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Generally John Lobb shoes are exclusively measured in UK -- based on the markings, it looks to be 8 1/2 E UK to me. They usually run large, so that's generally 9 1/2D US. If you're unsure, I'd measure to be safe, like bourbonbasted suggests.
I'm looking for a pair of grey flannel trousers to dress things up from denim, but down from dress slacks. Not a huge fan of chinos/khakis, so I thought they might help bridge that gap. I know very little about trousers. Any recommendations on labels and/or other trouser options?
Before I discovered SF, I owned a single pair of 'nice' shoes -- a pair of black Allen Edmonds Leeds. I look at them, and while I am now a huge fan of balmorals, I still think this black blucher has a place in my collection. The thing is the double sole combined with the split-reverse welt makes me feel like they look a bit on the clunky, stodgy side. As a result, I hardly wear them anymore. The soles are getting ready to throw in the towel, so I'm thinking that in...
I've decided to keep them. Wore them to dinner on Friday, they looked great with my grey suit.
Can you post some photos? They might be from different production runs -- and sound like they might be different colors?
So, it's interesting you ask, because I had an issue with my shoes that appears to be from them being in the box for awhile and the wax had risen to the surface of the shoe. I posted on this forum and got some assuring answers, but it's still not something you want to have happen when you throw down for a brand new pair of shoes. -- I called them up on this issue and the...
Wilkes does do the up-down look thing as you go in, but if you don't let it intimidate you (regardless of your dress), they warm up. In my experience, their Palo Alto store is a bit more friendly, but my guess is because their SF shop is set up right in the middle of Union Square, they get a lot of tourists and others who don't 'get' what kind of a store it is. I might be there tomorrow -- look for a pair of blue Santoni's!
Wilkes Bashford might still be having their final clearance. Neimans just finished theirs. I noticed Paul Smith just landed a new line of C&J shoes (I believe they are calling it their British collection), but have an extremely limited selection. Also, their markup on them seems enough to just go Edward Green to me. Also Ralph Lauren has some Aldens and I believe they use C&J for their non PL 'Made in England' shoes, but I wouldn't count on the salespeople to be...
Allan Edmonds is the best price/performance step up. Agree wholeheartedly on cptjeff's link of AE suggestions. Also remember that you'll want to polish them fairly regularly as well, or it won't matter after a couple of months that you made the investment at all.
wilkes had them at 50% off -- it was part of their summer clearance. I got the Southwolds from Sky Valet.
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