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20% off the 4 for $200 deal. anyone have a better code than that? (approx 4 for $170 after shipping).
This is the "good stuff" in Des Moines. And at 10 to boot
those 38R rock. and fit....
Summer Suit for the little guys waiting to be had! Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Tom Ford Era Wide Lapel Cotton Suit YSL sz. 36/38
Mad props to Dig. Checked on a RLPL shirt (that was unavailable apparently) and he sent on the notion that I pay it fwd. Didn't fit, so I shipped it back, with a little somethin' for his troubles (albeit not much)... Thanks again Dig! PS - still lookin' for a black 38R suit....
hey, thanks guys. (although it's not a loss, yet). My grandmother is 87 and gravely ill and has less than 2 weeks in the tank. She's lived a great life and it's time. i appreciate the thoughts. I am a pall bearer and need a black suit anyway. getting to that age (39) where funerals are becoming more of the norm that the exception. So, if you've got something, would really appreciate it.
anyone have a thrifted, moderately priced, decent black suit in 38Rish. Have a funeral on the horizon and need to get something for it.
looks like BP should sell dazed's coat. missed you guys. My work has somehow set our picture settings for this site so I can't view any pics, which is why I tagged out for awhile. that and Iowa is a wasteland of crap in the thrift area. still hitting singles and doubles with BB 346 and Southwick coats, suits... Hope everyone is well.
thanks guys. This begs the question - is the quality still decent, and who makes them (HSM?)they are sold at a "higher" end men's store here in Des Moines, and it's probably the nicest brand we have to work with in Des Mones. Been seeing a few of these here and there.
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