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The lavender purple GC is both somewhat similar and (IMHO) inferior to the Drapers silk and linen blend we just did, so I thought it might be hard to rally people for it.On the trousers, it can be done, but we have to meet higher minimums to do a group order on trousers. If we get to the point where the Solaro is a finalist, email customer@nomanwalksalone.com and we can quote you a price on adding a trouser order.
Ryden, you'd definitely want to at least cuff the sleeves. But I agree with the others that moving down a size would be best.
@Mr. Six had some W. Bill donegal tweeds in the survey he put together: https://www.surveymonkey.com/survey-thanks/?sm=AcrTTH5O1kU6gumpqVwULz7Rw4iBxdCLGVAK%2biUv0WU%3dOnce we whittle down to a few favorites from this list, I'll add in one or two from his list and then we'll have voting between those finalists to determine one or two fabrics to take orders for. Navy moonbeam looks like it has a lot of admirers so far.Individual MTO is more expensive, but it's not ruinous....
There's some variation depending on fabric, but approximately $1600. Usually takes about 8 wks once we have the order in.
At this point I'm reduced to watching old Ray Felton highlights.
I have a jacket in a similar color I got on deep discount because I'm a Tarheel. I wear it only when watching UNC sports.
Hey look, comrade came to shit on stuff he doesn't like! It's just like all the other SF threads now.
Lulz...I didn't mean to be flippant - there are a lot of fabrics that look great as a 3"x3" square but then when it's all over you, you realize it's too much. Bright colors like those are often in that category IMHO. The dull greens on the left hand side could be good, but I think the Drapers dark green I listed is better. If you definitely want linen though, they would be a good choice.
Well everything is a choice if enough people get behind it. I think those look better as swatches than as jackets though.
New Posts  All Forums: