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Tipo is generally slimmer than the Lorenzo, so I think you should have plenty of room in the sleevehead on the Lorenzo.
Some GMTO suggestions coming up soon....stay tuned.
That one is from Geneva
I like a lot of BnT's looks but that one is not doing it for me.
I think you just have to press them from the outer parts towards the middle, so the wrinkles end up in the middle of the collar (and therefore on the back of your neck).FWIW PhatGuido is also a non-ironer IIRC.
it's pretty common with unfused collars (you can see it a little on 's pic there as well)but also, I do not iron my non-white dress shirts, so they end up a little more rumpled than most.
I'm not gdl, but I think they work especially well with grey flannel suits:
Make those blue stripes on the tie brown instead and the shirt a white OCBD and it seems like a pretty good outfit to me.
Really? I mean...I would probably pick a tie with different colors and wear a BD but I wouldn't say it looks stupid.
Valstar with Lunettes shades
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