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Barima looks awesome in that jacket. Probably not a coincidence that all three of those guys you mention have really thorough knowledge of fashion history, and I would guess have spent a lot of time in thrift and consignment shops. They're not guys who decided they wanted to start dressing well and headed to a bespoke tailor to look at swatches the next day.
@Manton, and others, some of them possibly even independently of Manton's dictates.
IMHO the light pants/dark shoes combo works best when shoes are suede. Hardliners will argue that suede shouldn't be worn in summer, when light pants are most often worn, but this objection is too pedantic for most.
It's very young, try-hard, and trendy. It also ends up being a foot highlighter, which I don't think is ideal. There's probably also some visual effect of making your feet seem less substantial, like you're not well-grounded in the literal sense. Between dark brown, black, and oxblood, there are plenty of shoes to wear with a navy suit. I don't see why tan should be one of them.
I see this look a lot but personally I really don't like it.
I have that print as well as 2 others by de monvel. Wrote about him here:http://ivorytowerstyle.com/post/57709393913/for-two-years-i-have-been-meaning-to-hang-some
Cool, see you there.
I like those too (NMWA has similar) but the hood gets a little wonky if you're not wearing a bike helmet.
Looked there and there was some OK stuff in the hoodie department, not so much in the bags.
Any suggestions (even a suggestion of a brand or store to look at) for non-hideous: -hoodie, preferably with some protection against rain -gym bag TIA
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