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I found my way here on a search for a pair of nice looking work-style boots. Basically I ended up reading a bunch of the Wolverine 1000 Mile Review thread and now I'm using for everything else!
65mm?! Thats almost as the palm of my hand. Might as well hang it on my wall (except its awful looking so I wouldn't even do that)
Is the seat super snug or does it make your ass look enormous?
Are we going to continue using this thread in addition to the buying/selling feedback system?
Go to and make an inquiry. I've paid in the past with paypal
How is the Dockers K-1 line?
a ton of my friends swear by rainbows. I didnt want to go through the breaking in process so I wear reefs
chomeo: Great seller, awesome price on some RJBs, lightning quick shipping. Awesome guy!
Quote: Originally Posted by ysb like this or this Yea I know what the fit looks like, but I was hoping for some comparisons to other brands is all
Whats the fit on Imperial Dukes like?
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