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I'd love to be part of this, having watched the adventures over the water. I have a couple of Crombies and a Brioni that would be happier in someone else's wardrobe. Any chance you could add me to the list? T
I've bought a few - Canali, Crombie, Paul Smith, and never had a problem. If the listing contains lots of photos includng of the label like this then you should be ok. The ones to watch for are like this which could be anything. In my experience the more information they list, the more likely that the suit will live up to expectations and that it will be in good condition. 'Trade' sellers are more likely to be selling stuff with slight defects so check the listing...
Quote: Originally Posted by Philip1978 Hey Phil, that's a really nice shirt. Have you thought about pairing it with a more patterned tie? Something a bit retro green. Hang on....rifles through trash.... I've got just the thing. PM me if you're interested. Seriously though, that is a nice shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by kevinsp8 Should change username to LoakeBrioini? Ah but I have a soft spot for Crombie, it being the first decent suit I owned. Loved your teal suit by the way. Not many could pull that off.
Quote: Originally Posted by Philip1978 I roll it out for those who deserve it. Well you might dress stylishly, but I think your personality could use some work.
Quote: Originally Posted by Navi I call bullshit Good for you Quote: Originally Posted by Navi Also Crombie if you're going to come here, post terrible outfits, then completely disregard all comments and critiques, why exactly are you here? Obviously in the hope of drinking from the font of your infinite wisdom. But since you didn't offer any, I'm not sure why you jumped in with such thoughtful comments....
Quote: Originally Posted by Philip1978 Troll/Puppet............... My, you're a little ray of sunshine. Who suggested you for the welcoming committee?
Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 u sure? cos if you have you should have already known that: - sleeves are too long - chest is too big, jacket in general is shapeless - shoulders are very bad and do not flatter you at all - tie looks cheap and the knot needs to be worked on - shoes need to go to the closest goodwill. find something in a more "elegant" last maybe you need to lurk more ... just saaayin' Whoa, don't hold...
Been lurking for a while so thought it was time I dived in and swam with the big fish. Not used to photographing myself so apologies for the quality. Didn't bother with a PS as it wasn't that sort of occasion.
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