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I like Loiron's stuff but I can't afford the new price tag. I'm a M/L. Let me know if you have any pieces sitting unused (not new, unused as in that you find yourself not wearing it often enough to warrant owning it).
Do you know what size you wear in AE? I'm 10 in AE but I'm a 10.5 in some others.
I know it's a long shot. I'm looking for a pair in 30 or 32. The $540 price tag doesn't work with my budget. If you have a pair that you don't wear and you want to make my day, let me know. Thanks, Kyle
I might also be interested in LARGE sweatshirts if the chest 44" or less.
I'm looking for any loopwheeled sweatshirts or sweatpants in size medium. Thanks!
PM sent'Alls-Mini-Atom-Pocket-Square/00505024419376,default,pd.html
What is its purpose? TIA
I'm looking to buy any color in medium. I also have two larges that I can trade (milk white made in USA and the other is indigo) that are both brand new with tags. Let me know! Thanks.
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