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Wow - size? Avail?
Good stuffs
Is there additional to let out in the waist?
i ordered some double monks last Monday for the sale. paypal was "pending" the last week, and this morning they refunded my money. no email whatsoever from RL.
Go Hawks!
Whatever happened with the discount PRL orders?
damn. looks like pregnancies are contagious here. Spoo - send me a rubber. I don't need any more kids! @borbor - identical boys sounds fun. enjoy it! having multiples is a trip!
(Not sure how to flip these damn pics right side up...)No cashmere left behind. Tan Cezani Medium. good shape. avail."Ready made" Spring wardrobe brought to you by Brooks Brothers. All Large. All minty fresh with perfect collar/cuffs. Direct from the dry cleaner. avail. [[SPOILER]]
hey, cherry popped. French Shriner Shell Cordovan Plain Toe Bluchers in 11D. Need a bit of TLC. Available.
Holy Chanel!
New Posts  All Forums: