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Also just picked these up for $86. Very happy about this AE Seneca
does anyone have the Strand in a Brown Burnished Calf? Wondering how they look in "real life". AE's website doesn't give you a good idea. I'm either going to get the Strand or Kenilworth in brown. (and then have patrick_b shine them for me). Help/opinions please.
Looks like 4315. so if I fit into a 9D in the Seneca's, I should have no problem with 9D Park Aves since they are both on the 5 last?
is there a website that shoes which shoes are on which last? specifically - I'm looking for the Seneca. thanks, GH
would this 9D fit like an AE 9D?
not sure why i still have this. Very tweed like...
drop to $50. would like to move it.
$25 shipped.
those are phenominal! brown? are you using saphir polish?
Need some suggestions. I need to pick out a pair of AE's (non-shell cordovan). I typically wears suits, or slacks/blazer. I live in Des Moines, IA where fashion is pretty conservative (a pair of Hillcrest with a suit is top 1% of the population). Could i get a few suggestions on what to buy (or what you like) to wear with a suit? I've never owned a pair of Park Aves so I wouldn't mind starting there. Also like Strands or the Players Shoe. Any others I should...
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