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love it. Dibs?
Damn bro that was fast. Took a couple weeks off and just caught up on 1000 + posts.I'm afraid my itch would be scratched with the likes of croft and barrow, lands end and nautica...Good day all. Great finds recently.
Congrats Jon!
Are the pants pleated?
calling you little guys... coolest T-shirt I've ever seen. Small Vintage Fit Tommy Bahama "Beer Run" T. Not thrift prices, but decently priced at Marshalls. Available for a "nice" thrifted tie or shirt.
Great stuff guys Spoo - get us a pic of those shooz
damnit that's the tie I wanted. send it my way when you've had your way with it...
that shirt is money. I should buy it back and have one of my daughters wear it. She's got the perfect personality for it, too. I'll have to go check again to see what the inventory is - that is if you still have interest.
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