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The Wire is easily the best television series that has ever been written. The other series are excellent, but there is something so insightful and deeply visceral about the Wire, that it teeters on the verge of masterpiece.
This is very sad news. I might not have agreed with everything he wrote or said, but I admired his intellect, wit, and command of the language. The world has lost a very colorful personality.
+1000 This is an incredibly insightful post, with which I am in complete agreement. I think the bolded sections are particularly true.
Pretty exciting if it really works and doesn't kill the host. Presumably it has been tested in mouse models, so some poor primate somewhere is about to get DRACO'ed, then we'll see what happens (rise of the plant of the apes, anyone?). I hope it works..
I don't know, I think it still would have got out of hand. There was some serious anger in that video!!
Why does this thread immediately come to mind? No disrespect to the OP, but the language is eerily familiar.... http://www.styleforum.net/t/217047/brag-thread
The press response by the US Coach was pretty diplomatic and measured, all things considered. It's not unusual to see athletes get physical in the setting of intense competition, but it looks like the Chinese team was just itching to clear the bench.....And there is something really disgusting when you see players kicking an opponent who is on the ground and in a very vulnerable position. That bespeaks a level of rage that very probably preceded the game. It's a little...
Unfortunately, the Style Forum experience has been severely diminished by this new format change. I fear that there will be a progressive decline in people frequenting the forum, which is really sad since it was once a great diversion. Now, there is something tedious and less pleasant about trying to keep up with the various threads and posts.
This sounds like a really bad idea...
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