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interesting. I've head heel issues after the recraft. The top of the heel that meets the sole has been pulling away on this same shoe. Could be the problem (ie nail issue?) I've already sent them back once - which is probably why they don't want to waste resources on trying to fix it.
Interesting - so was he messing with me? Anyways - I called AE to let them know the issue. They absolutely have the best customer service I've worked with. They want me to send them back and will replace them up to $335 (not boots, shell cordovan, golf, exotic). Wasn't really expecting that, but I obviously won't complain.
I'd use the GC on a shirt/shorts and buy a tie somewhere else. not much to chose from.
thanks guys for your replies. I took the laces out and moved the shoe around to try to listen to where it's squeaking. It's definitely in the shank area. I sent AE an email - hopefully they can figure this out without having to send them back (again).
I'd like to be in for the 2nd round. Can't believe I missed this the first time. Would love to see pics of the ties you keep.
I just got my shoes back from AE recrafting... I've had them for several years and they've never squeeked. But now, they squeek in the area of the arch/ball of the foot when i make a step. Any ideas why/how to fix?
crap - love that purple Paul Smith #14. only about a month late.
what is a BB2 equivalent to in regular sizing?
can't wait to get home to see this bad boy!
does the bottole of Macallan come with?
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