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Thanks for the bump up. Believe it or not, I'm on week 5 of podrunner intervals and have dropped six pounds For now, it is working great!
$100 shipped, and they're yours! Quote: Originally Posted by insp86 Update: I have received an offer, though it was low. Anyone want to top it?
Update: I have received an offer, though it was low. Anyone want to top it?
Let me know if you have any other questions! Waist (aligned) -- 17 3/4 inches Front rise -- 11 Rear rise -- 15 Knee -- 9 Leg opening -- 9 3/4 Inseam -- 30 1/2 Quote: Originally Posted by whizod could you post measurements please? Thanks
Hey- This is more of an interest check... but I have a pair of like new Nudie Regular Alf Dry Selvage but I've been running and surprisingly already dropped a waist size . I purchased them off e-bay and they don't fit. When I purchased them the ad said they had been worn a few times and never washed, I see no reason not to believe that. There is no fading, no wear, and no indigo loss. They are also definitely authentic. They are tagged 34x32, but they have been...
And sold, with only 3 thread views.
Hey- I recently purchased two pairs of the standard Costco Woodlore style trees. Unfortunately, they didn't fit my 8E shoes! I could have really jammed them in, but I'm not sure that's wise. So, my loss, your (minor) gain. They're supposed to fit 8-11, but I'd say it is more like 9-12. $24 for both pairs shipped. For great pictures, and more information, see this great thread by amerikajinda: Hit me with...
Is it that stupid of an idea?
Hey- I tried on a pair of Nudie Bootcut Barry's today in "Dry Old Organic." I was curious if anyone had any experience with this model or with Nudie dry Old Organic anything? How do they fade? How do they hold up to heavy wear? Etc. The person who was helping me said they're not actually a bootcut in the American sense, as the leg opening is exactly the same as the knee. And when I tried them on, I liked how they looked in that they weren't overly wide or silly...
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