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I snapped one with my phone before the Obenauf's (it was at night and I was lazy to take real photos)BeforeAfter obenauf'sThe second photo could probably use a bit of color balance correction, but theyre both taken in the same light and fairly accurate in terms of color. The tan makes a pretty drastic change. I didnt apply any to the leather right around the ankle on the inside, just so theres a trace of the original color left
Tan 1000 Miles after a coating of obenauf LP (my first time applying it to anything). Getting the wax to melt into the welt didnt really work out for me, since I didn't want to over heat the leather around it. There was also a lot of buffing done to these to remove the excess wax. Then after a coat of neutral meltonian shoe cream, so I could give it a little shine and remove that residue-y feeling the obenaufs left
I have a pair of Tan Wolverine 1000 Mile boots in size 11.5 D, brand new in box, for sale. Selling these for a friend. Never worn, soles are still untouched. Looking for $210 (+3% paypal) or best offer shipped to the CONUS.
For sale is a pair of size 8D Red Wing 8146 Moc Toe Lug sole boots in great condition. They're the traditional Briar Oil Slick color this model comes in. They've been worn a less than a dozen times, turns out these are a bit too narrow for me though. Comes with the box too. I'm looking for $160 $140 shipped in the CONUS (+3% paypal fees), but I'm certainly open to offers!
I have a pair of new tan Addisons in size 7 for sale in the buy-sell section!
First time selling here on StyleForum, but I have a lot of feedback on ebay ( I have a pair of new Tan Wolverine 1000 Mile Addison wingtip boots in a size 7D. The boots are in perfect unworn condition aside from the small scuff on the right toe box. The box has some small rips on the outer layer of paper on the edges of the top, so the box is say, 99% new. It's also labeled as a...
anyone know what model 1000 mile these are? They have the LTD series side stitching, but the toecap is nothing like the 2 LTD models. Also, they seem a bit too dark?
So, where's the best price on a pair of Tan 1Ks? I love my rust pair, but I'm looking to get add a pair of tans to half sole. Crane's perhaps?
Anyone looking to sell a pair of tan Wolverine 1000 Mile boots in a size 8, please let me know!
worth it?
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