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Having watched the trailer, I have the sinking feeling that the casting is all wrong for this film. He just doesn't have the look or presence that I would have expected for Thor. And although I think Anthony Hopkins is a wonderful actor, I don't see him playing a convincing Odin. I will certainly go see the film (I'm a sucker for this stuff), but I think it will be a little hard to get into it....
My wife and I found it pretty disappointing. There wasn't as much suspense as I had expected and it seemed very anticlimactic at the end.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jumbie In any case, I'm not going anywhere near those lucrative fields. For now, I love plain old steak and potatoes medicine. May change my mind when I have to work on my own and deal with all the bullshit hours/billing but that's my chosen path. I am a specialist but the Dean has me Attending general medicine wards these two weeks. Our team is post-call today and with the new work hours rules, the residents and...
Quote: Originally Posted by hopkins_student PGY-1. .25 down, 6.75 to go. Seven years? You must be including a fellowship in that calculation? Residency is a grind (especially internship), but fellowship is pretty enjoyable.
There is little doubt in my mind that certain specialties attract specific personality types, and once the individual is within the respective training program, they are cultivated and shaped by the surrounding subculture (ie the nuances of the personality are given opportunity to "grow"). PS: congratulations. What year are you?
great forum: www.harmony-central.com//
Here's a classic by Gilmour http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDC3ade3JxU some others, not entirely in the spirit of the thread: steve morse http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-CC2jOVNSI shawn lane (RIP) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBKnYrwIP0o eric johnson http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9llrnMahGBE
I don't suppose anyone here read the Modern Man forum (pre-Style Forum days)? There was a guy named Josh that used to write some pretty out there stuff. He once wrote that he was looking for transparent aluminum collar stays. I don't know if the above post is a clever reference to that
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara The Long Room at the Trinity College (Dublin) library looks beautiful. TCD is my alma mater. The Old Library (which houses the Long Room) is aimed at tourists. Most of the texts in the photo are protected volumes and cannot be used by students (at least undergrands; some antiquities grad students had access to the books). Entry to the Old Library is free to Trinity students, but I don't remember very...
Epiphone makes solid guitars, but I agree that you should be able to get an Epi Les Paul copy for less than $600, depending upon the model. Do you want a Les Paul style because you like the sound, you like the look, or you like the feel of it? If you haven't done so already, I would suggest going around some stores (eg Guitar Center) where you can try out various makes and models and make certain that you know what best suits your interests......When you have selected...
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