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Bought this from a friend off ebay (he is aware I'm using his pics.....) Very nice Canali shirt that's a bit too small for me - I wear a 15 in Tyrwhitt and this was a bit tight in the neck area.. $25 shipped CONUS. Long Sleeve French Cuff Tagged - 15/38 100% Cotton p2p - 21.5" Sleeve from shoulder seam - 22.25" Across shoulders - 18.5"
thanks guys. shirring is new to me. what would be the reason for doing this? decorative? I'll take another pic or two when I get home to give you a better idea of what it looks like. not a fan. it feels like there's wool (or some material) coming out over the shoulder seam to create the look.
Hey guys - got a quick question and knew I could get some help here. Bought a nice Edwin Sazario by R Caruso suit from wowniceshirt on ebay. Sazario by Caruso Got it home and it's a beautiful suit. However, there are a bunch of creases in the shoulder area, and I'm not sure if it can be fixed. In fact, it looks like crap when I try it on. Any thoughts on what might cause this and how to fix it (if that's even an option)? I appreciate the help.
I have 2 pair NWT NAVY Bills Khakis Limited Edition Shell Cloth Pant M2P in Size 36. They are unhemmed. These retail for $175 per. $75 $60 $50 shipped CONUS each - will consider trades too. Model 2 Pleat (a.k.a. M2P) - Pleated, Standard fit. Model # 2 Pleated is Bills Khakis' most popular model simply because it fits most people, most of the time. M2P still features all the authentic quality features found in our original Model #1, such as deep drill-cloth pockets,...
Very Nice Staple Navy Blue Paul Stuart Suit - suit is beautiful, almost has a soft flannel feel to it. $120 Shipped CONUS Imported Light Weight Wool Fabric Paul Stuart Hand Made Suit, fully lined. Jacket and pants are in excellent clean condition. Jacket: •Single breasted, •2 button, •4 button sleeve, (faux working buttons) •Center vent jacket with 4 inside pockets and 3 outside pockets (2 flaps) Pants: •Pleat front, •cuffed, •belt loops, •straight leg trousers with 4...
Waist measures 18.75 lying flat, inseam is 29.5. perfect for spring/summer. two small marks down the left leg of the pants, as seen in the picture below. not a big deal when wearing, but in the interest of full disclosure, I wanted to share. might be a grease like stain, but it also might come out with a good cleaning. $15 shipped CONUS.
only Green Cappelli left. new and never been worn. $65 $60 $50 shipped US. Tie 3 - NEW Green w/light Blue EG Cappelli Tie (no tags- bought from member here) - $75 (3.35"/60") Tie 4 - NEW Navy w/light blue/red EG Cappelli Tie (no tags- same as above) - $75 (3.35"/60") SOLD Tie 2 - NEW Yellow Vineyard Vines Custom Van Eck Bernanke/Draghi Helicopter Tie - $50 SOLD Tie 1 - NICE The Custom Shop Red Grenadine Tie - $40 (3.75" wide/57" long) SOLD
For the sleeve length (and p2p), here's what I have: Red Stripe - 23.75 (23.75) Spring check - 24 (24) Blue/Gold stripe - 23.5 (24.5)
Buy the lot of the three striped Santorelli shirts for $40 shipped CONUS.
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