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Loving my Tass
Based in London. Work round the corner at Liverpool Street. Will be going in to pick up my Villiers tommo. So let me know what the plan is?
Just to be clear, Lowdnes in brown calf
Can I get in on this, I went to the CJ store and tried on in a UK 12 and an E and was just a tad snug but soooo beautiful. IF i can get it in a F then game on and sign me up
I have started my shoe collection from way back in 6th form from clarks, patrick cox, jones, herring, barkers and now church's? I am looking for the next step up in my collection..what would be the next step?
Barker Penny loafers £200, Ralph Lauren Chinos £85, Brook Brother belt £75, Disabled toilet Pricelss!
The 40 is ideal for you. It should just cover your but and crotch which I think it does. If you have a longish torso and broad shoulder then I feel that a reg would look a tad silly. the fourth picture at the beginning of the post look ok to me.
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