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Exactly why I love this thread. Although there will never be a haul like this on Iowa, I can at least hope.On a semi-related note, going to be in NYC next month (May 19-22). Don't really want to thrift, but would love to have drinks sometime if anyone is up for it.
Beautiful shoes!
Thrift bros - not a thrift purchase, but could someone save me a few and tell me the maker by looking at the heel? TIA RL Garvie double monk.
This was pretty funny too
Wow - size? Avail?
Good stuffs
Is there additional to let out in the waist?
i ordered some double monks last Monday for the sale. paypal was "pending" the last week, and this morning they refunded my money. no email whatsoever from RL.
Go Hawks!
Whatever happened with the discount PRL orders?
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