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The Wire is easily the best television series that has ever been written. The other series are excellent, but there is something so insightful and deeply visceral about the Wire, that it teeters on the verge of masterpiece.
Why does this thread immediately come to mind? No disrespect to the OP, but the language is eerily familiar.... http://www.styleforum.net/t/217047/brag-thread
Unfortunately, the Style Forum experience has been severely diminished by this new format change. I fear that there will be a progressive decline in people frequenting the forum, which is really sad since it was once a great diversion. Now, there is something tedious and less pleasant about trying to keep up with the various threads and posts.
As predictable as this may have been, it is still very sad news. It is unfortunate that she couldn't have been forcibly removed from her environment and made to complete a more thorough program of rehab. She was so immersed in that lifestyle that it was almost impossible to expect that she could avoid this fate on her own...
I will celebrate this triumph of the human spirit with you; he is truly a giant among men. Strangely, I always think of that movie "Human Caterpillar" when I read about this guy.....he would have brought a certain gravity to that film.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Social class in America as explicated in cloth tape and other bandage-ings: 1. Old Money: 2. Blue chip WASP: 3. Harvard dropout wonk: Etc... - B All these secret hand shakes......there's just no fooling anybody these days.
I went to a good prep school and it was a great experience that prepared me well for my subsequent years of study. It has taken some convincing to get my wife on board with eventually sending our children to private schools since she has (or had) a fixed belief that these schools are bastions for elitism and snobbery. She has several family members who are teachers at inner city public schools, so her opinion has been formed over the years from these influences. The...
He went out with Mira Sorvino for quite some time. Boy, he's really slumming these days..... And +10000 to all of the above. This girl is simply odious.
Those are some impressive spending habits. I feel a little less guilty about my recent Ebay purchases...
I started with a medium ALICE pack that I picked up from the local Army surplus store. It is big enough for 1-3 day outings, is really durable, and is actually pretty comfortable. And it was under $30!!! If you want to start with a fairly inexpensive pack, give it a thought. You can purchase them with or without a frame; you could try without the frame, and pick up a frame later if you feel you need one (particularly if you are planning on carrying a lot of gear).
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