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so true.... one of these days.
good God ain't that the truth.
Get it done!
love those jackets. Spoo - not looking for a handout by any means, but if you have similar in 38-40ish R and have a few minutes, give me an email shout if you could. Need to up my SC game!
SF guys - I'm in town at the four seasons and forgot a tie. Is there a place close where I can go buy one? Thx!
Finally a decent jacket in Des Moines.
Vineyard Vines Custom Collection Van Eck Global Orange Tie "The Whimsical World of Wall Street & Washington,DC" Designed exclusively for the investment firm Van Eck Global Depicting Current Fed Chair Janet Yellen amid $$$ with the Republican (Elephant) & Democrat (Donkey) at odds! 100% Silk Van Eck Global Logo on Back
Yea or nea? Feels nice. Alpaca/wool mix
I'm confused. It looks like the buy it now price was 100 but your offer was accepted for 129? What am I missing?
Nice suit. Is it vented? If you are having 2nd thoughts, get at me.
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