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Usually 1.5m would be enough, but ask your tailor to be sure. We don't make the pants, we just sell the material. You have lots of good options in NYC though. Formosa visits every 2 months or so to do fittings at NMWA, so that's one option. But you'll find plenty of other ones just by looking around the forum.
If you're saying that hard 3s just suck and that's why they're rated low, then they are not underrated. They're just deservedly rated low. AFAIK underrated always implies that the thing described deserves to be rated higher.
Is it possible for something to be duly underrated?
I did check with Gennaro to make sure the green is available, and it is. If you guys are definitely in, let's at least present it to the main NMWA thread and see if we can get a quorum.
^ that's what I did with my length from the last run. I should get the finished product soon. I'll post pics when it arrives.
I would, but I'm worried this would keep you from entering a no-pants weekly challenge.
TBH flannel SCs are a little weird to begin with IMHO. Not impossible, but it's just much more often used for trousers or suits. If you wanted a SC in that shade, I'd recommend a barleycorn or something like that.
Flannel lovers -Due to the interest in the Fox flannel re-run, we're going to order a full piece. That means:1) There are still a few meters open2) The price is lower: $120/m instead of $140/m, shipped in the US&Canada. So besides being unique and awesome, this cloth is also now a bargain.PM me here or email me at david at nomanwalksalone dot com if you want to get some for yourself. A reminder, this is what it looks like: [[SPOILER]]
Seems back up now
We need 8 total, so you three plus five more.
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