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Not sure how you got access to these, but I would be interested in black U-last 40's or 40.5's. Particularly a monk strap or cap toe. Gorgeous shoes.
Fantastic. Do you know where that strap is for sale? Or who made it, etc.? Quote: Originally Posted by B|aze I would deffently get the 013, I think it's more stylish, and I don't care much for the steel bracelet on the 001, the watch is too "small" for it. Futhermore the silver is more versatile than the gold on the 001. So go for the 013 and get a brown strap, that way you can change between black and brown for maximum versatility. (you should...
I'm don't use umbrellas all of that often, but it would be fun to have the very best. Thanks for the idea! Any others?
Hey all, I hope all is well. I'm currently on a short term (3 month) rotation in London. I have had a lot of fun and really enjoyed living in such a beautiful city. I am interested in purchasing something unique to remember the experience, and because I'm a clothing nerd, why shouldn't it be something sartorial? I bought a beautiful +J wool jacket to fill my SW&D needs, so I'm looking for something more formal. With a soft £300 ($500) limit, does anyone have any...
Total damage was five pairs of shoes and two belts in about 60 minutes. Dropped almost half a million forints. Laszlo was pretty excited, but not half as excited as we were.
Hey- I'm going to start working on a new pair of jeans and think it would be fun to pair it with a new belt. Let it all wear in together. Any suggestions for a very versatile jeans belt for less than $100 or so? I'm drooling over the KMW belts sold by Context, but $330 for a belt isn't going to happen. Thanks!
Quick question (I've had a few I know): WHat's the deal with the credit for those who didn't send back their jeans? I live in Madison and I'm going to have the Context guys do the fix with the extra denim after hemming. But I'm sure I can find a way to spend $50 at Farinelli's... Thanks!
I hate to do this, but can someone post Chad's address? I still need to send my pair in...
Nice fit Pat. Chad, you have a PM.
Mauro- I hit you on PM, this thread is getting absurd. -Insp
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