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65mm?! Thats almost as the palm of my hand. Might as well hang it on my wall (except its awful looking so I wouldn't even do that)
Is the seat super snug or does it make your ass look enormous?
Are we going to continue using this thread in addition to the buying/selling feedback system?
Go to http://www.hollowsleather.com/ and make an inquiry. I've paid in the past with paypal
How is the Dockers K-1 line?
a ton of my friends swear by rainbows. I didnt want to go through the breaking in process so I wear reefs
chomeo: Great seller, awesome price on some RJBs, lightning quick shipping. Awesome guy!
Quote: Originally Posted by ysb like this http://www.selfedge.com/shop/index.p...roducts_id=184 or this http://www.google.com/search?q=imper...w=1280&bih=633 Yea I know what the fit looks like, but I was hoping for some comparisons to other brands is all
Whats the fit on Imperial Dukes like?
Sent you a PM
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