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Are the Nudies selvage? EDIT: No... answered my own question.
Hitting you by PM right now.
Great thread, I miss North Carolina (Duke grad).
Coldsnap -- I just hit you with a PM, if you have any left I'd really appreciate it, if not, no worries man, thanks for offering!
My go-to interview tie:
Thanks man, can you tell me which? The usual suspects don't seem to have anything... Quote: Originally Posted by breakz A bunch of different online retailers. Get in touch with Mauro at Farinelli's or Chad at Secret Service (banners at the top) for purchase info.
Totally noob question -- but where are Crate jeans available for purchase?
Crate experts- Hey, I'm looking to buy a new pair of raw jeans to wear everyday and break in properly. I'm definitely a few pounds heavier than I'd like to be (though I'm working on that), so something super skinny isn't what I'm going for, but I do want something slim and not sloppy. Right now my favorite jeans are Lucky Brand slim bootcut, sized 33 short, but I'm sick of that shape and want something tapered/straight. In dress pants, I usually wear about a 34 to 35....
Hey- If anyone has new, slightly used, or beat to shit NS's or Rescue's in size 33 or 32, I am interested in purchasing a pair. Thanks so much! -Insp
You guys are assholes. To the original poster, black suits are generally looked down upon on Style Forum. If the wedding is black tie, you can get a very nice tuxedo (world's better than what you'd rent) for around $250 from Jeff at Wizard of Aahs on e-bay. If the wedding is not black tie, try a different suit. But if you must go with a black suit, try black oxfords. Don't wear a black tie to fake a tux.
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