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I was thinking about that, it'd certainly be an interesting look.... Quote: Originally Posted by sjmin209 Is it possible to just put rivets in the holes?
BUMP! I've got a pair of CvsF jeans that need to be tailored, and it'd be great to keep the chainstiching....
I'm considering it, it'd be a real cuff and would be showing off the selvage (which is both good and bad I guess).... Any MSP or Madison recommendations? Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint hemming raw is a little iffy pre-wash, but if you really have to do it, go an extra .5 inch longer than what your tailor measures. what about cuffing?
Can I change the subject? I'm going to get these hemmed.... I know I know I should just stack, but I'm too short and I'm not super stoked about the look. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there anything I should tell my tailor? Does anyone have any recommendations for a place in either Minneapolis, MN or Madison, WI?
I think the touch of glue will work just fine. But am I supposed to ship these back to you Mauro? And are you saying you'll offer a credit even if I don't return the jeans? Thanks for getting on the problem, we all appreciate it.
Hey everyone: I know absolutely nothing about eyewear. Right now I have a pair of Oakley Squarewire 2.0's I've been wearing the last couple of years. They fit really well, and I like the more square face (I have kind of a round face and I've been told more square glasses works with my face shape). They're getting a little beat up, and I'd like to upgrade to something a little more stylish/less sports-like. Generally, I just want a change of pace, and I'm looking for...
collinssjd: That JD better not stand for juris doctor. Let me show you how a real lawyer acts: Mauro, I'm disappointed with the small holes in my jeans. I look forward to seeing how you can fix this problem either through a refund, rebate, or repair. Take as long as you need to figure out the best solution. If your solution is not sufficient, I'll give you a call so we can work something out. In the interim, please continue to keep us all updated. All the...
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude ummm the holes you just said you have will get bigger I was refering to a fix/refund/exchange/etc. And I have four holes...
Hey: quick iPhone post for me.... I finally got a chance to look closely at my jeans and the strange little holes are there but everything else looks okay... Without reading the whole thread (i'm on the road) is there any reason I shouldn't start wearing these?
I'm pretty excited for these to arrive this week! Anyone have any suggestions for a belt to match? My go-to jeans belt is getting a little ragged, and it'd be fun to break it a new belt with the new jeans.
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