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For me personally, I definitely would not line it. If I wanted the feeling of a lined gown, I'd have it made in silk rather than flannel.
The "Twelve and a Quarter Inch Dandy"?
It's a huge amount of work to run a blog and get a post up every day, much less an original and thoughtful one, as ASW posts often were. Will taught many of us a lot of valuable lessons about men's clothing and writing about men's clothing, as well as giving a platform to The Great One, Reginald Jerome de Mans. Getting the opportunity to write for A Suitable Wardrobe was definitely a highlight of my blogging career. I wish Will and ASW all the best for the future.
FWIW, I took a VI in the Merino coat but I remember for the Clover jacket (which is an awesome piece) I liked the look of a V better.
I'd say M. I'm a 52L in Formosa and an L fits me pretty well, although sometimes I get M or XL if I want an oversized fit or a tighter fit.
For me personally, the oatmeal because I am a sucker for off-white/light brown knitwear.
Do you see sale prices when you visit the site and log in?
Well, I love them. SdC has a real talent with treating fabrics to get interesting textures out of them. In this case the wool has a crinkly look to it but has a very soft hand. Between the wool and the lining, these pants are also really warm. Definitely a winter pant - I think if I wore them above 50 degrees they'd be too hot.
I have the unlined and I like them, but they're definitely not sufficient when you're actually cold. There's a fairly narrow range of temperatures between "you don't need gloves" and "unlined gloves are not warm enough" IMHO. They're mainly cool because the suede-y inside feels awesome.
So good. No Man had 5 SdC items, and I bought 3 of them.
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