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Perhaps we should end this thread. I think there is a bit of a disconnect in the conversation. Yosarian, congratulations on a great gift from a very special woman.
Dug, I was intimating that your choice of words seemed a bit "strong" where Yosarian's girlfriend is concerned. It is not terribly polite to suggest that she is anything less than intelligent. I don't believe you intended to be rude, but you need to be careful. Having said that, do you not think that many women would find your approach a bit too pragmatic? I'm very much in favor of searching for a bargain, but if it is for a gift to celebrate your impending matrimony,...
Quote: If she did not you can say she has a good taste but not that she is so smart... The man's fiancee gave him a lovely gift as a symbol of her affection and you cast doubt on her intelligence? I suspect that this is simply a glib remark that got lost in translation, but it does seem rather tactless, n'est-ce pas?
Thracozaag, Just out of interest, what exactly is that picture that is under your name?  (And let me apologize for interrupting the thread with such a stupid question)
J, Those are great pictures; thanks for posting them (I love the evening skyline). I think I am going to try Jantzen now that I can put a face to the product.
"I think your fear of pink says much more than our willingness to wear it" How very true. These days, I'm not too sure what it means to look "gay" anyway; presumably you mean effeminate, but really, who cares? There are things far worse (perhaps looking like a transvestite). I recognize that the comments about the States are tongue in cheek (pardon the pun?) but having previously lived many years in Europe, I recall herds of London club-goers being decked out in form...
Since moving to Houston from New England, I think that one of the places I miss most is Filene's Basement. The deals could be hit or miss, but when they were, they were good. Case in point: Gieves and Hawkes for $299. O.K., sorry about the digression, just needed to wax nostalgic.
I think that pink is a great color for shirts. Sadly, there is a large, churlish segment of the male population that thinks pink is too feminine a color, and that to wear it akin to wearing a feathered boa and singing show-tunes. Interestingly, and no less ironic, is that women find it quite attractive and you can really outshine your more staid peers.
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