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I think my additions will be fine then. unless i keep the rest and disappear
spill 'em for those of us in the back that won't see them. Pics would be nice. Also - it'll help me understand what i need to put in there to step up... Isaia? Charvet? RLPL? Hopefully those are all worthy. ???
Here is the rotation: Forex Sugarbutch - San Francisco, CA MKTitsworth - Dallas, TX DerekS - Murfreesboro, TN jgeldner - Washington, DC Unbelregazzo - Washington, D.C. contactme_11 - Holyoke, MA Gyasih - NY, NY SpooPoker - NY, NY ThinkDerm - Brooklyn, NY allaboutshoes - Brooklyn, NY TheWGP - Reynoldsburg, OH WhateverYouLike - Champaign, IL Hikari013 - Chicago, IL GHo - West Des Moines, IA
Sweet. Leftovers are mine. j/k Looks like it's going to be awhile...
fail on my part.
that is awesomely badass.
love that purple tie. nice.
Some of those ties are filthy. This is one of the more tame ones.
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