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Still looking....
Does anyone/everyone agree? Quote: Originally Posted by entrero Asia has enough pollution already, get it cleaned before you go. Bacteria faded much of the indigo, no point going further without washing.
Here's some pictures of a badass repair by Context. They turned these guys around in less than a week. There's a denim patch with mattress fabric which is visible through the hole. Amazing job. Jeans are APC NS's with about 9 months of wear. They smell awful, but I'm heading for a three week backpacking trip through Asia and I'm hoping to get through that before sending them to the dry cleaner.
Another PM sent (you'll like this one).
PM sent.
They definitely do... I bought a brown pair in Budapest and I would love a matching black pair.
Does anyone have a link or to a step-by-step on washing APC's? I'm pushing eight months and I'm starting to think about a first wash. Not sure I'm going to do it or not, but I'm thinking about it. I know Woolite black is the preferred detergent, but that's all I know/remember...
Hey- I want to buy new or used Vass shoes in size 40.5 or 41 (40.5 preferred) on the U-Last. I'll look at anything, but I'm in particularly looking for a black cap toe or wingtip. If you are in Budapest, I'd consider a proxy for a reasonable price to the United States. Please reply or PM if you have anything! Cheers! -Insp
I'd look at more pictures.....
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