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This may be better, .
G'day everyone, I am buying a pair of CJ loafers. I was just wondering what people think is the better loafer? Merton, Beechnut. Or; Sydney, Dark Brown. I really don't know. I have leaned towards the Merton in the past. btw I have a pair of Church's on the 93 last.
I am searching for a messenger bag for uni. It does not have to be leather but anything leather is welcome. I am looking for simplicity and functionality. Anything not made in India or China would be even more awesome. Thanks. Also something that does not break the bank but at least desirable.
I like Audley's a lot I would wear them often, however the simple broguing of the Belgrave's is irresistible. I like the colour and simple detail of the Belgrave. Very elegant and nice. However the Audlley's for me are more bold and powerful and darker in colour. I like them both it just depends how you want to project your shoes
Thank you for all your replies I received my shoes. They look, feel and fit quite superb. I am very happy with my purchase. As this is my first pair of Church's I look forward to wearing them BTW I own Trickers and C&J. This will not be my last pair of Church's
I bought a pair of Church's, but I fear I may have made a grave mistake. They are the Westbury monk in walnut. I say this because I fear the name and quality (not to mention price) have suffered. Is this so? Should I stick with C&J? Are Church's that bad?
Iv'e tried the Clifford's and they fit me very well. Anyone know how the Sutor's fit? Anyone tried on both?
The C&J's are goodyear, Sutor Mentallassi brogue is a blake welt, and the final Sutor is a goodyear I think. Which on would you pick? Blake welt is cheaper. Should I buy goodyear over blake?
I would like to purchase some slippers. So far I have only come across Herring shoes that sell some. I am deciding between slippers that Herring carry the Herring Monarch or the Church's called Church Sovereign. The only difference between them is that the Church's have a cemented leather sole, while the Herring's have a hard leather sole. I'm not sure if this is a difference in construction or just wording. Another difference is that the Herring slippers emblem is hand...
Hey does anyone know when is the next Mr Porter sale is?
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