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It is completely reasonable for one to believe this though
There are many photos of him and he's wearing a white square in most of them.
I don't really have any interest in arguing about what's "appropriate" or "good taste" or whatever....but it might be of interest to some that there is a long and almost concluded history of white-shirt-and-square-wearing with country clothes. Here's a DoW example: Another: It's possible you may have to be the kind of person who consistently wears ties on the weekend, and possibly the kind of person who spends those weekends in a country castle, to pull this look...
You said WHAT about my shirt and pocket square?!?!?
For @Murlsquirl...with Oliver Spencer trousers (still need to get these hemmed)
Lulz...that's actually a couch if it makes you feel better?Besides being awesome shoes, I have a sentimental attachment to them as they were the first thing I got from No Man.
Just wore those yesterday. Will take a picture next time I wear them.
Are you forgetting about the osso buco at Parione?
There should be a name for cream square truthers. Creamers? Creamists? Hate-whiteys? Fighty-whities?
Dudes...don't forget to get your field coat orders in, they will be closing soon.
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