every 3-4 months or so.
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