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Hey- I bought these great jeans from another SF member, and I'm not crazy about the fit. Great jeans, totally new, just not for me. $90 shipped, paypal only, which is what I paid for them. I'm also listing them on e-bay, where you can see more pictures. The BIN is higher than I'll sell them for, but I reserve the right to go with e-bay if someone makes a big bid: Item number: 110378153354 Let me know if you have any questions...
Look at his monitor, are you sure you want to be his friend?
I'm so tempted by AJ Dry Selvage, but man that's expensive even with the discount. If you really want to get rid of a pair and want to go even lower, let me know Mauro
Mauro- The Size 32 Average Joe Dry Heavy are listed, but I'm getting a sold out message. Do you have any in stock? I'm VERY interested. -Insp Edit: or in 31 if you have them somewhere....
Hey- Quick question: I'm thinking about hot soaking my Nudie Organic Dry jeans for two reasons, I've had the jeans 3 weeks and probably worn them 12 days: 1. There's a crease in the lower leg, just left of my left shin which I hate. I'm pretty sure it is from how they were folded while at the store. I've ironed them and I can't get rid of it, and I can feel it locking in which I don't want. 2. I think I bought one size to big. The waist is a little bigger...
If they were a 32, I'd be wearing them! Sorry all, sold and shipped. Where were ya'll at $100 or before I posted a price
Congrats man. Any advice? I've heard week five is tough... I kinda struggled through my last attempt at week four, I hadn't had enough fluids and I could just tell my body was not happy with me. I think I can press on though, my first day of week five is tomorrow! Quote: Originally Posted by indy116 That's great! I just finished week 9 this past weekend.
Quick question: I've been wearing a pair of dry nudies for about 3 weeks and I just noticed I have a little bit of a crease forming in the lower leg, kinda off the side of my shin. I think it is from how it was folded/stacked before I bought them. Is there any reason why I can't iron that out so it doesn't become a noticeable (more noticeable) crease as these wear over the coming months? Along the same lines, do ya'll hang your jeans at night to prevent stuff...
Sold pending payment to Mr. Real Madrid.
$80 These really are too nice to just sit on my desk! What can I do to make you want them? Quote: Originally Posted by insp86 $100 shipped, and they're yours!
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