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these are outstanding. I ordered the Brown Kenilworths for now. But this will be my next shoe.
i appreciate your frankness. i'm here to get better and appreciate any constructive criticism you guys can give. I really hate these shoes, to be honest. they are my first AEs and have become my beat around shoes (especially if raining - which it was this morning). I'll work on my socks a bit and try to review the thread to see what works or doesn't. Any i might have to put these dogs on the bay for .99 and send them off. have a good one guys.
that's fair on all accounts. as far as the shoes - are they trash? need cleaned up? they are older AE Hillcrest so they're not complete trash - maybe just close? another reason for the socks today (and today only)....i'm going to be the mystery reader in my son's 2nd grade class - thought the little kids might get a kick out of them. probably should think twice next time.
too wild? shoes not shined enough? I'm open for some criticism. hit me with it.
let me preface this by saying I've worn black or navy gold toe socks for the last 8+ years. this is the first pair of colorful socks I've worn in a long time.... so please be kind.
do you get to Des Moines from time to time?
that's good to know. Coming from the fashion mecca of Des Moines, IA, where olive green murano suits from dillards and light brown, rubber bottomed cole haans are of the norm, I'm hoping I can "rock" the Kenilworths with a suit. Especially if i can get half the shine that patrick did!
BOX 2, BOX 2..... i was under the impression that Box 2 had nothing to do with Box 1. No Pantas, No K Wangs, just our own ties.... Maybe we should start a Box 2 thread as to not confuse the situation anymore?
Should tie box #2 list be set up by location like box 1 is so we're not shipping back and forth from coast to coast?
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