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That is Luciano Barbera's position:The ShirtI know I have said you can have too many clothes. But I take that back where shirts are concerned.http://sartoriallyinclined.blogspot.com/2011/03/luciano-barberas-style-tips.html
^tank and shorts fit is a great low contrast outfit tho
I thought those articles were great. Very happy that pB agreed to contribute.
Waughmp Waughmp
Manton's suit? It doesn't look like Solaro at all to me.
You are afflicted with the Trumpian confusion between being honest and being an asshole.
Also any possibility of the Porter "With" soft briefcase being available in brown any time soon?
Also every post MUST be signed with some variation of "Cheers" "Best" or "Regards".Hind regards,David
Since this is the academic thread, I think every post should first go to @Academic2, who will then randomly choose three thread participants, who will (with or without reading the post, it doesn't matter) then demand that changes from the original writer, who will then resubmit his revised post to @Academic2, continuing this process until 1) everyone is satisfied 2) the author is dead, or 3) the author decides to put his post in another thread.
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