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anyone sitting on some 33ish waist slacks. flat front. decent quality (panta, incotex, mabitex, etc.) Need some navy, light gray, dark gray, black (?), etc. PM me if you have anything.
so true.... one of these days.
good God ain't that the truth.
Get it done!
love those jackets. Spoo - not looking for a handout by any means, but if you have similar in 38-40ish R and have a few minutes, give me an email shout if you could. Need to up my SC game!
SF guys - I'm in town at the four seasons and forgot a tie. Is there a place close where I can go buy one? Thx!
Finally a decent jacket in Des Moines.
Vineyard Vines Custom Collection Van Eck Global Orange Tie "The Whimsical World of Wall Street & Washington,DC" Designed exclusively for the investment firm Van Eck Global Depicting Current Fed Chair Janet Yellen amid $$$ with the Republican (Elephant) & Democrat (Donkey) at odds! 100% Silk Van Eck Global Logo on Back
Yea or nea? Feels nice. Alpaca/wool mix
I'm confused. It looks like the buy it now price was 100 but your offer was accepted for 129? What am I missing?
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